• High Hats and Parasols, May 19th, 2012

    Should the Grove advertise itself?
    Much ado has been made recently about a most simple question.  Should Pacific Grove advertise its many values and charms?
    Well, we should begin by asking another question.  Just what are other cities doing?  It seems they are all quite busy and accomplishing much.  One Arkansas community, for instance, has dedicated itself to the moving pictures industry.  Its most recent film, titled Hot Springs, Arkansas, has just been released.  That picture may be viewed this weekend at the Colonial Theater.  It is guaranteed that scenes from the Hot Springs will never be forgotten, once seen.  Should anything less be forthcoming for the Grove?
    Now, the Grove has the opportunity to advertise on the new, topographic map of the area centered on the Tisdale Weil quadrangle, embracing most of Central California as far north as Sacramento and as far south as Santa Barbara.  This map has just been assembled by the United States Geological Survey, and is to be printed on the scale of 1 to 31,00, or about 2 inches to the mile.  It is expected to be valuable for irrigation or drainage work as well as for the trepid explorer or the general traveler.  The map will be sold by the Director of the Geological Survey assisted by a plethora of auto mobile service stations operators or mercantilists, at a cost of 5¢.1
    In spite of the vociferous outcries of the many pecuniary skinflints peculiar to Pacific Grove, our community should appear on this new map.  City trustees, let’s get to work!

    Gas in your bowels?
    Having gas in your stomach and bowels produces all sorts of annoying symptoms which very often become alarming.  Excessive nervousness and heart-pressure, difficulty breathing, sighing, thirst, chest pains, emptiness, and gnawing makes it feel as though you have over-eaten.  A small quantity of food makes you feel as if you have just left the table, stuffed.  Your stomach rumbles excessively and you belch almost constantly.  You also suffer headaches and constipation.
    Rather than going to a doctor, you should consider taking Halmann’s Gas Tablets.  These peculiar tablets are sold for 50¢ a box of one dozen and are handled by practically every in-the-know druggist.  However you may send 45¢ direct to Halmann’s Pharmacy at 336 Sutter Street, San Francisco.  We will rush your gas tablets to you the day after your order is received.

    Now showing!
    L. S. Sire has announced that the sensational comedienne, Miss May Robson,2 will appear in the funniest of all plays, A Night Out.  Playing at the Monterey Theater on Friday only, this entertainment comes to us direct from a successful engagement at the famed Bijou Theatre3 in New York.  Tickets are on sale at Long & Gretter’s Drug Store and at Culp Brother’s

    Snippets from the area!

    • Pacific Improvement Co has stoves, grates, and furnaces for sale.  Also, bagged Smoky Mountain coal.  Let Pacific Improvement Co send you a trial order of fuel.  Ask the operator to connect you with Main 723.
    • Join the crowd!  Obtain a Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company “talking instrument and service”.  Our operators are exceptionally well trained.  Remember … every Bell Telephone is the Center of the System!
    • Need rest and relaxation?  The Nerve Rest Sanatorium offers the ideal place of respite for mental and nervous cases as well as for those wishing just a little time off.  We treat all patients as individual guests and do not lump them all together.  Each person receives kind and sympathetic treatment.  Magnificent surroundings.  Day, week, or monthly fees.  Write to the Nerve Rest Sanitarium at Box 5 and ask for rates.
    • The California Section of Household Economics will offer an open house at the Civic Club House on Wednesday afternoon, next, beginning at 2:30.
    • Miss Marion Moyes is down from the State Normal school at San Jose4 for a few days visit between semesters with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Moyes.  She brings as her guest Miss Clemo, who is also a Normal student.
    • The Lovers Point committee reported that dahlias have been planted on the Point where the poppies failed to take root and that the Point has again been weeded.  It was also reported that benches have been placed along Ocean View avenue and on Central avenue at sites where the street car stops.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • New spring suits and coats!  Exclusive models that are of the same incomparable styles you have worn with aplomb in the past.  Owing to our splendid connections in New York, we are kept constantly supplied with the very latest fancies in ready-for-service of all sizes and models.  A pleasing surprise greets you in the modest prices attached.  Exceptional value is shown in novelty suits for $25, tailored dresses for $17, and lingerie waists5 for $1.90.  Purchase in San Jose (127 S 1st) or San Francisco (139 Geary) or call Main 153 in Pacific Grove to order by mail.  Manufactured at 1261 Broadway, New York.
    • The Los Angeles Tribune, a daily and Sunday newspaper, wants to send you all the news from all over the world.  Also … thoroughly reliable market reports.  Just $5 per year, delivered by mail.  Order at the Pacific Grove Review office.
    • Planning a party or social entertainment?  The Pacific Grove Hotel now provides a catering service.  Any day of the week, including Sundays and holidays.  Complete dinners (minimum service of 21 meals), $1.50 each.  Breakfast or lunch, $1 each.  Includes beverage, appetizer, and dessert.  Contact J. W. Foster, Assistant Manager.  Let’s discuss your plans!

    Author’s Notes

    1. “Map” advertising was quite popular from 1900 until 1970, during the era when a service station employee would rush out to wash your windshield and check your oil.
    2. A native of Australia, May Robson moved to the United States in the late 1800s where she would later succeed as a stage actress, film actress, model, voice-overist, vocalist, and playwright.  In 1912, however, Miss Robson was stage-acting because she had been unable to find any other job.  At age 84, Miss Robson died shortly after starring in her final film, “Joan of Paris.”
    3. Formerly a warehouse located on Broadway, the building was converted into the Bijou Theatre in 1878, and then rebuilt in 1883.  It became a popular venue for operettas in the 1880s and at times was used as a silent-movie house. The Bijou was demolished in 1915.
    4. Now San Jose State University, a “normal” school in 1912 was a teacher’s college.
    5. A “lingerie waist” was the Victorian term for a half-body (from bust to butt) corset.


    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).


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