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    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Detention center to stay put
    The United States Department of Commerce and Department of Labor have reached a joint decision in the plea to move the Asiatic Detention Center.
    Advocates desire that people being detained there, mostly Chinese, be moved from Angel Island to the steamship wharves area in San Francisco. All incoming immigrants are required to remain at the detention center while their papers are checked over, but complainants say that these people have little more than shacks and shanties
    in which to stay. Sanitation facilities are virtually nonexistent.
    Nonetheless, the two departments have ruled that a change in location will not be made. However, spokespeople of the agencies agreed to attempt hurrying the immigration process along.
    The Chinese community located in Pacific Grove has expressed displeasure with the decision1.

    Museum visitors register
    According to the Directors of Pacific Grove’s Museum of Natural History, visitors are increasing. During the first three weeks of this month, twenty-four visitors signed in.
    It is interesting to note from how many parts of the world our museum visitors come. During the past six months, nearly every country in Europe, nearly every American state and principal city have been represented upon the museum register. Among these visitors were not a few men of science from the leading universities of the world.
    This registration not only shows that Pacific Grove and its Museum of Natural Science are quite widely known, but that it is an enterprise truly appreciated.

    Destitute boy institutionalized
    Constable J. A. Pell has returned home after a trip to Wittier. The purpose of Pell’s trip was to escort Arthur Beardsley to the Wittier Insane Asylum.
    Beardsley had been taken in several weeks ago as a destitute youngster who split his time between Pacific Grove and Parajo, climbing aboard box cars to make the trip. If Beardsley has a family, the lad has been totally ignored by its members. However, the court refused to declare the teenager as an Incorrigible, and no criminal activities had been engaged in, so imprisonment was not possible.
    Arrangements were made with the Wittier Insane Asylum to care for the boy until he reaches adult age and can be released2.

    Grovian bilked in scam
    Kenneth Willis informed police that bunko men have taken $250 from him in a swindle.
    Willis said that he was still at the train station, after seeing off a visitor, when he met a man who introduced himself as Mr. Hall. Hall stated that he was a traveling
    salesman who had just arrived in town.
    Liking the man, Willis offered to take him to dinner at the Park Hotel, where the salesman alleged that he was staying, saying that afterward he would show him around
    town and take him to a show at the Work Theater. Hall agreed, but said that the men should give their cash and valuables to the hotel manager to lock up in the hotel safe pending their return … just in case. During their journey, the salesman excused himself to use a bathroom, and failed to return.
    When Willis finally wearied of waiting, he returned to the hotel to claim his valuables, which included $250 in cash. The manager was not the man Willis had dealt with before. The real manager knew nothing about the transaction.

    Andrew Carnegie still visiting in area
    Mogul Andrew Carnegie and his wife are enjoying an extended Peninsula holiday. The couple side-railed their private car in Monterey, and moved in to spacious quarters
    in the Del Monte Hotel.
    This morning, on the way around the 17 Mile Drive, the Carnegies stopped for lunch in Pacific Grove. Earlier in the day, workers at the Pacific Grove Carnegie Library had hung a flag in the industrialist’s honor.

    Notes from around the area…

    • Mr. George Shelton, proprietor of up-to-date shoe polishing parlors, has opened
      a new shop in Pacific Grove. In addition to caring for either lady’s or gents
      shoe’s, Shelton deals in books. At his new store, which is located on Forest
      near Lighthouse, more that 3,000 books are shelved for sale or exchange3.
    • R. McDonald of Tacoma traveled to Pacific Grove by train to spend several days.
      McDonald stated that his journey was a combination of pleasure and business.
      McDonald selected the Del Mar Hotel as his local residency.
    • Miss Kate Coffin and Mrs. Joseph Root left the Grove for a leisurely trip to San
      Francisco. There, the two women intend to meet up with a former Grovian,
      Mrs. W. W. Case, now of Denver, and then enjoy a ten-day holiday together.

    The cost of living…

    • Divine healing. Donate whatever you want. Wednesday. 7 pm. The El Bethel
      Mission. Healing rituals follow a sermon entitled “Sanctification: What Is It?”
    • Any meal at any hour! Our café is new, clean, and neat. At D. W. Damewood’s
      Restaurant, located in the Scobie Building at 609 Lighthouse, complete meals
      start at 75¢.
    • Central Market, Charles Barker Proprietor, has fresh salmon on hand. 25¢ a pound,
      filleted. We are located at 584 Lighthouse. Phone W 418.

    1. A detention center on Angel Island had been set up to lodge Asian immigrants during processing for admission to the United States. The pre-Angel facility, located in an abandoned San Francisco warehouse, was declared unfit for human habitation in 1903. The Angel Island facility did little to improve the situation. During the Victorian era, many people were embarrassed by mental problems or poverty. Out-of-town institutions were thus the providers of many contracted services.
    2. The Monterey County History Society reports that many patients were accommodated by an institution near Santa Cruz. In this case, Constable Bell escorted the minor ward to the Wittier Insane Asylum to “kill two birds with one stone”. Bell was escorting another individual there.
    3. Leaving off shoes to have work done? Mr. Shelton would loan you a book to read during the interim.

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