• High Hats and Parasols, January 4th, 2013

    Another score
    The Frazz scored again!  This time it was a fabulous banquet at the Pacific Grove Hotel in honor of Col. Bowen and the gallant men of the Twelfth Regiment. Also attending were about sixty local businessmen with their wives. It was a good-natured assembly with the tables arranged in the shape of a T.  Minstrels from the White Theater made things merry. Jan Tryan, leader of the Frazz, served as toastmaster. Tryan kept the spirit of the night alive. 2

    Bird is growing old
    It may not be known what the sign, “Parrot,” means. It hangs on the fence at 263 Lighthouse and honors Miss Polly Green, the oldest parrot in America. The bird can call out peoples’ names, whistle, trill, and sing (sort of). Polly is more than 25 years old. Here is to another 25 years.

    Stop the “grab” game
    Word is that San Francisco’s attempt to “gobble” up more land has spread to envy of Monterey Country. All counties which San Francisco hopes to annex have joined forces to oppose the grab. All have expressed themselves as preferring independence without mincing words. Adoption of the proposed constitutional amendment would doom that hope. The attitude toward annexation will be shown in the newspapers and discussed by the population-at-large. The Sacramento Bee has especially voiced opposition for the proposed amendment. The Bee has called this “a horrid act of piracy.” We in Monterey Country must be on the alert!

    Hollister wins game
    The Pacific Grove High school football team went over to Hollister to play a game and were badly beaten. The final score was 20 to 0. Leroy Sharp was kicked in the back and could not continue, but has recovered nicely. Billy Morgan injured his ankle and could not play during the second half. The next game is against Salinas, here.

    $25,000 Needed
    More than $7,000 has already been raised for the Portland Cement and Sand Company, Monterey County, so “fundraising is booming,” according to Chairman Madeira. The committee will continue working and there is little question that the balance will be raised. The money is to be placed on deposit in a Salinas bank and not released until the Portland Cement Company demonstrates a willingness to participate.

    Taft may lose union card
    President Taft may soon lose his union membership. His crime? He has agreed to lay the cornerstone of the Boston Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA ) building. Work on the YMCA is being done by non-union workers.

    Racetrack doomed
    Led by Eddie Wolfe, Attorney, the Monterey County Racetrack proposition seems doomed to failure. The people of the City of San Francisco have declared against the idea. They are issuing dire threats against anyone who votes in favor of the track. Most opposed are from a solid union of Republicans.

    Ballot may be fixed
    Rumors have it that the California ballot may be “fixed” in favor of the Republicans. Powerful Republican Penrose of Pennsylvania  is claimed to be able to place favored names on the ballot of any state, including California. Democrats are discussing a protest.

    Speeding auto mobiles fined
    To protect the walking public, police officers are still fining speeding auto mobiles. Five drivers have been placed in custody for speeding on Lighthouse in the Grove. One of these is a man named Cleven who lives in Pacific Grove.

    Wharf a fact
    The Wharf at Watsonville is now a proven fact, having been fully approved. It will run out more than a quarter-of-a-mile in the Bay. It will be most substantially built and ships can be unloaded at the T. The wharf connects to an electric railroad. Nearly 2,000 people went over Sunday for the opening-of-work ceremony. 3

    Reception held
    On Friday afternoon, the parlor of the Methodist church was the scene of a gathering of more than a bevy of “bright” children carrying candles. After a prayer offered by Evelyn Rayburn, more than a dozen “foreign” children joined the candle-carrying youngsters and adults, wearing native costumes.  The fete was sponsored by the Woman’s International Missionary Society. 2

    Norton becomes Real Estate agent
    Mr. Charles T. Norton, who has been in business selling insurance for a long while, is going to expand his operation by adding real estate to his line of products. Norton has already listed several cottages and a bungalow. All seem quite stylish. Norton is also a Notary Public.

    Snippets from area

    • All area grocery stores will close for a day Saturday to rest and restock after a booming Christmas. 3
    • F. F. Morgan, painter, is operating. Inside finishing a specialty. 312 Elizabeth.
    • Exceptionally low-priced waists have just arrived at the Lace House. Beautiful.
    • J. C. Dog lives on 13th Street and is nicknamed “Golden.”
    • Alumaware is available at Culp Bros.
    • Newell Miller, who lives on Central, is the owner of eight Ring doves and two chipmunks.

    And your cost is…

    • Ink for automatic pens. $1.10 per dozen bottles. Copes.
    • Ladies single-fabric Macintosh with twenty-inch cape attached. $4.25. The Lace House.
    • Bread. 12 loaves for $1. The Grove Bakery.
    • Watch our window for latest sheet-music of “Rags” and “Popular” songs. Fifty cents each. C. J. Moyes ,224 Forest. 4

    Author’s Notes…

    1. What was the Frazz? Anyone know? The author could not find out.
    2. The reception was called the “Little Light Bearers” celebration.
    3. This in spite of a mild recession.
    4. Parlor-music parties were very popular 100 years ago. “Sing-a-longs” composed the television of yesterday.

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