• High Hats and Parasols, May 14th, 2010

    The News From 100 Years Ago

    News from the high school newspaper
    The following staff has been elected for the Sea Urchin, the official magazine of the Pacific Grove High School. Editor-in-Chief, Hazel Smith; First Assistant Editor,
    Florence Gilman; Second Assistant Editor, Louise Sheppa; Third Assistant Editor, Nettie Norman; Business Manager, Winifred Tuttle. Reporters are Josh Fedor,
    Marguarite McFadden, Alice Smith, Beth Dysart, Geneva Marcellus, Roy Lealand (Athletics), Elmer Goldsworthy (exchanges), and Alice Beverton (Alumni Notes).
    The Sea Urchin stands high among the school publications of the entire state, comparing favorably with the magazines of the large city high schools.
    Under its present management, the Sea Urchin will maintain the same standard of excellence. The quality of this year’s staff guarantees the success of this year’s undertakings1

    Chautauquans at work
    Members of various committees working to prepare for this summer’s Chautauqua Institute met Wednesday in the home of Mrs. T. Sylvester. The expressed goal of this group is to make this year’s event into the finest Chautauqua ever and, to this end, a majority of the presenters have been already selected. During the gathering, Miss A. B. Baker gave a reading of “Bobby Shastoe”, which was much appreciated by the group. Miss Baker may receive an invitation to perform at the Chautauqua. Following the meeting, members tended to a table that had been loaded with delicious foods and drink2.

    Sunday train added to PG schedule
    The Southern Pacific has announced new service on Sundays for the convenience of its customers living in the Grove. This train travels between Salinas and Pacific Grove via Monterey. Scheduled arrival at the Grove’s depot is 9:25 am. Departure is scheduled for 12:03 pm. Connections are available to Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Los Angles.

    Pacific Grove Review to represent Lombard
    Lombard Pianos, manufactured by the Galesburg Piano Company of Illinois, are reportedly among the world’s finest instruments. According to your editor’s investigation, no piano has ever been more enthusiastically endorsed. The artistic case, the responsive action, and the rich tone captivate performer and listener alike. For these reasons (and more!), the editor of the Pacific Grove Review has agreed to represent Lombard Piano’s in this area. Folks of honest reputation may order a piano shipped for an in-home, free trial of ten days. If you wish to keep your instrument, arrangements may be made for monthly or quarterly payments. Stop by the newspaper office to view letters of endorsement freely presented by earlier purchasers.

    Someone at laundry creates poem
    The Grove Laundry at the corner of 12th and Lighthouse, telephone Red 43, has handed to your editor the following poem for all our readers to peruse and enjoy.

    Dame Rumor says to her self, says she,
    “I’m just as smart as smart can be;
    I’ll send my wash to Lee and Harry
    And save a nickel … perhaps, maybe.”
    “Lee washed all the clothes,
    “tis true, but forgot to wash poor Harry, phewie!’
    So Miss Rumor got the plague, this dear old maid,
    And what do you think of that?3

    Show your chuckles by patronizing the Grove Laundry!

    Notes from around the area…

    • C. S. Harris has added insurance sales and property management to his real
      estate business. Also offers notary public services. 292 Lighthouse avenue.
      Undertaking and embalming services offered by J. A. Pell’s mortuary. 181
      Forest Avenue. Telephone 278 to arrange pickups.
    • Webster’s International dictionary is many books in one. From information
      about the English language to biographies in brief, you’ll find it in your
      dictionary. Order from the G & C Merriam Co, Springfield, Massachusetts.
      Collegiate dictionaries also available.
    • The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union has chosen Ida May Hall as its
      Worthy Matron and Mary Yates as its Secretary.
    • Mrs. Martha Cummings, President of Fairchild Circle No 25, has announced
      that the Grand Army of the Republic will meet on the second and fourth
      Tuesdays of each month in Scobie Hall, Pacific Grove, at 2:00 pm. This notice
      posted by Mrs. Edith Brown, GAR Secretary4.

    For sale or rent…

    • Is your liver acting up? Nature’s Remedy tablets will settle the stomach and make
      your liver behave itself without violence. These tablets will cure the cause and
      relieve your headache as well. Sold by Long & Gretter for 25¢ a box.
    • Do you want to wind your clock but once every eight days? Culp Brothers has
      acquired a small supply of eight-day clocks that are truly extraordinary time
      pieces. $2.50.
    • Attractive berry sets which it will be worth your time to investigate. Each set
      consists of a service bowl, six dishes, and a bonus creamer and sugar container.
      One piece is delivered to your door every other day for two weeks. $1.25 each
      complete set.
    • Serra Building Company will construct the house of your dreams on your lot. We
      do our own milling work. Pay as little as $5 each week.
    • Miss Annie Smith, Proprietress of the Centrella Hotel, is offering a single room with
      board at the rate of $1.50 nightly. Meals can be catered to your home or office.

    1 Today, electronic journalism offers excellent career opportunities. Students wishing to learn while helping out at the Cedar Street Times are encouraged to contact the editor.

    2 The New York Chautauqua continues its annual presentations today and is widely attended and well received. Rumors are circulating that Pacific Grove may re-initiate some form of Chautauqua.

    3 The identity of the author has not been established; even as a née.

    4 In-home entertainments were scarce in 1910. Thus clubs and other organizations flourished. Each researched newspaper from 1910 contained a dozen and more notices of group activities.

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