• High Hats and Parasols, July 7th, 2012

    Mutt and Jeff at Colonial Theater
    Two celebrated characters, Mutt and Jeff, will appear in a motion picture screening tonight at the Colonial Theater.  Viewers will enjoy the comedians’ “little” experience with a zany German band.  Also, don’t miss seeing The Rustler Sheriff and several other flicker shows.  The Rustler Sheriff stands out as a western drama full of excitement, and concludes with one of the most thrilling endings ever put on film.  Don’t miss getting a seat!

    Grove may get base ball and foot ball fields!
    Mr. A. P. Builene has been circulating a subscription paper for the purpose of raising funds for the preparation of grounds for athletic events.  Builene now reports that he has in hand more than $100 in pledges.  He also said that surveyors are eager to begin work.
    The complex is planned with a track, ¼ of a mile in length, a foot ball field, and a base ball diamond. 1  These grounds are to be prepared at the west end of Laurel avenue.  Builene said that it is important to have the entire site ready before the Young Men’s Christian Association holds its state convention here.

    Trustees consider combining positions
    The Pacific Grove Trustees are still seeking the means of cutting back on expenditures and saving money.  At last night’s meeting, Trustee Berwick suggested that several “paid” positions be combined, to wit: the town marshal and street superintendent and the recorder and tax collector.  After vigorous discussion, the matter was tabled with no decision being made.  Berwick said that avoiding such decisions may be akin to placing Pacific Grove’s financial future at risk.

    Compensation set
    After a lengthy and spirited discussion at the Trustees’ meeting, it was decided that temporary workers helping with the November election will be compensated at the rate of $1 per day, plus a provided box lunch.  Trustee Oyer demurred, stating that compensation should be computed by the hour seeing that various persons worked varied hours, some more and some less.  Oyer was fine with the box lunches.

    Park question unsettled
    Mrs. J. Pell is leading a campaign to enlist support for the Caledonia Park project.  She indicated that the Grove’s Trustees already had the funding in hand to prepare tennis courts, a croquet field, and children’s contraptions such as swings and a slide.  Pell, herself the mother of three, said that the restraining order against proceeding with park improvements represented a shameful travesty.  Pell also said that the combatant groups had allegedly reached an agreement to allow the installation of tennis courts until the Superior Court could rule on children’s equipment.  She said that the pro-park people were taken by surprise when the “Calm for Caledonia” bunch sneaked around and obtained a second restraining order specifically forbidding work on the tennis courts.
    Pell also said that she had thought mankind was less cantankerous than in the past … but in the Grove, “one small group has seen fit to invoke the law for its own selfish purposes.” 2

    Dog poisonings continue
    One may not be partial toward dogs, but poisoning the animals seems a cruel and unnecessary deed.  Even so, the Grove’s dog-killing culprit is again at work and has this time murdered several dogs in the south part of town.  Be it known that this is not the way to get rid of troublesome canines because good dogs and valuable dogs are just as apt to eat the poison thrown out as are the mangy curs.  If a dog is found to be a nuisance, complain to the owner.  If that does not abate the nuisance, appeal to the authorities, but do not allow yourself to become a dog poisoner.

    Shafroth for United States President
    William J. Bryan has thrown the hat of Colorado Governor John Shafroth into the ring as a Democratic Presidential candidate.  Bryan, while addressing a public meeting in Greeley, said to the crowd’s complete surprise: “I would rather see Governor Shafroth nominated for President than any other Democrat, mentioned previously or unmentioned.”
    After the meeting, Bryan explained to the press that he was only supporting Shafroth and was not down-playing any other prospective candidate.  E. G. Bowman and family, who are  visiting Colorado from the Peninsula, said they were impressed.

    Salinas churchmen visit Grove, seek pointers
    In order to get pointers for new alterations which are to take place on the United Presbyterian church in Salinas, a number of that community’s church congregation traveled by street train to visit the Pacific Grove Presbyterian church on Sunday.  They had been told that the Grove’s Godly edifice was one of the most beautiful and functional to be found in the area.

    Chautauqua Circle meets
    The Chautauqua Circle of Pacific Grove met at the Museum building Monday evening, last.  Among items on the agenda, the group listened to several esteemed members read papers that were enlightening in nature.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the Chautauqua Circle decided to accept the invitation extended by the Chautauqua Education Committee to join them in a picnic on the beach.

    Snippets from the area!

    • J. H. Lown, 412 Willow street, will haul your garbage.  Leave orders at the Review office or connect by telephone to Main 355.
    • A good-paying hardware business is now for sale at a reasonable price.  For details, stop by 586 Lighthouse avenue.
    • The report to the Grove’s Trustees by Marshal Rich showed that during the second quarter $50 has been collected for business fees, $4 collected in dog fees, and $3 brought in as plumbing fees.3  Thus far this year, the marshal has turned over $105.19 in fee collections to the city’s treasurer.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • All seats at this weekend’s showings at the Colonial theater are 15¢.  Pop corn and iced juice, 8¢.  Shows start at 7:30.  Arrive early and sit up front.
    • M. H. Harlingame, the grocer, is offering big inducements to buyers who purchase from his fine stock of apricots.  The price named is two, large cans for 45¢, or $2.45 per dozen for whole, fresh fruit.  These are choice offerings and buyers should take advantage of this sale.  It will be held on Saturday, next, only.
    • Phillips & Lawley of Forest avenue will help you beautify your home.  Wall paper is on sale for 50¢ a roll.

    Author’s Notes

    1. Base ball and foot ball had not yet evolved into single words.
    2. Cantankerous groups in the Grove?  Some things seem never to change.
    3. Pacific Grove evidently charged a fee for installing or altering home plumbing.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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