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    The News from 100 Years Ago

    Tuberculosis alert issued
    Tuberculosis, the deadly disease caused by the tubercle bacillus, is on the rise. Tuberculosis is thought to perhaps afflict more people than any other disease. This is the statement made in the annual report of the United States Commissioner of Health. Those who believe they are contracting the disease should immediately place themselves in quarantine. Sufferers not doing so can be expected to infect between fifteen and twenty people each day they are not quarantined. Among recent victims of tuberculosis is Miss Violet Neil, a well-known socialite of the Grove who passed
    during the month of July.1
    In 1908, Dr. August von Wassermann gave his name to a tuberculin test—the skin test for tuberculosis—which then came into use. At the same time, methods of producing effective substances for inoculation are being improved, and immunization against tuberculosis is said to now be making rapid progress. However, 303 schools across the nation had to be closed during the past year because of tuberculosis outbreaks.

    Buckingham & Hecht Shoes guaranteed
    During a rain, everyone wants a pair of shoes that will hold together even though the
    shoes become soaked through and through. Such shoes are now available. Buckingham
    and Hecht, the famed shoe manufacturers located in San Francisco, have decided
    to bring the products to the Pacific Grove and Monterey areas. These hand-crafted
    shoes have stood good during fifty years that have included snow and rain and ice.
    No inclement conditions have had any impact upon them whatsoever. That’s because
    the manufacturer tries its best to make the best. Stop by your newly designated dealer
    and inquire. Dealers will be able to provide you with straight answers. Then buy with
    confidence. Every pair of Buckingham & Hecht shoes is fully guaranteed.

    The Rev. J. S. Ricard coming to Chautauqua
    The committee for presentations has arranged for the Reverend J. S. Ricard to
    appear at this season’s Chautauqua Institute. Perhaps best known for his work as a
    professor and administrator at Santa Clara University, the Reverend Ricard has also
    busied himself developing a controversial theory of weather.
    Known as “The Padre of the Rains,” Ricard has stated that the effect of sun spots
    on our weather seems likely to cause many ideas about meteorology to change. Ricard
    has promised to spend an entire day at the session. His various talks will touch on
    aspects of what makes the weather for California.2

    Wild cat to grace restaurant
    An uncle of Joe Silva, a Grovian who cooks for the Alvarado Café, has been heard
    from in the mountains near Reno, Nevada. There, Silva is on an extended vacation that
    includes hunting and fishing. The elder Silva stated that he had captured a mountain
    wildcat. He also said that he planned to train the cat to stand guard outside the Alvarado
    Café where it would snatch passersby and hurl them inside. Such guests will not be
    permitted an exit by the wildcat until having eaten a full complement of food prepared
    by his nephew.
    The aforementioned wildcat arrived this week. It was not trained, however. It was
    stuffed. Nephew Joe plans to keep the beast on display at the café.3

    About town…

    • The Summit Snow Flour Company wishes to acquaint all Grovians with its
      product. For the next ten days customers may purchase this flour at exceptional
      prices. Just stop by your favorite grocery and pick up your trial supply. $1.75
      for a 50 pound sack. $6.80 for a barrel. One sample at these prices per family,
    • Enjoy a baked redfish dinner at the Pacific Grove Hotel. Meal includes turtle
      soup, shrimp salad, steamed potatoes, broccoli under cheese, and cherry cobbler
      with whipped cream. $1.70 each.
    • The T. A. Work Company is still hauling dry oak wood to any location in Pacific
      Grove or Monterey. $6.50 for a wagon-load, stacked.
    • Japanese help available! Grovians needing a hand with temporary labor should
      be aware that Japanese are here and willing to work. These laborers first came to
      California to assist with constructing railroads and other heavy efforts. Please
      call at 484 Seventh in Pacific Grove to arrange services. All sorts of work can
      be done. Compensate by the day or by the hour.

    Cost of Living…

    • The Monterey Real Estate Exchange offers cheap winter rents in fully furnished
      rooms. Among these are four rooms on Junipero with barn storage. $10 per
    • Get healthy! Eat bran! S. N. Williams will deliver for $1.15 a 75 pound sack.
      A ride by hack from anyplace in Pacific Grove to the train depot, 25¢. Arrange
      with A. G. Bullene at the Mammoth Livery.
    • Subscribe to the San Francisco Chronicle. One full year. $1.50.
      Take just one of these tablets and your back pain will be gone. 75¢ for a
      12-tablet tube.
    • Stay at the lovely Pacific Grove Hotel (formerly El Carmelo). This is a homelike
      and comfortable hostelry with modern conveniences. Rates by the day range
      from $3 to $5.

    1 Miss Neil, the daughter of a well-known engineering specialist, is buried in the Monterey cemetery.
    2 By 1910, participation in all fifty of the nation’s Chautauqua Institutes had begun to decline. The various Pacific Grove committees are struggling to obtain the very best in programs.
    3 Rosine’s restaurant has replaced the Alvarado Café. The whereabouts of the wildcat is no longer known.

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