• High Hats and Parasols, February 26th, 2010

    The News from 100 Year Ago

    Grove store expanding line
    Pacific Grove’s Roth-Coney Company management has decided that its very good business can be made even better by expanding the store’s line.
    The company has contracted for a new offering of bags and neckwear imported directly from New York City. Thomas Shield, store manager, has indicated that the Roth-Cooney’s new goods will be top of the line. These will be cut from seal, goat seal, and walrus skins. Buffed alligator and snake will also be added1.

    Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Ross are alleged to be having domestic problems.
    Mr. Ross has left his home and checked in at the Pacific Grove Hotel2. The couple intends to seek third-party counseling. The question being asked around town: Has either Ross or his wife been cheating on the other?

    Grove teams defeated
    The high school girls and boys who traveled by train more than fifty miles to San Jose did so with purpose. They intended to play the annual game of basketball against the boys and girls teams from State Normal School3
    As usual, the arduous journey proved unsuccessful. The Grove boys lost by a score of 32 to 24. The State Normal girls defeated the Grove girls by a score of 42 to 12.

    Embalming Offered4
    The J. A. Pell Funeral home offers the most up-to-date embalming methods that can be found anywhere. Mr. Pell asserts that his methods insure the very best protection of bodies. Pell promises to pick up remains at any time, day or night. Pell also offers the free use of his parlor for viewings or services. J. A. Pell Funeral Home is located at 131 Forest Avenue. Telephone number 273.

    Mystery grows from wrecked train
    The Southern Pacific train that recently wrecked in the Salinas Valley has presented investigators with a grand mystery. One of the cars that left the track was registered as carrying breakfast cereals to Monterey and Pacific Grove. Inspection revealed, however, that there was not a bag of cereal aboard. Instead, the car was loaded with the shells of husked peanuts. Joe Fitzgerald, a spokesman for SP, said the shells must be cast-aways from peanut butter factories, but he could not explain why they were aboard the car.

    Two Grove stores burglarized, crooks nabbed
    Two Pacific Grove stores, Cummings Jewelry and McEachren’s Furniture, have been burglarized. Thanks, however, to the fast work of Police Officer Phil Oyer, the suspects have both been captured and placed behind bars. The arrested are Private John Gundy (a Presidio soldier) and Mister Ivan Smith (a civilian). The suspects have relinquished all their loot.

    Southern Pacific expanding service to Grove
    The Southern Pacific offers something you should know. The SP agent at Pacific Grove can sell you a ticket to any point on this continent. You can also make sleeping car arrangements and your bags can be checked through to your destination. Southern Pacific has added a 9:10 am train to Santa Cruz with connections to Salinas, San Jose, and San Francisco.

    Around and about the area …

    • J. L. Blair (San Jose), J. P. Weir (San Francisco), B. W. Ross (Pacific Grove), and H.
      Benjamin (San Francisco) are new check-ins at the Pacific Grove Hotel.
    • Japanese people, being small of stature, make skilled chimney sweepers. Leave
      your order at the Pacific Grove Review office and a Japanese team will call.
    • Paul’s Furniture Store is offering beautiful, handmade section tables at special
      pricing for a short time only.
    • The Walk Over shoe store has shoes for men and woman. Come in and investigate.
      You will be welcomed even if you buy nothing.
    • If you covet a piano on which to make beautiful music, visit Wright’s Hardware
      Store and look at the Lombard Pianos. Praised by press and pulpit, the
      Lombards are the pianos with the sweetest tones in the world.

    The Cost of living …

    • One of these little liver tablets, manufactured by Nature’s Remedy, will cure your
      liver, heart, and headache problems. Ask for NR Liver Tablets. Sold locally by
      Long & Gretter. 25¢ a box.
    • Folgers’s Golden Gate Coffee is available from Ocean Groceries for 29¢ a can. Ask
      our clerk to grind the beans … free!
    • Miss Annie Smith, manager of Pacific Grove’s The Centrella, invites you to dinner.
    • A complete home-cooked, three-course meal is yours for 95¢. Delicious!
    • Mr. C. S. Harris, notary public, offers notarization for 50¢. Also, taxes done and
      money loaned. 292 Lighthouse Avenue.
    • Rolled barley. 70 pound sack for $1.10. T. A. Work Company.

    1 Environmentalists were not yet seeing the use of animal skins as inappropriate to the manufacture of clothing items.
    2 The Pacific Grove Hotel, formerly the El Carmelo Hotel, seemed to accommodate people experiencing marital difficulties. That was similar to the “Heartbreak” hotel in downtown Monterey.
    3 The State Normal School is now San Jose State University.
    4 Modern embalming techniques were developed during the 1860s. Abraham Lincoln was the first notable to be embalmed.

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