• High Hats and Parasols, February 12th, 2010

    The News from 100 Years Ago

    Paintings worth fortune shipped to Peninsula
    J. J. Glennon has received at his home several shipping crates labeled with the word “pictures”, receipt of which coincided with occasion of a silver jubilee celebration.
    Upon unpacking the crates, Glennon discovered pictures painted by Lumière, a Parisian artist alleged to be of considerable note. The worth of the collection is estimated to be $250,000. They were brought to America by the Sacks Publishing Company, and then shipped by rail by the Herman Lutes Company. The collection was specified as being “for the viewing pleasure of all who cared to look upon them.”
    The paintings form a story of Christ and Christianity. The final rendition was finished about 1896. After completing a tour, the oils are to be permanently displayed in the John Jacob Astor Library.

    Child swallows safety pin
    The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Brown swallowed an open safety pin Monday evening, but is apparently none the worse for his experience. The nature of the accident gave rise to grave fears on the part of the parents, who summoned Physician H. N. Yates to the scene. The doctor declared that the child stands an excellent chance of getting off with absolutely no ill effects. Mrs. Brown was preparing the little fellow for bed when the open pin, which had been temporarily stuck into the child’s nightdress, dislodged by means of an inadvertent gesture, and flew into the infant’s mouth.

    Young artist opens Grove studio
    Lester D. Boronda, renowned plein air painter, has chosen Pacific Grove as a home and for the situation of his new studio. So quietly did this artist come along that few people have earned awareness of his arrival here.
    The new resident brings with him a wealth of talent. In its Sunday edition, the San Francisco Call had this to say about the artist:

    “From Pacific Grove have come some two or three dozen samples of outstanding work on canvases by Lester Boronda. Boronda has recently returned to the United States and then to the Grove after touring Europe. His studio is located at 214 Chestnut street in Pacific Grove. Some of the artist’s finest studies are on display there. Boronda is also a featured artist whose works hang in the Del Monte resort hotel gallery and there are several of his pieces at Paul Elder’s Gallery and at the Rabjohn and Morcom Gallery. Most of those hanging at the latter gallery are clever little pieces, representing scenes from around Carmel, Pacific Grove, and Monterey. There are also about a dozen scenes from Paris, Venus, and London, locales viewed while Boronda was in Europe.”

    Among local scenes, perhaps the most fascinating are those of old adobes rendered in gray tones and silver.

    Cross-country walker speaks
    Trying to raise funds to help Spanish-American war veterans, Edward Payson Weston spoke to an audience gathered at the Pacific Grove Hotel. Weston promised that he will make one more transcontinental walk. He plans to leave from San Francisco on February 1st
    at 4 P.m. His last trip required 105 days for the making. Weston plans to break his own record by completing the adventure in less than 100 days.

    Around town…

    • Here’s this week’s winning ticket in the drawing offered by Beardsley’s
      Grocery. Bring us ticket number 18729 and take home a free, 10# sack of
    • If rumors hold true, Dr. Frederick Cook will soon be a single man. His wife
      stated that she planned to seek a divorce after learning of her husband’s
      disreputous activities.
    • Augustus Blohm, of San Francisco, is a guest registered at the Centrella House.
      Charles Shaw is seriously ill with pneumonia. Shaw is being nursed at his home
      on the corner of Fifth and Gibson streets.
    • Put up your company in style at the Pacific Grove Hotel. Telephone Main 45
      and ask for George H. Cordy.
    • Need transportation? E. R. Martin is eager to leave his Lighthouse address and
      pick you up. Your choice of carriage or auto mobile.

    For sale or rent…

    • Need hay? M. W. Hoffman and J. K. Miller will sell by the bale or in larger
      lots. Picked up, 30¢ a bale or $3 per dozen bales. Delivered, 5¢ per bale extra.
      Leave your order at the Grove Bakery.
    • Men … look sharp wearing linen collars. 15¢ each. 9¢ each when purchased
      by the half-dozen.
    • Check with J. M. Wood about renting a lovely home located on Forest Avenue
      near downtown, Pacific Grove.
    • Buy your fruit trees from the Monterey Land Company. Prices begin at 50¢ for
      a tree. Also … a small number of eucalyptus plantings on hand. $1 each. See
      H. R. O’Bryan.
    • You are invited to take full advantage of the “closing out” prices in many
      articles of men’s clothing offered by the Golden Rule Bazaar.
    • Enjoy a jumble from the Grove Bakery. With a cup of coffee, 12¢.
      It isn’t your fault that the bread didn’t turn out well. You should have used Port
      Costa Flour. Ask for a sample sack today.
    • Get ready for spring with Great Northern Seed Company flower seeds. Choose
      from our selection of kinds and colors. Prices range from 10¢ to 90¢ per packet

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