• High Hats and Parasols, December 4th, 2009

    Salinas may lose 1906 football cup
    Representatives of the high schools of the Coast Counties Athletic League met Saturday in the Grove for the league’s semi-annual conference. All schools were present except Gilroy. Pacific Grove was represented by W. Burbank. Gorge Hilby and A. S. Bennett represented Monterey. The legality of awarding the football cup for the season of 1906 to the Salinas eleven was discussed at length, but no decision was reached. During the 1906 season, Salinas was the only school in the Coast Counties Athletic League to have a football team on the field. The Salinas school claimed the championship on that basis, while doing only mediocre at playing against a few teams not a part of the league. A decision concerning the championship will be rendered at the next meeting of
    the board, which will be held here on April 18th.

    Assembly Ball a brilliant success
    The second “Assembly Ball” of the Monterey Peninsula was presented by the Civic Club this past Saturday evening. The site for the social event was the ballroom at the Pacific Grove Hotel. Not only was the dance well attended, it was rumored to have been a huge, financial success. Charles Stillman’s Orchestra provided music. Food was catered by the hotel dining staff. Decorations were provided by a group of volunteers chaired by Miss Nate Holdren. The ball was attended by couples from Pacific Grove, Carmel, the Presidio, New Monterey, and Monterey.

    New game birds for California
    Chief Deputy Charles Vogelsong of the California Fish and Game Commission has returned from Washington where he attended a national meeting of the American Bird Breeder’s Association.
    Under instructions from California Commissioners Van Sickle and Birmingham, Mr. Vogelsong perfected arrangements so that he could introduce two new species of wild game bird. One is the Hungarian partridge which, Vogelsong says, is a little larger than our local mountain quail, strong and hardy, and which flourishes near towns and cities. Five hundred pairs of the partridges have been contracted for. Forty pairs are already placed in the mountains. The other game bird is the wild turkey. Eggs of his bird are to be obtained from an Illinois game farm in the hopes of getting forty to fifty pairs of young wild turkeys. Vogelson pointed out that wild turkeys are plentiful in Mexico and the southern portion of California, and that there is no reason for the birds not becoming plentiful
    in the northern-central parts of the state. It was also announced that the commission has plans for the establishment of a wild game farm where, among other things, it will try to solve the problem of introducing different birds into California on a large scale.

    Actress Mae Keane joins Hildreth Company
    Theatre-goers around the Grove are quite familiar with the pretty and talented Miss Mae Keane, a thespian who often appears on area boards. Miss Keane has been appearing with the Ed Redsorb Company, but has now disassociated from her former employer.
    Miss Keane has accepted the position of leading lady for the Hildreth Company, associated with the Work Theatre. The Hildreth Company is composed of fifteen actors of great skill who are generally favorites of the entire Peninsula. Many friends are certain to turn out for their performances.
    Miss Keane will begin her tour with a seven-days run at the Work Theatre that will open February 1, 1907. Rehearsal will begin immediately.

    About town…

    • Preparing for next year’s canning season? Johnston Brothers is offering fruit
      jars, jar rubbers, and lids … all at reduced prices.
    • The Superior Court, Judge C. B. Sargent, has appointed Mssr. Mervin Matthews
      and Mrs. Carolyn Feldman to serve as estate executors for the late J. R. Patrick.
    • Mrs. T. Schuler left for Berkley on the morning train to enjoy a ten day visit
      with her daughter, Mrs. L. A. Mattes.
    • Mrs. C. L. Look has moved into the Hart house, which is located on the corner
      of Lighthouse avenue and Nineteenth street. Mrs. Look intends to spend several
      months in the Grove.
    • Mssr. Arthur Englund has announced his candidacy for the position of Sheriff of
      Monterey County.
    • Court Reporter Hawkins was in the Grove from Salinas last week. Hawkins is
      working surreptitiously on some sort of report requested by the court.

    Cost of Living…

    • Genuine Oil of Pine in concentrated form is available at the Grove Pharmacy.
      $1.13 for an 8 oz. bottle.
    • Grovians are to be reminded that they may transport hard liquor across the town
      line to be enjoyed at home. Shaw’s Pure Malt Whiskey is available at Palace
      Drug Store in Monterey. 75¢ for a pocket-sized half-pint.
    • White Star Bicycles with double-dropped tubing, your choice of red or blue.
      Male, $38.50; female, $45.00. Available at Wright’s Hardware.
    • Advance-purchase tickets, general admission, for Work’s Theater: 10¢, 25¢,
    • Rummage through our wide selection of Civil War books. Available for
      purchase from 25¢ to $1.50. Visit the bookshelves at the White House

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