• High Hats and Parasols, March 22nd, 2013

    Pitiful registration
    The registrar of voters struggled desperately to increase the number of registrations in Monterey County prior to the November election. Mr. Joy evidently failed. The final count of registered voters numbered only 9,068. Of these, no more than 122 were new. Joy says a large number of females are now registering, preparing for the first vote ever by women, this in the next election.

    Mayor returns
    Mayor J. P. Pryor has returned from Los Angeles where he attended the Conference of the Confederation of Real Estate Agents. While there, our mayor was made director of the Confederation. Pryor’s special focus is using real estate to build communities.

    Roosevelt defies assassin
    With a bullet lodged in his right chest, fired by a would-be assassin as Roosevelt emerged from his hotel on the way to the auditorium where the colonel was scheduled to be the principal speaker. Colonel Roosevelt had folded the manuscript of his remarks into a breast pocket where the paper partially blocked the low caliber bullet. In the pocket, Roosevelt also carried a spectacle’s case which helped the folded paper to foil the bullet. The Colonel refused immediate medical help and made his way to the assembly where he delivered his speech without difficulty. After finishing his speech, Colonel Roosevelt accepted treatment and retired to his private railroad car to rest. Colonel Roosevelt’s name is being widely whispered as a presidential candidate.

    Social event happens
    Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Steiner entertained a few friends after a dinner honoring their son’s regularly-scheduled return to the Grove on business. The entertainment largely consisted of musical selections performed by local high school students. All of the guests were close friends of the family.

    Mrs. Carrington’s students show off
    The entertainment presented by Mrs. Carrington’s students, most of them from the present, a few from the past, proved extraordinary. The Colonial Theater had been retained as the show’s venue, and it proved up to the task. Performers worthy of special mention include a duo by a couple of children, ages 3 and 5, this brother and sister combo made up of Fran and Fay Murphy performing a character song which brought the audience to its feet. All the numbers were well-prepared and showed the careful-training and performance-orientation of Mrs. Carrington. 1

    Overheat no more
    The Pacific Grove Auto Mobil Garage is offering a new product designed to keep you … er, your auto mobile from boiling over. Nicknamed MotoMonitor, this device replaces the radiator cap and is an attractive plug on your radiator containing a visible thermomator. A quick glance will reveal the car’s neat level.

    Tidbits from here and there …

    • Mrs. E. G. Nicks and son have traveled to San Francisco where they are visiting and shopping while staying at the Hotel Argonaut.
    • Attention women! You must register before you are qualified to vote. Don’t waste your noble efforts on temperance by not voting. Register now!
    • Mrs. Carrie Clark has returned to the Grove from Santa Cruz where she has been tending an ill brother. Mrs. Clark came home after it was determined her brother has almost no chance of survival and a caretaker was arranged for.

    And the cost is …

    • The Culp Brothers encourage you to make it a family evening-at-home viewing stereoptical pictures. Looks great on your coffee table. This week only, kit containing the stereoptic machine and 4 mounted pictures, $5.40. Extra, mounted pictures ordered from catalog, 40¢ each.

    Author’s notes

    1. Mrs. Carrington was a stern lady, very Victorian, who pounded her students far beyond their ability levels. Prim and proper, Mrs. Carrington was admired around the Peninsula.

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