• High Hats and Parasols, May 31st, 2013

    High-class streets for the Grove
    The high-class boulevards in both Castroville and Salinas are known to be there without question. Pacific Grove, however, is without quality streets. The reason is that our trustees are fighting over names. Construction bidders and financing are both in order. Our trustees, however, cannot approve the street project because they are quarreling over nomenclature. Names, schmames, let’s get on with it. A good deal of money set aside for roads has been wasted, quarreling. Who cares whether a street is called Lighthouse or Light House? If you happen to run across a trustee, remind him that we want real action, not verbosity. We’re tired of bumpity-bump, pot-holed roads. Do we need to replace our trustees?

    Applied for legal letters
    Miss Anna Haitt of the Grove has applied for letters of administration on the estate of her father, Joel Haitt. Mr. Haitt passed last September 11, leaving behind an estate valued at $2,000 and an unpaid mortgage valued at $3,000. Mr. Haitt also held a “promissory” note of unknown source and value. Hearing on the petition has been set for June 12.

    Lifeless body found
    The lifeless body of Antonio Massas, one of the proprietors of the Gabilan vegetable gardens, was found lying beside a county road near a place known as “Rocky Point”. Massas had departed from the gardens at about 1 the previous afternoon intending to pick up supplies. His wagon was found lying on its side, shattered, with the hitching pole broken. The horses had freed themselves from the pole and were grazing nearby, unharmed. A broken brake rod told the story. While descending the hill called the “Sugar Loaf”, the brake rod had broken, rendering the brakes worthless. With the wagon gaining speed on the down grade, Massas had lost control and the wagon ran off the road and crashed. Massas perished when he was thrown from the wagon and run over by it. Funeral arrangements will be announced when available.

    Married 67 years
    A letter from a couple, Mr. & Mrs. E. Palmer, who are close friends of Dr. & Mrs. H. E. Douglas of this city should be read with great interest by all. It is made especially interesting by the ages of the aforementioned people. Mr. & Mrs. Palmer, who were pioneers of Pacific Grove, enjoyed the distinction of celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary this past week. On October 12th, 1845, the pair met in Brooklyn, N.Y. and were soon wed in the Calvary United church. They soon moved west and settled in the Grove where Mr. Palmer opened a general store. The Grove was the Palmer’s home until they moved to a San Francisco retirement home. Mr. Palmer is now 92 years old and his wife is 88. During their lengthy residence here, the Palmers became very popular and well-known.

    Excursion to county seat
    The Progressive Republicans of the Monterey peninsula are organizing an excursion to Salinas by auto mobile for next Thursday. The object of the excursion is not only to have fun, but is to give participants the opportunity to hear Charles Wheeler speak. Mr. Wheeler is the talented orator who is presenting the Progressive cause throughout California. Be assured that Mr. Wheeler will in no way disappoint. He is known as one of the finest speakers on the Pacific coast. Bring along a basket lunch. The entourage plans a lunch break during the journey, probably somewhere along the bank of the Salinas river. 1

    New resident
    Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Jamison, of the grove, have announced that they are the happy parents of a daughter. The baby girl was given the name Alma Evalyn, after close family members.

    Snippets from around the area…

    • The way to save and be independent is to invest in real estate. We represent some real bargains. We have farms at Orangeland and Patterson. Pacific Grove cottages available on terms. See Charles T. Norton at 571 Lighthouse.
    • There will be a social this Saturday evening. Sponsored by the Civic club. Refreshments. Entertainment by Miss Friebley. 10¢ a person. 15¢ a couple.
    • The Climax furniture store is offering top-of-the-line rugs at special prices. Imported from the Middle East. Sizes start at 9’ X 12’. Come in and look around.
    • Miss Leitha Adair is here from Oakland for a week’s visit with her grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Martin.
    • Mr. Jay D. Nash is in the Grove for a brief visit. Mr. Nash, former athletic director for Pacific Grove high school, is now the athletic director for Fremont high school in Oakland where he supervises 400 young men.

    And your bill amounts to…

    • Men’s, heavy, lined, all-wool socks made in Germany. 59¢ per pair. A special at Culp Bros. This week only.
    • Complete Barber service: cut, shave, shampoo, massage, just 55¢. Call at 135 Sixteenth street in the Grove. Walk-ins and appointments are available.
    • Exceptionally low-priced waists are yours at the Lace House. Very good quality. Prices start at 97¢. 2
    • Don’t judge this laundry by the others. This is not an ordinary establishment. Cuffs and collars on special. 15¢ each: washed, starched, ironed. Pacific Grove laundry on Lighthouse. Give us a try. We pick up and deliver.

    Author’s Notes

    1. T. Roosevelt was the national propagator of the Progressive cause
    2. A “waist” is a sash that replaces a belt.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly,

    posted to Cedar Street Times on May 31, 2013

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