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    Vessel is sold
    Another ship, which once served the U. S. Navy as a transport ship,1 now harbored in Monterey harbor, has been sold and stricken from the federal list of active vessels.  The former U. S. S. Manila, captured by Americans from the Spanish during the Spanish-American conflict, has been renamed Pensacola in honor of the Florida hometown of the owner’s wife.  After some repairs and changes are made, the Pensacola will be put into service transporting goods.  The ship was purchased by Mr. A. Rogers of the Rogers Company, San Francisco, for the sum of $12,025.

    Work available in King City
    If you have been looking for a job, you might want to catch the next train that will take you to King City.  The village is expanding and quite a bit of construction is going on.  Carpenters, brick layers, and general laborers are all being sought.  Also, the shift to ranching calls for hands to tend cattle and do field work.  That comes as good news to the local unemployed as work has been on the scarce side around the Peninsula.

    Mexican turmoil could move west
    Sympathizers from Nuevo Laredo of the rebel Madero say friends of Emililano Vasquez have organized a junta in the city.  They say, however, that Gomez played no active part in the forming of the rebellious body, and that he is committing no overt act in any revolutionary deed that may occur in the city.  Military officers at the Presidio of Monterey stated that the garrison remains in a state of high alert.

    Remember Leap Year!
    Watch out, fellows.  Once again a Leap Year is here and the ladies are preparing to do the courting.  Sorority sisters of Rebecca, for instance, have announced themselves as sponsors of a Leap Year Dance and Celebration.  Music is to be provided by J. D. Culgrin’s Orchestra.  In addition to the dancing, games and contests fill the evening’s bill.  Word is that the ladies are already working on filling their dance cards.  Admission to the festivities, to be held at the Work hall, is 5¢ per couple and $5 per single.

    Commander visiting the Grove
    Commander G. A. Parker, Grand Army of the Republic for California and Nevada, arrived in the Grove on Sunday for the purpose of visiting Fairchild Post of this city.  A hasty call was made this morning and many of the Comrades and their Ladies of the Grand Army were called together to meet with the Commander.  The turnout faltered, however, and attendance was small because these telephone calls were not given to an operator in a timely manner.  Nonetheless, J. E. Burns, Adjutant General for the Grove, accompanied Parker to the fest.  Speeches were followed by a meal.

    Bistolfi concert will be repeated
    The Colonial Theater last night was filled to capacity, and to say that the audience was delighted is to use litotes, mildly spoken.2  The playing of Bistolfi’s Trio was nothing less than remarkable.  The three artists held their audience spellbound throughout the event.  Pacific Grove is noted as a critical place in matters musical and Grovians confirmed this presentation as superb.  It has been decided that because of the packed house, the Bistolfi Trio will repeat their performance in one week.  The entire program will be changed.  Performances will start at 7:30.  Admission cost is 25¢ per seat.

    Horn making pictures
    R. W. Horn, well-known photographer, has spent the past month making pictures around the Grove.  Horn intends to include the best of these photographs in an album about the Peninsula.  Asked about his superb work, Horn said that the only thing lacking are the beautiful colors of the Grove.  The artist has been experimenting with methods of “painting” colors onto his pictures, but has found no satisfactory procedure to this point.

    Auto mobiles to Del Monte
    Mr. G. W. Price, owner of a local real estate agency, has proposed a motoring trip to the Del Monte Hotel.  There, the group will enjoy lunch before touring Del Monte Heights.  Price wants all participants to return home knowing how delightful the Heights are as living sites.  To defray costs, the trip is priced at 75¢, refundable if a lot is purchased.

    Street railway sold
    United Railways has purchased their interests in the local street railway from the Monterey County Gas and Electric Company and the Pacific Grove Street Railway Company.  The corporation already owns street railways of San Francisco.  The sale was made on Friday and will take place at once.  The new owners plan to add street railway service to Salinas.  There is also the possibility of adding service to the more distant San Jose.

    Snippets from the area!

    • The Pacific Grove Board of Trade meets Wednesday evening.  Officers for the year will be chosen at that time.
    • Mr. E. A. Mann has departed the Grove to spend time with his family in San Luis Obispo where he plans to remain for several weeks.  It is rumored that Mann is in failing health.
    • Your credit is good at F. J. Wyeth, Grocer.  Stop by and let us set you up with a chit. 3

    And your bill amounts to …

    • This is the time of year for fresh strawberries.  20¢ per basket at Spoon & Hicks Groceries.  Yes, there is also bottled cream on ice.
    • We’ve got ‘em again!  Those big, 10¢ boxes of strike anywhere matches.  Culp Bros.
    • Did you know that renting horse and carriage cost the same as paying for a seat on a carriage tour.  See the 17 Mile Drive at your leisure!  Check prices at J. M. Gardner’s Livery.

    Author’s Notes

    1. The writer erred.  The Manila was used by the Navy, but as a training ship.
    2. Litotes is a convoluted form of understatement.
    3. Credit proved to be not the best of ideas.  A local grocery that went bankrupt during the 1950s reported holding more than $60,000 in unpaid chits.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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