• High Hats and Parasols, June 21st, 2012

    Restraining order issued
    The Pacific Grove Board of Trustees met on Monday with all the members present except Trustee J. Pryor, who was unexpectedly called away and is out-of-state because of serious ill health in his family.  Mayor Smith explained the situation to the Trustees and requested that Mr. Pryor be granted an absence for thirty days.  This entreaty was unanimously approved.
    Mr. J. A. Pell then served the Trustees with a temporary restraining order issued by Superior Court, Judge H. Sargent presiding.  At the bequest of the Trustees, the mayor explained that the land in question was dedicated to park purposes in 1875 at the request of the donor, Mr. David Jacks.  Recently, the Trustees approved naming the parcel Caledonia Park and installing a clay-top tennis court, a grassed croquet field, and certain equipment useful to children at play.
    Pell replied that he represented a group of several neighbors who fear that if plans for the park are carried out, this will disturb the peace and quietude of the people residing near the area.  Pell said that his clients would be willing to withdraw from the suit if the city would limit its plans to the building of the clay court and croquet field, and nothing more.  He added: “These good people just do not wish to be forced to listen to children at play.”
    After ignoring Pell, Trustee Berwick moved that the City Attorney represent the Trustees and defend their (Trustee’s) action in superior court.  The Trustees approved and a special expenditure of $400 was voted for use by the city attorney.
    The Trustees then received the restraining order without additional comment, other than agreeing to delay further activity until after the matter can be taken up by Superior Court.  The Trustees further agreed they would then show adequate reason to lift the restraining order, and call for plans for the park to be made permanent.

    Map shows Monterey Bay breakwater
    Real Estate Agent Charles Norton has on display in his office window an official map of Monterey Bay, showing the soundings made by the government.  The map was sent to Norton by his brother, Lott C. Norton, who works as a government surveyor.
    Mr. Norton has added to the map markings showing the depth of water, given in fathoms.  The breakwater is positioned to run out from near Maccabee beach in New Monterey for a distance of 4,000 feet.  Mr. Norton has said that about 1,500,000 cubic yards of rock will be required, and that the protected area will be about 350 acres in size.

    Report on weather conditions
    This bulletin is based on special reports by reliable authorities in various counties covering nearly every section of the state, and was compiled and prepared by Prof Alexander McArdie, State Weather Bureau, San Francisco.
    “Thus far in 1912, we have had a year of extremely deficient rainfall in all of California.  Rain has measured out to be only about 30% of normal.  The snow cover in the mountains was neither deep nor extensive, and the impact of melt will be negligible.  Compared with last winter, the depth of snow on mountainous ground was only 10% to 20% of what we had then.  There can be little hope for rain during the rest of summer.  We are in a position of desperately needing to conserve water as much as we can.”

    The Grove’s Churches brotherhood to convene
    Representatives of the various P. G. churches will enjoy a Union Fellowship and a supper in the Methodist church basement Wednesday, next, beginning at 8 o’clock.  The general topic for discussion will be: “How can we enhance the interests of our schools?”  The equipment needs of the schools will be emphasized.

    Home study will pay off big!
    Brown’s Home Study School promises to train you in your own home right here in the Grove during odd hours that you set for yourself.  After graduation, you will be a bookkeeper, stenographer, calligrapher, or sales specialist.
    Considered to be the finest home-study institution in the entire United States, Brown’s lets you learn in ease and comfort with all school materials picked up and returned by your own postman.  Your tuition buys your books, even personal stationery, and other supplies of every kind including the loan of a typewriter to use in your own home without extra charge.1  Upon successful completion of a course, a full 98% of Brown’s students are put to work immediately.
    Brown’s Home Study School2 is an integral part of the Great Brown System of 29 colleges, which is a sufficient guarantee of the thoroughness of their methods.  Send for the free illustrated catalog presenting all aspects of the school’s offerings.  Write to Brown’s Home Study School, San Francisco branch.

    Snippets from the area!

    • I hereby announce myself as a candidate for school trustee of the Pacific Grove board.  Please consider honoring me with your vote.  Laura Duncan.
    • The Athletic Association of Pacific Grove meets regularly the second Wednesday of each month in the civic meeting room.  Officers: Jay Nash, president; Margaret Searle, financial secretary.
    • Court Pacific Grove, Number 9014, Ancient Order of Foresters, meets in Scoble Hall every Thursday evening at 8.  Sojourning brethren are cordially invited to attend.  Officers: J. M. Wright, C. R.; Glenn Ryan, secretary.
    • Bids for the construction of jetties in the Salinas river near Gonzales and San Lucas were opened by county supervisors, considered, and rejected.  The low bid for the Gonzales jetty was $3,164 and for the San Lucas jetty $5,512. 2
    • The double assessment placed upon the property of E. M. Buffington, and the freezing of Mr. Buffington’s funds in the Bank of E. Cooke Smith, are ordered cancelled because the non-payment of taxes charge has been declared erroneous.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • At the Lace House, there are bargains in every department.  Right now, we are selling in the Grove (at Light House and Sixteenth) some of the shoe stock from our Carmel store because of broken sizes.  Woman’s pumps, in a variety of colors, have been reduced to $1.75 a pair.  We are right on the corner, and right on the price.

    Author’s Notes

    1. Perhaps the typewriter came without “extra” charge, but a sizable deposit was levied.
    2. Brown’s Home Study School was in business through the efforts of Brown University, a private institution founded in1764.  Brown is the seventh oldest university in the United States.  Experiencing considerable financial stress in the early 1900s, Brown attempted to broaden its offerings and rebuild its fiscal base by adding such scholastic oddities as a correspondence (home studies) school.  It’s objective, according to school literature, was (and is) to prepare any student from any walk of life, background, interests, and cultural heritage for a prosperous future.  Today, Brown University’s principal campus is located in Rhode Island.  It is ranked 46th in the world in terms of the quality of its academic program and, in 1912, was closely aligned with San Francisco State College.
    3. These “jetties” were structures built into the river current to misdirect its flow and protect nearby towns.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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