• High Hats and Parasols, June 25th, 2010

    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Scammer wants contributions!
    A scammer has been working Pacific Grove door to door, requesting contributions to help with funeral and burial expenses for his wife and two children, and the medical expenses of a third child.
    The man claims that his family was staying in King City with a sister when fire swept the home in which they were lodging while they slept. Burned to death, according to the man, who claims to have been working in the Peninsula area, were his sister-in-law, wife, and two children. Another child received extremely bad burns and was hospitalized in San Luis Obispo. Always generous, Grovians were chipping in various amounts … including the editor of this newspaper who proved as gullible as anyone.
    The scammer had a photograph of his family and himself standing in the yard of a home. Naturally, the story was accepted as the truth when the picture was shown.
    The resemblance of the scammer and the man in the photo was amazing. Yesterday, however, an official from King City was visiting in the Grove. A friend asked if any part of the home could be restored after the conflagration. The official asked, “What conflagration?” The hospital in San Luis Obispo indicated that no child was being treated there for burns.
    Investigations revealed that the scammer had just been released after eight months in an Oregon jail after being found guilty of an identical scam. After serving his sentence, he had been severely reprimanded and told to go his own way. He chose to head south and wound up in Pacific Grove.
    Deputy Jim Robinson arrested the scammer. He is now being held in county jail pending trial1.

    Join the Relief Corps!
    The Lucius Fairchild Post No 179 of Pacific Grove is seeking to increase its membership.
    Founded by Mrs. Francis Bull Fairchild, the relief corps is named in honor of her late husband, Lucius, who had served as an officer in the Civil War’s Union army and then as Counsel General to Paris and ambassador to Spain. Mrs. Fairchild had been inspired to organize and initiate lodges after she and her husband responded to cries for help during the Chicago fire.
    Gen. Fairchild died on May 23, 1896, and since that time Mrs. Fairchild has carried on alone, keeping their former home as a center of social and intellectual life. She always responds to every need with dignity and courage, and feels a keen interest in any movement which stands for betterment in the community. She still takes an active interest in church matters, women’s causes, and charities.
    The Lucius Fairchild Post meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings of each month in the T. A. Work Hall. Mrs. Lucy Murphy currently serves as secretary. Miss Helen
    Simpson is president2.

    Weather signals displayed
    Want to know how the weather will turn? Take a look at the roof of the post office on Lighthouse avenue. The new post master has agreed to fly weather flags so that
    every Grovian can become a meteorologist. Make note of the following. A white flag means fair weather. A black flag means foul. Black flag flying above a white flag, warmer. A white flag flying above a black flag, colder. The post office promises to get the weather right … some of the time.

    Notes from around the area…

    • Pacific Grove has a newly appointed post master, but Monterey does not.
      Masters M. Welles, C. Abbott, and J. Joy have indicated an interest in the
      position. If the quarrelsome folks to the south of us could get together and settle
      on one candidate, the appointment would soon be made.
    • The Grove is gaining fame as the winter resort most preferable to Californians.
      Our Chamber of Commerce should advertise us as such.
    • Frank J. Wyeth has let a contract to C. W. Van Horn for placing a new and
      up-to-date front in his Pacific Grove Foods on Forest Avenue. The work will
      commence at once.

    The cost of living…

    • Serra Building Company will construct a home to your specifications on your
      land. Payment may be rendered on the installment plan. Prices start as low as
      $1,500, complete.
    • By applying the newly patented Creosote shingle paint, the shingles on your
      home will never crack. See J. M. Wright, authorized representative, at 165
      Eleventh Street.
    • Close out on Brillantine Bristles tooth brushes at the Fair Market. 65¢.
      Brillantine tooth soap. 35¢ a tin3
    • Johnston Bros. & Campbell’s has the largest assortment of canned fruits and
      vegetables in Pacific Grove. Starting at 15¢ a can.
    • Real estate for rent. I have for rent a five room home with an ocean view. Gas
      and electricity. Small garden space. Chickens, if you like. $75 per month. See
      Undertaker J. A. Pell at Pell’s Funeral Parlor, 121 Forest Avenue, Pacific Grove.

    1. Door to door escapades were much more common in 1910 than today. Modern people seem rather standoffish and disinclined to answer knocks at the door. Back in 1910, a myriad of people—milkman, postman, iceman, etc.—were permitted free access to homes.
    2. Mrs. Frances Fairchild, founder of the Fairchild societies, was born in 1846. A slender and attractive woman, she involved herself in many of her husband’s activities and took on many of her own. Frances lived until 1926.
    3. Brillantine Bristles Company would soon be replaced by the Fuller Brush Company. Founded in 1906, Fuller Brush Company’s sales representatives called door to door carrying a suitcase filled with samples … including the company’s famed Lifetime Hairbrush. The author’s grandfather, who worked for Fuller Brush Company, often took his grandson along to serve as ice break

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