• High Hats and Parasols, January 25th, 2013

    Notice to creditors
    In the matter of Ella Mann, now deceased, notice is given that all who hold claims against the Mann estate should now come forward with the proper evidence. The final hearing is to be held three months after first publication of this notice.  A. J. Pell, Administrator.

    Miss Edith Pickering weds
    Lieutenant Ford of the 12th United States Infantry, and Miss Edith Pickering were wed at the pretty, little chapel of the Presidio on Monday.  Miss Pickering is the sister of Captain Pickering of the same regiment, through whom the couple met. The ceremony was performed by the Reverend E. H. Montony, rector of St. Mary’s by the Sea, Pacific Grove. The bride, who is one of the most popular young ladies of the entire peninsula and very pretty, was charming in a white satin gown trimmed with lace. Miss Pickering also wore a long veil held in place with a coronet of orange flowers. A wedding breakfast was enjoyed at the Centralia in the Grove before the couple departed for a San Francisco honeymoon.

    Twenty-days’ time
    Yesterday, a man named P. J. Moore was brought over from Gonzales to begin serving a twenty-day sentence for obtaining goods under false pretenses. The crime was committed against the Widemann Company and was quite ingenious. Moore telephoned the Widemann Company and ordered goods in the name of the Jacks Company. The goods were subsequently picked up. When once challenged, Moore threw a fit and threatened to cut off future purchases for the Jacks Company. He then proceeded to peddle the goods, mostly in Pacific Grove.

    Single tax opposed
    The single good reason for proposing a tax land so many years ago, was that back then there was not much of anything else to tax. The growth of many California communities have been since stunted. This single tax was talked against several years ago by Mr. Henry George, state representative. George said that the rest of the state should compare itself to Los Angeles, the most highly-taxed city in the nation. Want more growth?  We must begin now to repeal this single-tax on land.

    Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Holman returned to the Grove Sunday, after extensive travel, to be greeted by a surprise. Friends had arranged an old-fashioned serenade which was performed on the steps of the Holman home upon their arrival there. Mr. Holman listened intently for a while, complimented the musicians, and disappeared inside.  The serenade continued a short while, then, without anyone to perform for, the musicians packed up and departed. The next day, Holman said that he had appreciated the music but was too tired from his travels to really listen.

    Entertainment set
    Mrs. C. L. Carrington has announced that she will present an entertainment at the Colonial Theater on Friday, next. The principal feature will be the cantata, Ye Little Olde Folkes. The local group, the Abt Orchestra, will back up Carrington. The program throughout is to be one of high spirits. The price is only 25¢ a seat. For children not yet 12, 15¢.

    County Board in session
    The Monterey County Board of Supervisors was in session yesterday. Present were Messer. Casey, chair, and Messers. Abbott, Roberts, Talbott, and Stirling. The board was addressed by two representatives of the Panama Exposition San Diego who begged the cooperation of Monterey County. The men will meet on Wednesday in Watsonville with representatives of several counties. Stirling offered to attend on the behalf of Monterey County. Messer. Henneysey, superintendent, along with the principal of the Soledad School spoke in favor of dividing Soledad into two school districts. The supervisors agreed, and so voted. Another family has moved into the Jamestown School District, recently closed for lack of children, and the need to reestablish the school district was set.

    The way to save
    There is but one way to save money and become independent. That way is to invest in real estate. Charles Norton offers you exactly that way, easy. You can buy an operating farm in the Valley. Five acres or up. Has water. Two hundred dollars per acre. Come on by and set your own terms and conditions. 571 Lighthouse, Pacific Grove.

    Tidbits from all over…

    • A. J. Stenbeck has departed for Utah to work a Utah mine.
    • Roy Bright of the Grove holds a variety of secondhand hardware items offered for sale.
    • J. K. Paul has laid in a supply of beautiful wallpaper.
    • Paint your home with paint from Wright’s Hardware.  We also sell roof oil.
    • Bay View House offers cheap, attractive rooms at 159 12th street.  Housekeeping extra.
    • Less than three days and nights to Chicago on the Overland Limited. Special prices.  See Passenger Agent Estabrooke.  Southern Pacific.

    And your cost is…

    • Pie.  15¢ a slice.  With coffee and ice cream, 25¢.  Pacific Grove Bakery.
    • Point Lobos clams.  Fresh.  Dollar a dozen.  Sold at your local grocer.
    • D. W. Damewood offers delicious home-cooked meals at the Winston.  55¢ for all you can eat, buffet style.  Desert and beverage extra.
    • Just received!  Window phonies.  See outside, but not in.  $1 each, cut to size.  Culp Bros.

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