• High Hats and Parasols, March 3th, 2010

    The News from 100 Years Ago

    Southern Pacific official making inspections
    Superintendent T. Ahern, division superintendent of the Southern Pacific Company, is a surprise visitor to the Grove. Ahern arrived on Wednesday and he expects to be here for at least a week.
    Ahern is traveling in his private car and so needs no lodging accommodations. The railroad official is making an inspection of all aspects of the portions of the Southern Pacific system which are under his supervision.

    Graduation exercise planned
    The planning committee for the Pacific Grove High School graduation has announced plans for this year’s event. The graduation ceremony is to be held at the Methodist Episcopal Church. Permission for this activity has been granted by the official board of the church.
    Dinner and dancing at the Pacific Grove Hotel are to follow the graduation. A special committee, chaired by Miss Mary Evans, has been appointed to plan out the menu.
    The committee promises that a good time will be had by all who attend.

    Rebekah delegates chosen1
    After extended discussion, the Pacific Grove Grand Lodge of Rebekah has selected delegates to attend the annual convention. The delegates are Miss Rena Willey and Mrs. Lee Daingerfield. The convention is to meet this year in Fresno in May.

    Drummer is in crisis2
    A drummer contacted the editor of the Pacific Grove Review to report that he has fallen on hard times. The drummer had this to say:
    “Because of the recession, my sales have failed and I am in crisis. I am stranded in the Grove without a dollar. I must sell the contents of my ten, big sample trunks to raise money to pay my hotel bill and get back home to New York. My goods, which are among the finest in town, are mostly clothing items for men and women. I have decided to retail these high grade suits, overcoats, and other garb direct to the public for 45¢ on the dollar. Following are some of the prices for items I will sell. A $15 suit is $6.75. A $25 overcoat for $12.50. A lady’s three-piece suit for $20 for $9.50.
    My sale will take place Saturday, March 12, on Lighthouse Avenue across from the post office.”

    Public Notice from Poundmaster
    The poundmaster, Mr. E. B. Rich, wishes to advise all dog-owning Grovians of a special drive to clear wandering dogs from the streets of our town. All dogs found without proper tagging will be held at the pound for 24 hours. After that time, the stray animals will be sold or put to sleep.
    Tags cost $1 for male dogs, and $2 for female dogs. If an owner wishes to recover an animal from the pound, there is also a fee of $1.
    The pound is located at the corner of Grand and Laurel avenues. Secure your license and save trouble and expense.

    Best deal is real estate
    The C. S. Harris Real Estate Company urges you to consider investing in real estate to get ahead. We want to show you property that you can buy with very little cash and that will pay you handsome returns in just a few, short years. Many people have become rich through buying real estate. Why not you?
    Our best deal at the moment is on an 11-room house with nice, large rooms. The house features high ceilings. The bath has both hot and cold running water. Gas and electric lights are installed. A stationary wash tub, barn, warehouse, chicken house, and all kinds of fruit trees are included. The large grounds can be divided into 5 large lots. It is located ½ block from the car line and 2 blocks from downtown. Improvements, recently made to this property cost $4,000, but we have been authorized to sell everything lock, stock, and barrel for $3,500.

    Around town…

    • J. K. Paul has just received a new shipment of Brussels, Axminister, and Wilton rugs. Stop in and browse3.
    • Mr. G. B. Gorham and wife from Washington, Indiana, are guests in Pacific Grove. They are staying at the Del Mar Hotel while they call on friends.
    • The Lace House is showing off its new stock of men’s shirts and fancy knitted four-in-hands. Gentlemen who want something really nice should give The Lace House a try.
    • The ladies of the Relief Corps will hold a cooked food sale at the store of D. R. Beardsley on Saturday. The sale begins at 10 am.
    • Mr. Edward Pennington, who is studying art in Sacramento, is in the Grove doing sketches for the Alta Californian and the Sacramento Union.

    For sale or rent…

    • Thinking about raising chickens? Come to 825 Pine Avenue and see the portable chicken houses that are for sale. A bargain at $54.
    • The Winston Café is offering a lunch special Wednesday through Saturday: Boston Baked Beans, brown bread, and potato salad. 35¢ per plate.
    • Come to the Grove Bakery and try a slice of fresh fruit pie. 15¢.
    • White leghorn eggs for setting. 75¢ for 15 eggs. Guaranteed that at least 12 will hatch.
    • Bartlett Oil Heaters are available from Thomas Cope the Plumber. Installed. $6.50.

    1 The Grand Lodge of Rebekah is named for the wife of Isaac.
    2 The word “drummer” indicated a traveling salesperson.
    3 The Paul Company specialized in imported carpets and throw-rugs.
    4 Having back-yard chickens was becoming quite popular in Pacific Grove at the turn of the last century. Chicken wire was available at Roth-Coney Co. and the T.A. Work store.

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