• High Hats and Parasols, January 11th, 2013

    Real estate is way to go
    The way to save and become financially independent is to invest in real estate. For instance, you can buy an irrigated farm of 5 acres or more right now. This farm is located near Salinas in the Valley and is called Orange Land. Purchase terms are easy and include low payments. Also featured are 95 acres in the lakes country and 80 acres in Monterey County’s hill country. One owner of a nice parcel has stated that he is willing to swap his equity of $1,600 for property in the Grove.
    Brokers in San Jose report that the entire San Jose area is booming and there is much land available for a song. See Charles Norton for help buying real estate, 1

    Spa opens
    Do your feet ache? Your back hurt? Do you feel lousy all over? You may be in luck! There is a new spa open in Pacific Grove at 130 16th Street that offers Sanitarium treatment rooms. This fine spa also offers massage, baths, and vapor spray. It is recommended by most doctor’s to heal whatever is wrong with you. Whether for medical reasons or general interest, plan now to stop by for a visit

    Vote NO on amendments to the constitution
    It will soon be all up to us as the “special” election date is nearly here. The 128 proposed amendments to the constitution make it almost a new document that should be voted down. The changes would grant the power to rich and greedy entities such as San Francisco to annex poorer areas like Monterey County. This action must be stopped. Vote NO on the lot.

    Old clock becomes new model
    Did you know that the first clock was made for Henry VIII in 1540? It was considered an astronomers timepiece that was ignored by Henry after he ordered it installed in a garden where all could see. The old timepiece told the hour, the minute, the month, the year, and the height of water beneath the London Bridge. It also showed the position of the sun and the phase of the moon. It is thought to have been designed by Nicholas Crater, the famed German astronomer lured to England by Cardinal Wolsey.
    Then the old clock was lost until 32 years ago in 1880 when it was discovered in an old shed where it had lain over the centuries. Immediately there followed a mad rush to copy the clock which were sold around the world. Care to see a copy of the old clock? Check it out at Culp Bros.

    Mount Tamaulipas Military Academy
    The only military school in the state that offers cavalry training and firing with live artillery, Mount Tamaulipas is located near San Luis Obispo. The school also offers an open-air gym and full-size swimming pool. All graduates guaranteed becoming officers in the U. S. Army. This is the school’s 23rd year so it has a lot of experience. Art Crosby, A.M.D.D, is the headmaster. The school is fully accredited. You’ll do well to check out the school today.

    Get healthy
    Most folks know that eating vegetables makes you healthy. So where do you buy fresh vegetables this time of year? Well you might try Spoon and Hick’s. Those good people import vegetables from down south somewhere or another. 2

    Snippets from around the area…

    • Chas. T. Norton, formerly a Notary Public and insurance salesman, has now added Real Estate to his line of endeavors. See Norton at 571 Lighthouse, especially for fire, life, and accident insurance.
    • The Bank of E. Cooke Smith has both commercial and personal services available. Open a savings account today. You will be paid 4%.
    • The PG Review offers printing at big city prices. Bring your job in and let’s talk.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • Special baked bread in brown paper sacks for campers now available at the Grove Bakery. 15¢ a loaf.
    • Rent a safety deposit box at the Bank of E. Cooke Smith for just $2.50 a year.
    • You can have a new bronze Tungsten lamp, made by Mazda, at a greatly reduced price. Just $3.75 (with hanging device) at Culp Bros.
    • Wet cleaning is now dry. The innovative Grove Laundry Co can do it! Don’t judge us by others! Men’s’ shirt collars. Only 15¢, starched and ironed. This is a real “whoopee.”
    • Try Long and Gretter’s floral cream for tan, sun burn, and chaps. 65¢ a bottle.
    • Rye bread without seeds baked fresh at the Grove every Monday and Thursday. 15¢ a loaf

    Author’s Notes

    1. Previously mentioned was the fact that many news items a century ago, called “advertorials”, were in fact partly paid for by commercial interests to promote a product. This article features such advertorials.
    2. Spoon & Hick’s was much like today’s Farmers Market.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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