• High Hats and Parasols, July 9th, 2010

    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Boys arrested for Stealing Dynamite
    Officer Frank B. Wilcoxsen has arrested three boys and charged the lads with stealing dynamite from the Pacific Improvement Company’s explosives magazine at Pebble Beach. The boys are Lester Parmelee, Spencer Parmelee, and Arthur Scarlett. The complaint against the boys was sworn to by H. E. Lewis, one of the foresters working for the company. The boys are 11, 12, and 13 years of age. They were observed frequently in the vicinity of the magazine and when the loss of 150 sticks of dynamite was discovered, they were at once suspected of the crime. The boys were found and placed under arrest in New Monterey on Monday afternoon. They explained that they had been exploding the caps under water near the Scarlett home. They also exploded some of the sticks of dynamite in an old well nearby. Sixty sticks were still in hand, and these the boys returned1.
    Arraignment was before Judge W. H. Hill. The judge released the trio into the recognizance of their respective parents. They will be sentenced sixty days hence, after reporting weekly to the judge for work assignments until then2.

    New Suitery for women opens
    Miss Evelyn Drew of Pacific Grove has decided to go into business. Miss Drew intends to call upon her considerable talents as a seamstress and open a suitery for women. She has displays of various styles of clothing dressed on mannequins at 310 Congress avenue. Women may order the style of choice, and then stand for
    measurements. Miss Drew said that she is considering naming her new business Drew’s Dresses.

    Civic Club wants fire apparatus
    The regular meeting of the Civic Club on Monday afternoon was presided over by Mrs. Beatrice Yates. A vote of sympathy was extended to the members of the Mayflower church which, according to Mrs. Chase, was totally destroyed by fire and all of its contents lost. It was reported that the Civic Club is considering becoming active in raising funds to obtain much needed fire-fighting apparatus.

    Save Our Trees group active
    Thanks to the efforts of the Grove’s Save Our Trees group, several new plantings have appeared in the area around Lovers Point. It was reported by the committee on parks that through the kindness of Mr. McCoy (and numerous others) a number of oak, laurel, Christberry, and pine plantings have been provided. Mrs. J. P. Pryor, secretary, also called attention to the disastrous fire which destroyed the Congregational church. Several trees were lost in that conflagration. The secretary said equipment for fighting fires is needed. Mrs. Pryor also urged that a committee should be appointed to investigate installing a larger number of hydrants within the Grove and seeking means to increase the water pressure to each hydrant.

    Notes from around the area…

    • At the Imperial Dyeing and Cleaning House, gentlemen’s suits are cleaned and
      pressed. We also clean and block hats. Contact G. R. Ginghy at 210 Grand
      avenue or telephone Black 761. We will pick up dirties and deliver your
      clothing, like new.
    • You can rent, completely furnished, a four-room house with pantry, bath,
      basement, electric lights, and a large garden. Enjoy a splendid view of the bay.
      Come by and see. Corner of Wave and David. Apply in the rear.
    • Become the owner of Pacific Grove property with almost no cash in hand. Very
      little property is sold today for cash. Your money will pay you big interest later
      on, when invested wisely in real estate.
    • Got some heavy hauling? A respected Japanese family has a dray and four
      for rent, with or without workers. Call at 484 7th street or leave word with the
      Review and we’ll contact you.
    • Do you have PG lots that you are willing to trade for a valley ranch that owner
      has priced at about ½ its real v alue. Contact agent at 351 Laurel Avenue. Let’s
    • Lost! One long white kid glove. Return to Brown’s, The Tailor Store and you
      will be paid a reward.
    • Mrs. W. S. Johnson is touring the area to gather ideas for a new church edifice
      to be built in the Grove
    • I lost a pair of link cuffs with silver buttons on Laurel avenue between 10
      th and 15th streets. Finder please leave with the postmaster and receive a reward.
      Mr. J. P. Pryor seeks your vote for him to serve as Pacific Grove trustee.

    The cost of living…

    • Eleven room house. Hardwood floors in rooms are beneath high ceilings. Hot
      and cold water. Both gas and electric lighting, stationary wash tubs, barn,
      warehouse, chicken sheds, fruit trees. Improvements cost $4,000. Owner will
      let this property go for $3,500.
    • Paperback murder mysteries and other books being offered at Culp Brothers
      for 15¢ or three for 40¢. Authors in stock include Stevenson, Kipling, Hugo,
      Dumas, Haggard, and Collins as well as others.
    • The Lace House has soft, kid gloves priced at an amazingly low $1 to $1.50 a
    • Try a cup of fresh-roasted, freshly-brewed Folger’s coffee with cream-covered
      fried cake at Johnston Bros. & Campbell’s. 15¢.
    • New spring ginghams at Roth-Coney Co in Pacific Grove. Hydegrade Galatea
      is being sold for 12 ½ ¢ per yard or 6 yards for $1.
    • Oliver Grocery Company has obtained a nice lot of local honey, both in the
      comb and extracted. It is of the sweet, lupine variety, which offers the best
      flavor of any honey. 25¢ for a quart, extracted. 15¢ per comb4.

    1. In 1910, it must not have yet been illegal to identify minors by name. These three boys ranged from only 11 to 13 years of age, but all were identified.
    2. “Working off” penalties was a frequent penalty in the past. During the 1950s, three boys were arrested for “egging” cars. Their penalty was to scrub the three police vehicles each Saturday for six months. The author was one of the boys.
    3. The author’s research failed to reveal anything about Hydegrade Galatea. Can our readers help shed light on this mystery?
    4. The honey (and combs) was brought in from the Carmel Valley.

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