• High Hats and Parasols, March 30th, 2012

    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Lectures by H. G. Emlay secured
    Harold F. Emlay, a gentleman connected with the California Development Board, appeared before the Monterey county board of supervisors this morning and offered his services in the matter of giving publicity to the resources and the natural advantages of Monterey County by presenting a series of lectures alongside other efforts. The proposition made by Emlay was accepted by the supervisors. Besides giving illustrated lectures, Mr. Emlay will also take care of the Monterey county exhibit in the provided rooms of the California Development Board, distribute advertising literature during his travels, and otherwise help boom the county.
    Mr. Emlay made an interesting talk and gave a clear outline of what he would do to earn his salary. He stated that in all he will represent the six central coast counties:
    San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Benito, Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, and Monterey.
    Emlay’s proposition appeared to be superior and cheaper to the idea of spending money in magazine advertising, and the board unanimously accepted it. Mr. Emlay is to receive compensation of $25 each month, and the agreement holds good during the pleasure of the board of trustees.

    Investment wanted
    I am holding on to $1,000 in cash and have a bounty of business experience. I would like to invest both in some suitable opportunity located in Pacific Grove. What
    have you to offer? Write me with a thorough description and cash-flow projections. Address me at Investor % Pacific Grove Review.

    Avoid Stove Mistakes
    Pacific Grove stove buyers should be more careful to examine a stove’s construction before buying. Many have made the mistake of purchasing too hastily in the past and have found to their sorrow that they have purchased an air-leaking fuel-eater rather that a fuel-saver and fire-keeper.
    Stop by Cole’s and we will show you why our original air-tight wood stove is the best of all heat producers. We will also show you how simple it is to light, how fast to warm, and why the fire is never out during the entire winter and why the combustion is so perfect that the ashes need only be removed four times each season. We can explain the detailed construction of our Original Air Tight Wood Heater just as clearly as to a trained mechanic. We can show you why the patented features of this remarkable stove make it the most economical and the best of all wood heaters in all the world1.

    Culp Bros. expanding
    The Culp Bros. store has announced that it is expanding its line to include school books and school supplies. “With the new high school practically finished, there is a
    greater need than ever for such goods,” explained the brothers. You are encouraged to watch the window to see samples of what’s inside the store. Culp Bros. is located on Lighthouse avenue.

    Books in good supply
    An exporter-importer who works in the Grove-Monterey area reports that the supply of books is in good stead. Around the world, 1,280,370 volumes are currently available. Among writers, Lord Bryon may be most popular. Bryon received $21,375 for his short, poetry book Childe Harold.

    Flags forecast weather
    Perhaps you have noticed the odd arrangements of flags flying above the Pacific Grove Post Office. This is the result of the Post Office’s effort to work with the prognosticators of the elements in passing along tips about what the weather will be. The symbols have meanings, as follows: white flag, fair weather; black flag, rain; gray flag, fog; black flag above a white flag, warmer; black flag below a white flag, colder.

    Snippets from around the area…

        • J. A. Pell, esteemed undertaker and embalmer, will be pleased to remove your problem at any time, day or night. Ask the telephone operator for 273.
        • L. A. Mead’s the Missing Link store has a novelty every gentleman needs. Ask to see it. Also, a full line of watches, clocks, sterling silver trinkets, and whatnots.
        • The Western Union Telegraph company encourages you to try its night-letter, cable-service to anywhere in the world. W. U. T. runs 26,000 offices in America. Belvidere Brooks, general manager.
        • Yes, your home lighting can be safe, clean, and odor-free. Electrical lights are the best. Ask the Monterey County Gas & Electric company about replacing gas with electrical lighting inside your home.

    And your bill amounts to …

        • The Pacific Grove Review has set its new subscription price at 40¢ per month, or $4.50 per year. Published every day except Sunday. The Reviewgoes to press each afternoon at 3:30 o’clock.
        • Plan now for travel to Colorado this coming October. Trains depart on October 12, 13, and 14 and return fifteen days later. Your choice of Denver or Colorado Springs, $55 round trip. 65¢ fee to hold your reservation, unpaid. See C. R. Estabrook, agent for Southern Pacific.
        • Valley land for sale. Agent H. R. O’Bryan has announced 760 acres in tracts to suit are now on the market. This is the finest land in Salinas Valley. Priced from $75 to $125 per acre, the land starts four miles from the city of Salinas. Yes, it can be irrigated. Farm whatever you like. This is an excellent investment and should turn a nice profit.
        • Stay at the Hotel Cadillac when you travel to San Francisco. 200 rooms, 100 with private baths. European plan. 2 $1 per day and up. Ellis at Leavenworth streets. Owned by the Trewella Kendall company. T. A. Kendall, manager.
        • Near the Grove! Seven-room house on 30 acres. Mostly planted to sugar beets. Small fruit orchard. For more information, ask for Main 581 and agent H. R. O’Bryan.

    Author’s Notes
    1 “Boom the county” meant “to promote.”
    2 The Cole stove contained a small fuel tank to be used in lighting the kindling.
    3 With a hotel’s European plan, the daily rates cover only the cost of the room. Food and other charges are extra. The American plan includes meals.

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