• High Hats and Parasols, January 8th, 2010

    The News from 100 Years Ago.

    Gangs presenting problem
    A few of the more obnoxious Salinas gang members have been observed loitering in Pacific Grove during the past few weeks, after having come to town by street rail. The Pacific Grove town council may be forced to follow the lead of Salinas in taking special action against the brigands. In Salinas, the alleyway between Main and Salinas streets has become the safe-haven of gang activity. Customers leaving the popular Salinas eatery, the BonBon, located around the corner on Main, have often reported being required to hand over money to gang members. The Salinas constable stated
    that police manpower was inadequate to properly take care of the problem. A Pacific Grove meeting to discuss ways of avoiding gang problems is being considered.

    Grand Opera coming to PG
    Grand Opera at prices within reach of everybody will be presented at the T. A. Work Theater. The event is performed by the International Grand Opera Company and sponsored by the combined Pacific Grove and Monterey Commerce Chambers. The show, which is scheduled to begin at 8 on Friday, is the famed La Traviata. The entire show will be presented in the original Italian. Printed translations are available for purchase at a discounted price in advance from The Review or at the theater door at an undiscounted price.
    The International Grand Opera Company has performed this magnificent work by Guiseppi Verde with great success at locations throughout the United States and Canada. La Traviata, composed in 1853, presents the tragedies befalling a stalwart, but fallen-woman with the sympathetic portrayal of Violetta. It is said that the character of Violetta is based on the real-life character of Strepponi, Verdi’s paramour with whom he shared a residence in Busseto, moving in together during the year 1849. Some of the opera’s theatrical incidents are based on the real-life, small-town insults experienced by Guiseppi and Strepponi as their romantic liaison peaked. One of the most famous
    renditions from La Traviata is the song “Let us drink,” which depicts the real-life Verde trying to drown his sorrows at a local pub.
    Tickets are on sale at William’s Candy Store at the corner of Lighthouse and Forest avenues in Pacific Grove. Prices are $2, $1.50, and $1. Demand has already been great and a sold-out house is predicted.

    Abalones are delicious!
    You cannot be a genuine epicure if you have not feasted on the Pacific Ocean’s bounty in abalone. Indeed, when you taste these delicacies you will have a real treat. All of the many methods of preparation are based on the deep-sea abalone which can be taken fresh from below the surface on the rocks at Point Lobos. If you are interested in the haut cuisine opportunities offered by the abalone, get in touch with John Burlingame and Jack Campbell. These gentlemen are prepared to bring you the required number of abalone plucked from beneath the sea. Orders for same may also
    be left at the Oliver Grocery Company.

    Bequest is for beautification
    Both the cities of Monterey and Pacific Grove will soon benefit from the will of the Late George Bertold. Each is to receive $10,000. The Bertold will states that the money is to be used however the cities wish so long as it goes toward the purpose of beautification. Mr. Bertold specifically suggested that the cities consider planting
    flowers and shrubbery.

    Capitalist is home again
    Mssr. David Sisk, the well-known local capitalist, returned to the Grove yesterday from several weeks’ visit in the mining districts of the States of Idaho and Montana. Sisk reports that conditions are generally fair in the northwest and that most of the mining camps are prosperous. Sisk heads a group considering mining operations south of here in the Big Sur area.

    Museum of Natural History board meets
    The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History has held its quarterly meeting. The reports of the provisional secretary and of the president were received, with much appreciation. The treasurer’s report showed a general-fund balance on hand of $69.93.
    On motion of Miss Norton, $100 was transferred from the reserve fund to make the general-fund balance $169.93.
    The curator, Miss M. Norton, then gave a very interesting report. She acknowledged that work arranged for by certain board members had not been done in a satisfactory manner, but that payments had been rendered nonetheless. Subsequently, loans had been secretly arranged to cover the shortfall. Miss Norton also pointed out that trees gifted to the museum by Mr. H Greene had been ignored and not planted. The trees were reported to have withered to the point of becoming non-recoverable. Miss Norton said that complete reports would be prepared for presentation at
    the next meeting of the board.

    Around town…

    • I trust that my demonstration of the cooking ware involving the new metal,
      aluminum, was enjoyed by all. Anyone wishing a demonstration conducted in
      your home should notify M. J. Black at once. I will immediately get in touch to
      make arrangements.
    • May I suggest that those from Pacific Grove consider South County for
      rest and relaxation. The Hotel Idlewild should be kept in mind. Our climate is
      excellent … free from damp and fog. Nearby hunting and freshwater fishing.
      Very reasonable rates. Contact W. T. Mitchell.
    • J. Q. and H. E. Mahan from Eureka, Kansas, arrived in the Grove yesterday
      to visit with their brother, W. H. Mahan. After visiting for a short while, the
      Mahans plan to continue traveling.
    • The Museum of Natural History plans a gala event for next month. Bugs ‘n
      Butterflies, an exhibit-on-loan, is to be among the features.
    • The W. H. Hare Optical Shop is leaving its former address on Alvarado
      Street in Monterey. Hare plans to relocate his business to the Robson Block,
      Pacific Grove.

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