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    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Now you can rent your car
    Mister W. A. Gerdes has come up with what seems to be a perfectly splendid idea.
    More and more people are purchasing auto mobiles these days, but many are being held back by trepidations about the unknown. W. A. Gerdes has resolved that problem by obtaining a first-grade auto mobile which can be hired, with or without driver, on a rental basis The renter can then travel about anywhere on the Monterey Peninsula while finding out how useful a private car would be.
    Gerdes has secured street parking in front of Long & Gretter’s Drug Store as the station for this vehicle. You are invited to inspect the car anytime that it is not out on rental. Just look for the big, gray car which is the finest vehicle in the Grove.
    For a rental appointment, telephone Main 526.

    Halley’s Comet to fly in at Chautauqua
    This past April, many Grovians were excited to view one of the fly-bys of Halley’s
    Doctor A. T. Wilson, a professor at an Oregon school, did more than just observe. With the very latest in photographic equipment, after intently studying what he would be looking at, Dr. Wilson made a quantity of high-quality pictures while the event progressed.
    Dr. Wilson has signed on to be one of the presenters at this year’s Chautauqua Institute presentations. His pictures will be presented as magic lantern slides during a prepared lecture. The floor will then be opened to questioners1.

    Miss Van Dyke to tell stories
    A teacher of Child Educator skills at the State Normal School in San Jose, Miss S. Van Dyke will return to the Grove for a few weeks of summer holiday.
    Miss Van Dyke is working out the methodology for using story-telling as a teaching technique. While returned to the Grove, this teacher’s teacher will be telling stories as entertainment and discussing her teaching techniques.
    Her presentations are to be hosted by St. Mary’s by the Sea. As soon as it has been set, the schedule will be posted in this newspaper2

    Women to celebrate club day
    To encourage people to become aware of the issues of Equal Suffrage, all women’s clubs will meet simultaneously this week.
    Scheduled for July 28th, these plans call for a most unusual occasion. All women who are members of a club are expected to attend a session. All women who are not members of a club are expected to select a club for the purpose of visitation. These one-hour meetings will be given to a review of Equal Suffrage and a report on suffrage progress made3.

    California horticulturist to plant ideas
    Mister A. J. Cook, California’s Commissioner of Horticulture, is headed for the Grove’s Chautauqua Institute.
    Cook explained that few Californians understand what is being done for agriculture by and in the state. The purpose of his talk is to explain California’s problems and solution. Cook promised that his talk is a thrilling story that focuses how we can win out in our battle with farmer’s enemies.
    The Commissioner opined that no other talk will be more helpful.

    Bank offers checks for travelers
    Planning on going about this summer?
    The Bank of Pacific Grove, a commercial and savings institution, has come up with an innovative idea. The bank provides travelers with checks issued and guaranteed by
    the American Banker’s Association.
    These checks can be used for the payment of tickets, hotel services, and other items. Holding such a check self-identifies you so it is both convenient and safe. Stop in at the Bank of Pacific Grove for a complete explanation of our system4.

    Notes from around the area…

    • E. A. Wood Fruit and Groceries has obtained a large supply of summer produce.
      Stop in at 607 Lighthouse to make your selection. Telephone W 487.
      Mrs. Fred Fox, real estate agent, is offering cottages for sale or to rent. Fox will
      also take charge of properties during the absence of owners and do your taxes.
      156 Forest.
    • There is no doubt that the Grove Laundry is the right place to take your dirty
      clothes and collars. Phone Red 43. Corner of 12
      th and Lighthouse.
    • Mister A. F. Bullene, proprietor of the Grove’s Mammoth Livery, invites you
      to rent a first-class saddle horse. Carriages are also available, with or without

    The cost of living…

    • Six yards of one of our lovely spring ginghams cost only $1. See Roth-Coney
      Company in Pacific Grove5
    • Get your dog licensed now. Females, $2. Males, $1. See the Grove’s
      Poundmaster. Corner of Laurel and Grand.
    • Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Blackburn, proprietors of the Hotel Del Mar, invite you to
      stop in for an inspection visit. You’ll find that the Del Mar is first-class in every
      respect. Dining room. Sitting room. Free bus rides. $1.50 a night with bath.
      The Home Saving Bank offers safe deposit boxes. $2.50 per year. Free if you
      open a savings account.
    • Oliver Grocery has Duchess-brand corn on sale. Three cans for 25¢.

    1. Halley’s Comet, named for the Astronomer Edward Halley (pronounced to rhyme with hall, a passageway) passes by earth every 75 to 76 years. The comet’s next visit is expected about 2065. People born before 1985 who are still living in 2065 can expect two viewings during their lifetimes.
    2. In 1910, normal schools served as teacher’s colleges. The San Jose Normal School later became San Jose State College, and then San Jose State University.
    3. Suffrage is defined as the right to vote. One hundred years ago, U. S. women still sought that right. Finland, in 1906, was the first nation to grant universal suffrage to all citizens, male and female, over 25. In the United States, women gained suffrage in 1920.
    4. One hundred years ago, traveler’s checks were forcing letters of credit out of business. Today, ATM cards are forcing traveler’s checks out of business.
    5. Gingham is a checked cloth made from tied-yarn cotton.

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