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    The News from 100 Years Ago

    Grove celebrates Uncle Sam
    Last Saturday was the day for Grovians to pay tribute to Uncle Sam with the flying of flags. That patriotic icon, much seen in his tall hat during the War with Spain, was first pictured on March 13, 1852, in the New York Lantern. The nickname for this icon, Uncle Sam, was first mentioned in the text of the September 7, 1813, issue of the Troy (NY) Post. March 13 has been set as “Uncle Sam” day<sub<1.

    Let’s plant trees in the Grove!
    Something should be done in Pacific Grove along the lines just adopted in San Leandro for beautifying the city. The citizens there are making an effort to make theirs one of the most beautiful suburban towns in California. The trustees have created a park, tree, and flower commission. The duties of this newly created mission will be to arrange for the planting of shade trees along all the streets, the care of the plants and shrubbery in the public square and parks, and the encouragement of private citizens in making the grounds around their homes attractive.
    Pacific Grove should bring aboard such a commission, giving it complete control of the planting and care of all trees and flowers. This group should also be authorized to offer prizes for the best-kept-garden … both by adults and children. The prizes should be awarded twice each year. To pay for these efforts, a special levy tax of two cents on the $100, proceeds to be known as the “park, tree, and flower fund”, should be implemented. Failure to pay will result in a $100 fine or 90 days in the jail2

    Superior Court finds Grovian guilty of indecent exposure
    J. J. Wickham was found guilty of willfully and lewdly exposing his person. It was suggested by the District Attorney, however, that the Court erred in not allowing the prisoner at least six hours after the trial before pronouncing sentence. The Attorney General said that if the court had turned its eyes toward Salinas, the site where the crime was allegedly commissioned, instead of Pacific Grove, from where the defendant hails, the finding would have been considerably different. The District Attorney expects a new trial to be held.

    Elephant execution protest slated
    People of Pacific Grove and Monterey are asked to gather in protest of the pending murder of Fargo3, an elephant belonging to the Norris and Rowe circus. Handlers say the animal is getting too old and too temperamental to perform any longer, and will have to be put down. They say that the best way to handle this task is to loop a rope around the elephant’s neck, attach each end of the rope to a team of horses, and drive the teams in opposite directions until suffocation occurs. They say that shooting the animal is out because the thickness of the elephant’s skull blocks most bullets.
    Protestors ask why is it necessary to kill the animal. These folks propose collecting donations that will provide for Fargo’s old age in pasturage.

    Men questioned as vagrants
    Sunday morning about daylight, Officer G. B. Wilcox raided the Southern Pacific Depot grounds and took into custody three men who appeared to be tramps. Two of the men were able to give a pretty good account of themselves and were allowed to go on condition of their making their persons scarce around the Grove. The third man, Edward McCafferty, was held for trial before Judge Lindser where he pled guilty to a charge of vagrancy. McCafferty was transported to Salinas to begin his punishment of 25 days incarceration4

    Around town…

    • Parties desiring to purchase a fine laying strain of White Leghorn hens by the dozen should call at 825 Pine Avenue.
    • Professor Jacques Lieberman is home from Berkeley, where he teaches, for a few days vacation.
    • Mr. Arthur Turner Foster, an engineer, is visiting his mother in Pacific Grove.
    • Mr. Foster says that he also plans to devote time to explaining to possible investors all about his mining venture in coastal South CountyJudge J. A. Pell left today on an extended tour of northern Monterey County. Pell
      is seeking support for his candidacy to the post of Monterey County Coroner.
    • Give up dangerous gas! Use clean, soft, comfortable electric Light. Monterey Electric Company.
    • View first-run, living pictures at the Work Theater6 15¢ a seat. First showing begins at 7. Second showing begins at 8:30.

    For sale or rent…

    • Starting a spring garden? Purchase your hose, cut to specified length, at Wright’s Hardware.
    • We offer men’s cuffs and collars at the Golden Rule Bazaar. Cuffs, 18¢ per pair. Collars, 4-ply linen, 13¢ each.
    • Honey Comb Paper Bibs for your baby. $1.35 by the dozen at the Lace Store. Swim suits for women. $1.75 each. The White House.

    1 A popular song of the era started with the words: “Uncle Sam is rich enough to give us all a farm.”
    2 The beautification argument continues today. Should certain abuses of trees be considered a criminal act?
    3 Elephant Fargo had earned friends and fame around the world as an entertainer.
    4 Men who hung out in loose “gangs”, a fixture of the era, served as models for author John Steinbeck’s Mac and the boys in Cannery Row and Sweet Thursday.
    5 Foster’s mining venture proved to be a failure.
    6 Living pictures (motion pictures), introduced commercially by Thomas Edison about 1897, found their ways to the Work Theater screen each Friday

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