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    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Certified milk for the baby
    The boss of the railroad, like the boss of the home, is the baby. “Baby” has issued his imperious order that even a great and powerful railroad like the Southern Pacific dare not disobey. He has demanded certified milk, and his demand has been complied with by the officials of the Southern Pacific Company.
    It all happened a month ago. “Baby” found that in order to grow up to be a big healthy boy, he must drink lots of milk. His doctor advised that this milk must be pure and told his mother to get certified milk. After that, the baby began to grow fast. He gained five pounds in as many weeks and then baby’s mother wanted to travel back east in order to show “Baby” off to his grandparents.
    While there, the officials of the Southern Pacific found out many things from “Baby’s” mother, especially things about milk, and especially about how to pasteurized milk. They learned that it was pure milk, containing a set percentage of butterfat, that was a wholesome food and deserved certification. Also, the stables where the cows live must be kept as clean as inside a home for people. Too, the cows must be cleaned and brushed before milking.
    All of this really happened, and the Southern Pacific took it all to heart. Today, no milk that is not certified is served in Southern Pacific dining cars. People purchasing
    and drinking milk at home should do the same.

    To get snaps in real estate
    If you want a home or an investment, now is the time to get in, or there will be something else, much more expensive, doing around Pacific Grove and Monterey Bay.
    Be aware that we 1 are offering several lots and parcels all around Monterey County. For instance, about 16 miles from the P. G. depot, located on a county road and beside the railroad, we’re selling farming land for $50 a one-half acre plot. Asking just 10% down. The chances are good that you can pay off the remainder of your indebtedness within three or four seasons of growing.
    We have pictures of this, and other properties on display at the Pacific Grove Revue office. We will be glad to show the album, and can make an appointment to show you your choices of property. We promise that you will not be sorry that you took a while to view these snap bargains2.

    Auto mobile trip to sugar factory
    The Pacific Grove Civic Club is preparing to launch an auto ride adventure to Spreckles sometime this month as an organizational fund raiser. The trip is for the
    purpose of raising money for the association. The price of each ticket is $1, and should be ordered promptly as the supply of auto mobiles is limited. Riders should carry along their own lunches, dusters, caps, and goggles. The committee-in-charge is A. G. Bullene, Mrs. H. Yates, L. H. Peterson, and Mrs. B. Hollenbeck.

    S. S. Union will meet
    Mr. C. R. Fisher, secretary of the California Sunday School Association, will speak at three o’clock Friday. His address, presented to the Graded Sunday School Union, will be delivered in the Congregational church. His topic will be “The Sunday Teacher’s Preparation and Presentation of Lessons”. The Grove is fortunate to have one of our state workers with us at this time to make the address. Parents as well as Sunday school teachers are urged to hear this important talk by Mr. Fisher.
    Other good speakers will occupy the platform later in the day, and all should be aware that the afternoon and evening meetings have been merged into one session.
    There will also be a fine exhibit of handiwork done in the Grove’s Sunday schools. All visitors to the Grove are given a special invitation to view this exhibit which will
    be open for inspection the next day.

    Snippets from around the area…

    • You cannot be well nourished while neglecting the cereal part of your daily food intake. Buy Carnation mush and serve piping hot with canned fruit, cream, and sugar. Available at Culp Bros. on Lighthouse3
    • Alden Anderson’s offer to take over the assets of the defunct Bank of Shasta County, presented to California Bank Superintendent Williams in San Francisco, has been accepted. Information to that effect was received from official sources today.
    • The mussel bake given in horror4 of the Itinerants Club by the Pacific Grove entertainment committee last evening was an enjoyable and highly successful affair from every stand point. The decorations, fashioned to mimic the sea, were tastefully and artistically arranged.

    And your bill amounts to …

        • The Wood Bros butchery promises Grovians choice meats and pledge to sell more cheaply than Monterey sources. Fresh clams-on-ice are being offered at 12¢ per pound.
        • L. A. Mead Jewelry offers all sorts of sterling silver novelties. This week only! A deluxe, gold, man’s pocket watch manufactured by Waltham is reduced to $15.35. Stem wind. Purchase the watch and a double chain, 24 c gold fill, with safety fobs, is yours for just $3.25.
        • English Woolen Mills, Ltd., the world’s largest tailoring operation, urges you not to say that its prices are impossible because they are not! Our western headquarters is located on the 10th floor of the Pholan Bldg. in San Francisco. This month only! Travel from the Grove to San Francisco for measurements, cutting, and sewing on purchases of $25 or more and English Woolen Mills will provide free fare by train, round trip, plus $1 per day for three days toward lodging. Overcoats for both men and women, $16.
        • An entire block of lots located on Lighthouse avenue in Pacific Grove. Valued at $3,000. Available for a short time at only $2,000. Terms set at only 4% interest.
        • Run as many head of cattle as you want about 35 miles distant in Carmel Valley. Foothills. Shaded areas. Ample water available from creek. 35¢ per head per month.

    Author’s Notes
    1. The Monterey County land office in conjunction with the Pacific Grove Review.
    2. A “snap”, named for a snap of the fingers, meant anything exceptionally profitable in a quick and easy manner.
    3. This “snippet” is repeated for (contemporary) Linda Chaney, who emailed the Cedar Street Times to indicate how much she enjoyed reading “High Hats and Parasols”, especially when she spotted a piece about the Culp Bros. Store on Lighthouse.
    Linda wrote: “Page 4 … Snippets … Culp Brothers Store … my great-grandfather and his brothers!! Love to see the Culp name in your old stuff!!”
    4.  A typo, perhaps? The term “honor” might have worked better here.

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