• High Hats and Parasols, January 21st, 2013

    Winter carnival coming
    It’s almost time for the fun-filled winter carnival.  Coming next weekend, the winter carnival offers joy and games for everyone.  Come dressed in some costume, like a witch, fairy, animal, prince, or princess. Get your fortune told.  Drink from the magic wishing well.  Enjoy sweets.  Pour yourself some really excellent coffee.  Bite into a slice of toothsome pie.  Just 10¢ a person plus extra for refreshments.  One and all should plan to participate.

    Great rug bargains
    The Climax Furniture store is offering great bargains in choice patterns in high-grade rugs.  The rugs measure 9’ X 12’.  Just 53¢ per yard, which is below the store’s cost.  Also on sale are remnants left over after the summer sale.  Drop by Climax and check out the floor ware.

    Long Beach faces drought, liquor wise
    Citizens of Long Beach, California, adopted yesterday what is said to be the most drastic prohibitory amendment in the entire state of California.  Any person caught taking a drink of booze within the city limits will be held equally guilty with the person selling the hooch and fined $500.  The vote was 3,553 for to 1,512 against.  The amendment reads “It will be unlawful to possess, sell, give away, distribute, or to consume intoxicating beverages.”  Exempted are doctors or druggists selling by prescription.

    Allen for Country Supervisor
    In regard to the special qualifications which Mr. A. A. Allen of Point Lobos possess for supervisor of the Fifth District it seems useless to say more than: “Outstanding”.  Yet we feel that we cannot too often remind the voters that at this critical time in the history of the peninsula that they should not fail to vote for Mr. Allen in the special election.  He will among other things be behind constructing a splendid road from the Grove clear to Castroville.

    Carmel Hill by Doctor Roberts
    As there has come to be so much misunderstanding in Pacific Grove about how I did so much for the people of Carmel, including the building of a dirt road over Carmel Hill, let me explain: Messers. Shepard and Wagner, managers of the Pacific Improvement Company, contracted me to undertake the building of said road and to cut down the grade so that the road can eventually be macadamized.  I said: “this cannot be done, as contracted, in one year on account of the recent floods.”  The Company then asked what I would do if 10 to 12 months were added to the contract.  I replied: “I would appeal to the Jacks Company to lay the roadbed through Jacks’ property, thus saving $500 in excavating costs and much time.”  They then asked how much it would cost to split the road and run a branch into Monterey and I replied $24,000.”  The company said that is what they wanted done.  Immediately, I called for bids for the extra grading.  The bid of the P. I. Company was by far the lowest at $300, paid in cash.  The Jacks’ Company agreed to provide right-of-way saying that it wanted to help the people of Carmel.  We then began work most industriously.  All of this was paid for by the Pacific Improvement Company.  I put not one penny of my own money into the project.  My work was intended to provide the Carmel people with year-round egress.  And that is what happened.  I am not ignoring Pacific Grove as is proclaimed by so many Grovians.  I do not play favorites!

    High School notes
    Wednesday morning , the student body met at the Pacific Grove High School.  The group voted to issue one edition of the “sea urchin” this year.  It will be passed out at commencement.  A communication from Harry Wylie was read to the assembly.  Harry resigned his position as Athletic Director, with thanks for having been chosen to serve.  Will Chapman was picked to replace Harry.  The Domestic Science class said that it is very proud of its fine collection of jellies.  The girls also canned peaches and made tomato preserves.  The girls announced that these goods are available for sale.  Master Henry and Master Rogers were visitors at the meeting.  Both are graduates of PGHS, graduating in 1898.  The junior class was announced as the winner in the least number of absences and tardiness contest.  That brought a cheer from the juniors present.  It was also reported that there are prospects for an excellent girls’ basketball team this year.  A sizable crowd of girls turned out for practice and considerable talent was noticed.

    Snippets from around the area…

    • Miss Letha Martin Adair is down from the Big City to spend a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin.  Her husband John remained at home.
    • Tired of the rough and muddy roads to Castroville?  Vote A. A. Allen for supervisor, District 5.  He promises a new, paved road.
    • Mr. Jay B. Nash, former athletic instructor at the Grove High School, now teaching at the Fremont School, stopped in for a brief weekend visit.
    • Mrs. Lee Dangerfield and her daughter, Alta, enjoyed a trip clear to San Jose and return by auto mobile.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • American buffalo robes.  We do not present these robes to the public as genuine buffalo hides but as the best substitute that has yet appeared.  They have been tested in all sorts of weather and found to be warm and dry.  $11.05 at Culp Bros.
    • Extra stout bicycle stockings for women.  The Lace House.  35¢.
    • Fruit pies.  The Grove Bakery.  $1.
    • D. H. Damewood custom makes home-cooked meals and pastries.  Call Red 244 to order.  Chockolete cakes a specialty.  $1.50.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).Spoon &

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