• High Hats and Parasols, March 29th, 2013

    Applied for letters
    Miss Anna Hyatt of Pacific Grove has petitioned to have Letters of Administration bestowed upon her by the Court. Her request, if granted, would allow her to handle the affairs of her late father, Joel Hyatt, who died recently in the Grove. His estate includes a promissory note to him in the amount of $2,000 and a mortgage valued at $3,000. The time and place of the hearing will be announced forthwith.

    Body found
    The lifeless body of Antonio Massa, one of the proprietors of the Gabilan Vegetable Garden, was found lying beside a country road at a place known as Rocky Point at an early hour Monday. A broken brake rod told the story of Massa’s demise. While descending a steep grade near the Point, the rod had parted rendering the brakes useless. Also, it was twilight and Massa could not see well enough to guide the team and the wagon had run off the road, dumping Massa. Death was caused by hemorrhage of the brain. The horses had detached and were found nearby, unharmed.

    Boulevard coming
    A high-class boulevard from the Grove to Castroville is coming, without doubt.  The only questions are the best method of construction, the best project manager, and the best method of finance. Located near the mouth of the Salinas River, Castroville seems destined to become the premier city of Monterey County. As project manager, your editor recommends A. M. Allen who is a wiz at both construction and finance.

    Song recital planned
    Miss Helen Patria Balch is planning to present a song recital at the Civic Club Hall this Friday. She will be assisted in presenting this entertainment by Miss Heather Heatherington, a talented pianist. Miss Balch’s beautiful contralto voice has been heard in the Grove on a number of occasions and her faithful admirers are pleased to hear Helen sing again.

    Do not waste
    A great deal of money which has been expended on roads has been little better than wasted. This should change in the near future as more and more people are educated in the value of good roads. The importance of good roads to merchants is another message being driven home.

    Wedding anniversary
    Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Weab celebrated their 40th wedding this past Saturday.  Numerous friends joined in the merry events and a fine time was enjoyed by one and all.

    Visit welcomed
    The visit by representatives of the Native Sons and Daughters Parlors, Alameda, was extremely welcome as the purpose of the visit was to help restore our crumbling mission.1  Major Sherman of the Presidio also pledged help in the way of manpower. Pieces of the Mexican flag originally flying in Monterey were presented as gifts in appreciation of the help.

    Men to entertain
    The single men of the Mayflower Congregational plan to entertain the single women of the same church at a social event to be held at the church auditorium on Friday evening. All single Congregational women are cordially invited. There is to be entertainment and games.

    Funeral held
    The funeral of Mrs. Frances Dixon Booth was held at the Methodist church on this past Wednesday at 2 p.m. Reverend Burwell officiated assisted by the Reverend Heacock. Burwell said that three great characteristics held sway over Booth’s life. These characteristics are cheerfulness, unselfishness, and piety. Pall bearers were F. L. Buck, S. H. Middlekauf, J. T. Elliot, E. Snapp, J. M. Snow, and W. J. Peters,

    Tidbits from here and there…

    • E. C. Shaw has gone to Massachusetts on business and will not return to the Grove for at least a month.
    • Major Cornish of the Presidio is on leave and has gone to San Francisco on the way to Los Angeles for a visit with his son and son’s family.
    • Miss Lulu Heacock is on her way east by train where she will serve as California’s delegate to the national meeting of Missionary Women of the Methodist/Episcopal church.
    • Reverend Doctor George Peeble and family have moved into then Guernsey house on Pine where they will live until Peeble’s daughter, Miss Alice, finishes her high school studies next June.
    • Lost!  A ladies gold watch marked “E. R.”  Reward without questions if returned to Bert Garner at 155 Lighthouse.  Or call Red 243, and we will arranging a meeting.

    And your cost is…

    1. The best way east is by the San Francisco Overland Limited. Chicago in less than three days for $65.
    2. Point Lobos abalone. 15¢ each. Ask your grocer.
    3. Rocky Mountain Coal. Delivered by Pacific Improvement Company in ton lots for $15.
    4. Shotguns for rent at Roy Wright’s hardware. Try your luck hunting. 50¢ a day.

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