• High Hats and Parasols, May 5th, 2012

    Trustees restrained
    In the Superior Court at Salinas on Monday, a temporary injunction was granted to L. L. Caulfield and others who asked for an order restraining the Pacific Grove Trustees from placing tennis courts and play grounds in Caledonia Park.  This is the first blood drawn by the residents of the Caledonia Park district.  The residents fear increased traffic and noise.  Future developments will be looked for with much interest.  The case is set for trial on May 15, one month after the newly elected city trustees take the oath of office.

    Report animal cruelty
    From the Pacific Grove animal pound comes word of several cases of cruel treatment to our four-legged friends.  Linda May Custer, a volunteer with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), reports seven abused dogs, two cats, one Guiney pig, and one donkey being held for feeding and treatment.  Anyone who knows of a situation involving cruelty to animals is encouraged to contact an SPCA volunteer.  For the Grove, that’s Mrs. H. B. Chase, P. B. Maguey, George Harper, or Charles Few.

    Students to meet
    The International Bible Students Association has chosen Pacific Grove for its annual meeting.  Members will gather here for many unusual and interesting sessions starting Thursday morning, next, and ending Sunday afternoon.  The events will be conducted in the Work Company Meeting Hall.  Visitors from every venue will be embraced.

    Orderlies are strong medicine
    Rexall Orderlies, which are eaten like candy, have a positive regulative effect upon the bowels and tend to provide permanent relief from constipation and the myriad of associated ailments.  Orderlies help to overcome the necessity for the constant use of laxatives to keep the bowels in normal condition.  At Long & Gretter, we honestly believe there is no similar medicine so good as Rexall Orderlies.  Especially helpful to children and delicate people.  They are prepared in convenient tablet form, and sold in three sizes of packages costing 10¢, 25¢, and 50¢.  Stop in and see us.  Remember … we are special agents for Rexall Company.1  Long & Gretter drug store.

    Changes in train schedule
    Southern Pacific has announced two changes in its timetable for spring and summer.  The early-morning daily for San Jose, San Francisco, and way stations-by-flag will depart the grove at 6:05 am rather that at 5:05.  The 9:40 am train for Gilroy, San Jose, and Oakland will now depart at 10:30 am.

    Attention ball players!
    Mr. Ball Player, don’t you want to compare your playing and the records of your team with the playing of professional men on National and American league teams.  Now you can do so.  Excellent throwing, great stick work, and perfect confidence all depend upon playing with the Spalding cork center ball.  This is not just any ball.  This is the official ball of the World Series and the standard base ball of the world.  Get a copy of the Spalding catalogue, free on request, mailed to any address.  Samples of materials of base ball uniforms also sent free on request.  A. G. Spalding & Bros, 356 Geary street, San Francisco.

    Snippets from around the area…

    • The Hotel Manx of San Francisco, a house of guaranteed comfort, serves as headquarters for Pacific Grove families while in the city.  The manager, Chester Kelly, says “Meet me at the Manx.”  He promises cheap rates.
    • Dr. H. E. Douglass, osteopathic physician and successor to Dr. Edwards, has established an office in the T. A. Work building on Lighthouse avenue.  His residence is at 611 Pine.  For appointments or information, or to summon the doctor to your home, ask to be connected by telephone to Black 793.
    • I, Laura Duncan, would like it known by all that I have announced myself as a candidate for school trustee of Pacific Grove.  I will appreciate your vote.
    • Got a back yard?  The Bihn Hatchery will help you prepare for summer with spring shipments of baby chicks.  With its 15,000 chick capacity, the Bihn is the largest hatchery in the world.  “We offer Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, and Black Minorca, but feature White Leghorns as our specialty.”  Purchase from Wright’s hardware or mail order by writing Bihn Hatchery at Petaluma, California.
    • Court Pacific Grove of the Ancient Order of Foresters meets in Scobie Hall every Thursday evening at 8.  Sojourning brethren are cordially invited.  Posted by J. M. Wright, grand ruler, and Glenn Ryan, secretary.
    • Ship between the Grove and San Francisco.  The steamer Newark sails from Harrison street wharf in San Francisco on Mondays and Wednesdays.  From Monterey Bay on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Unloading at Moss Landing for shipping to Salinas, Spreckels, or Watsonville by freight wagon.  Deliver or pick up your goods at our office on the Monterey wharf.  Connect by telephone at Main 212.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • The Del Monte laundry service has joined with Culp Bros. on Lighthouse to offer a pick-up / delivery service.  You can be assured of excellent work.
    • Rent meeting or activity space in the Civic Club House.  The entire house is yours for $6 per half day, or $8 per evening.  See Mrs. Lee Daingerfield or Mrs. Phillip Oyer.
    • Electric vibratory massage treatment and a medicated bath by a trained nurse will improve your general health.  M. Callie Armstrong.  Complete treatment is $1.  209 Forest Avenue.
    • Shavings will start your savings!  Shavings make for a good, slow burn.  Great for cooking, heating.  Redwood saw dust, 15¢ per sack.  Pine saw dust, 20¢ per sack.  Kindling, six sacks for $1.  We also do all kinds of wood work, turning, band sawing, and cabinet work.  We build complete houses or install doors and windows in your frame.  Our customers are always made happy.  Serra Building Company, builders and contractors.  Our planing mill is at the foot of 17th street, opposite the bath house.  See S. J. Tice, manager.
    • The Los Angles Tribune will be delivered to your door by mail.  Clean, honest, progressive, independent.  All the news from all over the world by leased2 wire.  Thoroughly reliable market reports.  One year for $5.
    • We’ve got them again!  Those big boxes of matches for just 10¢.  Culp Bros. of Pacific Grove.3

    Author’s Notes

    1. The Rexall Company became so well known that its symbol, Rx, turned into shorthand for “prescription”.

    Having a “leased” wire meant more data could be handled without sorting as to addressee.

    Those matches were most likely of the sulfur-headed, strike-anywhere variety.  They were (and still are) dubbed Lucifers.


    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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