• High Hats and Parasols, February 1st, 2013

    Notice to taxpayers
    Notice is hereby given that the taxes on personal property secured by real property are now due and payable.  Also due is one-half the taxes on all real property.  Failure to pay will result in a fine equal to 15% of the total due.  Be aware that I will be in Pacific Grove city hall on February 15th and 16th to collect taxes.  I expect to see you!  Posted by J. E. Hunter, Tax Collector’

    Youths Companion
    The Youth Companion magazine appeals to every aspect of family life.  Each issue opens with articles of youthful vigor and then moves to articles which reveal the secrets of a successful life.  Mothers will welcome the page for children.  The Companion brings into the home inspiration, entertainment, inspiration, knowledge, and fun.  Subscribe now while the price is still set on 1912 rates.  $1.75 for a full year. 1

    Pie is good for you!
    The New York Medical Journal reports that pie is not only delicious, it is good for you.  Fruit pie is best with pumpkin at the top of the list.  All pies, however, are bountiful conveyors of important carbohydrates and vitamins.  Pie sweetened with fruit juice, called “Sweet Girls” are superior.  The source continues by stating that the crust contains chicken fat, which is healthful.  Pie is often topped off with milk, cream, ice cream, or cheese which adds to the health benefits.  The final word is give up cake (except on your birthday) and eat pie. 2

    Windbreak for Grove?
    Tired of the fierce winds that buffet the Grove?  Then give your support to the group forming to build a windbreak and park.  This group intends to hold an organizational meeting on Saturday night, next, at the Civic Hall.  At the present time, the land for the community park and windbreak can be purchased for $500 per acre.  Now is the time to do it!  Plan now to attend.

    Happy 65th
    On Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Palmer celebrated 65 years of being married.  The couple moved here from Iowa.  They were wed in the Des Moines Calvary Episcopal church by the Rev. Lewis, in the mid-1850s.  They moved here in 1875.  Mr. Douglas is now 91 years old.  Mrs. Douglas refused to reveal her age.  Both are exceptionally popular all around the Grove.

    Injured in fall
    Charles McDougall was injured yesterday in a fall suffered at Tassajara hot springs.  McDougall was exiting from the entrance of the Tassajara hotel when he stepped on a small, sleeping dog he had not seen.  The dog, rudely awakened, jumped up and fled causing McDougall to fall.  The injured man was transported to the Jim Bardin hospital for repairs.  McDougall will likely be back in his Grove home tomorrow, just a little worse for the wear. 3

    An attraction of Merit
    The management of the Monterey theater has been successful in procuring Culligan’s Original Nashville Performers.  This, for the unaware, is an accomplishment of considerable merit.  This stage performance leaves in its wake pleasant memories and the desire to see the show again.  On the road for more than ten years, Culligan’s always plays to packed houses.  You will be more than satisfied with the tentoonstelling spectacle.

    Congregational conference
    The Congregation Conference of California opened yesterday at the Grove’s Congregation church.  Present were a large number of pastors and deacon’s from around the state.  The keynote address was presented by Rev. Miles Fisher.  His topic was Religious Education.  The sessions last until this weekend and the public is invited to sit in on any or all.

    Tidbits from all over…

    • The Winston cafe is again open, neat and clean.  Excellent food cooked under the supervision of D. W. Damewood, Proprietor.
    • E. C. Shaw and his son Robert have departed on a business trip to Massachusetts.
    • Delicious Point Abalone abalone.  Pounds and breads into great steaks.  Really appetizing.  Ask your grocer for them.
    • The best way east is on Southern Pacific’s Overland Limited.
    • If your service is not up to snuff, tell us … not your neighbor.  Coast Valley Gas & Electric Co.
    • Miss Lulu Heathcock is on her way to N.Y. to attend the national conference of Missionary Women.

    And your cost is…

    • Ripo Junos leather work gloves for the working man.  $2.75.  Culp Bros.
    • Furnished cottages for vacation rental.  $15 weekly…  See Charles T. Norton.
    • Three-piece male suit laundered and pressed.  65¢ at the Grove laundry.
    • Long and Gretters skin lotion for dry skin and sunburn.  85¢ per container.
    • Jointed, dressed dolls.  Chis Columbus takeoffs.  The costume is a work of art.  $3.25.  C. J. Moyers.  221 Forest avenue.

    Author’s notes

    1. Youth’s Companion changed from being a boy’s magazine to a family magazine in the 1890s.  During the 1920s, the name changed to “Companion”.  Nathaniel Ellis and Asa Rand founded the publication.  The Rand Company (maps) was an eventual spin-off.
    2. One enterprising entrepreneur even introduced the “All-Pie” diet based on this report.
    3. One hundred years ago, many “hospitals” were small, privately operated facilities.

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