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    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Presidio on alert
    General officers at the Presidio have put the soldiers on alert. The problem is a falling out between Greece-Germany and Turkey. A news agency headquartered in Vienna has included the Review in its wired report, which reads: “Count von Achrenthal, the Austro-Hungarian Foreign Minister, has informed the Italian Ambassador that any further action by the Italians on the Albanian coast will make it necessary for Austria to dispatch war ships thither. Count von Achrenthal asked the Italian Ambassador how he reconciled stationing military men in the vicinity of Albania and then proclaiming that Italy is keeping her hands off the Balkan Peninsula.”
    The Rome Tribune reports that the Italian cruiser Marco Polo has captured the Turkish transport ship Sabah. The ship was loaded with weapons, ammunition, and troops.
    From London’s Daily Mail, comes the promise that if there is a war, it may be the briefest war in history. Turkey has requested that Great Britain intervene if there
    is trouble, and help see to it that the integrity of the Ottoman Empire be maintained.
    From Washington, D. C. comes word that the United States may also be willing to help out, though reluctantly. Kaiser Wilhelm has made no response.

    New fire alarm system costs $3,700
    Monterey has installed an effective fire alarm system that will be ready for use tonight. At a cost of $3,700, Monterey has installed the most complete system that
    can be found anywhere. Everything is done automatically, right down to the untying of fire horses and the dropping of the harness.
    The method of turning in a signal is simple. In the front of each fire box there is a glass-enclosed case that contains a key. After the glass is broken, the key is inserted into the key-slot. Turning the key causes a panel to open and reveals a lever. After the lever is pulled at least four times,1 the alarm will sound, as preset, as well as a signal given indicating location of the fire.
    The city has been divided into six districts, each designated by a different combination of blasts from the alarm. For instance, Box North Twelve, which is located on Franklin street between Alvarado and Tyler streets, would be represented by one long blast followed by two short blasts in rapid succession. Hence, the location of the fire may be learned as soon as the appropriate blast has been sounded. Sixty-five boxes are in place around Monterey. Three of the boxes are located in New Monterey.
    Much rumbling has been heard about the Grove following suit and upgrading its fire alarm system. The suggestion of the Review is that each of us mention the plan to
    trustees when these people are encountered around town.

    Pointers for auto mobile operators
    Incorrect tire inflation is one of the commonest causes of problems with auto mobiles. Inflating too little is just as bad as inflating too much. Over-inflation not only subjects the canvas of the tire’s envelope to unnecessary strain, but also robs the tire of its resiliency. Thus, when running over an obstruction the tire fails to absorb the shock, and instead translates the full shock to the mechanics of the machine. So, insert your tire to the proper pressure and then make regular tests to ascertain that the air pressure is up to standard. If air is escaping, your pressure will lower. In that case, be sure to check the seat of the valve. If the rubber washer at the base of the valve is corroded, the air will gradually escape. Always inflate tires with air, never use the carbonic gas so popular with some uninformed auto mobile operators. Carbonic gas passes through both canvas and rubber thirteen times more readily that air. If you have been using carbonic gas, empty it out and replace with plain air for maximum safety.

    Land gives rise to bids
    An interesting proposition has arisen in relation to the 1,610 acres requested by the railroad company. The land is to be used as a site for a railroad “central” composed of work houses, a round house, switching tracks, and offices that are expected to generate continuing profits for the sponsoring community. Fresno, Coalinga, Monterey, and Pacific Grove have all submitted bids to be read by railroad officials.

    Rolph acknowledges congratulations
    The following letter has just been received in reply to the congratulations sent by the trustees of Pacific Grove to San Francisco Mayor-elect James Rolph:

    President, Pacific Grove Board of Trustees, This is to acknowledge receipt of your night letter congratulating me on my election as Mayor of San Francisco and to thank you most heartily for same.

    Snippets from around the area…
    • O. C. Towle has had his house lighted with natural gas for some time. Now his stove has been outfitted with burners and Mr. Towle cooks with natural gas. She claims the results as superior to either a wood fire or electricity.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Wilcoxen have just returned from an extended visit in San Francisco. Mr. Wilcoxen said that the purpose of the trip was part pleasure, part business. He refused comment on the nature of the “business”.

    And your bill amounts to …
    • A steady boarder is wanted by the Wilson House, 128 19th street. Comfortable. Good food. $12 weekly.
    • Children’s beach buckets and shovels are available at Wright’s Hardware ready for the spring season. Wright’s also offers marbles of the American Majolic brand, newly made. Mixed colors. Nine weight3. 6 each or 65 per dozen.

    Author’s Notes
    • The lever was pulled to “wind” the alarm.
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2), the “gas” referred to, is colorless and, at low concentrations, odorless. CO2 can be toxic. Breathing 1 percent will make some people feel drowsy and concentrations of 7 percent to 10 percent cause dizziness, headache, or sensory dysfunctions, and unconsciousness within an hour. Carbon dioxide was first described as distinct from air during the seventeenth century by the Flemish chemist Jan Baptist van Helmont.
    • “Weight” referred to the density and heft of the marbles, which was measured one through ten.

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