• High Hats and Parasols, November 1st, 2012

    Twenty days for ingenious graft
    Yesterday, a man named P. J. Moore was brought to jail to serve 20 days for getting goods from the Widemann company under false pretenses.  Moor had rather an ingenious way of getting the goods after being turned down once.
    This ingenious fraudster applied at the store for some tools, steel tape lines, and braces, saying that he had been instructed to come in from one of the Jacks ranches to pick them up.  He ordered them billed to the account of the Jacks corporation.  As Moore had nothing in writing, his request was refused.
    Mr. Moore went away disappointed.  He walked some distance until he came to a home where there was a telephone.  He politely asked for the use of the phone.
    Mr. Moore called Widemann & Co and proceeded to jack them up in the name of the Jacks company for “not letting their emissary have the goods requested.”
    “All right,” came the reply.  “Send the emissary back and the order would be filled.”
    Mr. Moore presented himself again, got the things he requested, and left.  Arriving in the Grove, he peddled the goods. That was his undoing as he was soon found out. Twenty days behind bars is his punishment.

    “Ambition Talks” author will talk here
    Word is out that the famed Helen Eugene Reed has agreed to appear as a speaker at next summer’s Chautauqua.  Miss Reed, a well-known author, has just completed that wonderful, little book entitled “Ambition Talks”.  This work is considered very inspirational, and makes desired reading by everyone who has the right to think.  Its content is a 65-page compiling of articles and author-commentary about matters of importance, with each page more compelling than the preceding.  To obtain an advance copy of the book write to the Business Book Company, 8th at Pine streets, St. Louis, Mo.  The book, including postage, costs 25¢.

    Northbound train added
    An additional train will be pulling into the Grove each Sunday morning at 10 o’clock.  The “Weekender” will depart from Los Angeles with stops at Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and flag stops.  The Weekender departs at 10:30 for Watsonville, Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco, and flag stops.  This notice posted by C. R. Estabrook, Agent. 1

    Beautiful Santa Cruz home site for trade
    The Monterey County Real Estate Exchange has just announced the acquisition of three acres inside the city limits of Santa Cruz which is offered as trade for Grove property.  This acreage composes good soil for vegetables or berries and is a nice place to raise chickens.  There is a beautiful home site with a fine view of the Bay.  Crossed by a creek with a good supply of trout and other fish.  Only a 10 minute walk from street cars.  The price is $1,500, with an existing mortgage of $250.  Will trade equity for a vacant lot or a house and lot in Pacific Grove.  Call on the Real Estate Exchange at 207 Forest avenue.

    Vote for A. E. Bunker
    There should be no doubt of the election of A. E. Bunker to the state senate in November, but to make doubly sure, everyone who wants to see him chosen should not only vote for him, but work for him as well.  He is sure to make a record that will please all his supporters.  Bunker is endorsed by the Pacific Grove Review.

    Snippets from around the area…

    • The Pines at Carmel-by-the-Sea offers the complete facilities of an ideal sanatorium.  It is beautiful, quiet, restful, and homelike.  The Pines is particularly adapted for nervous diseases and maternity cases.  For admission, apply to Dr. Wm. Himmelsbach in the Goldstine building.  Hours are 2 to 5, M-S.  Telephone Main 275.  Appointments are always available at other times.  Emergencies may be brought to the doctor’s residence, 511 Hawthorne, New Monterey.
    • Go to J. M. Gardner for the most up-to-date livery services.  We offer the full-day use of a first-class rig and two gentle horses at the same price as a single carriage seat for the Seventeen Mile Drive tour.  Stock boarded and carefully cared for.
    • Study by mail.  Brown’s Business College can give you a start in life that it would be impossible for you to get any other way.  Brown’s prepares young people to enter business at good salaries.  You can double your earning power by mastering Brown’s courses.  Each is worth traveling hundreds of miles for, but you can study without leaving the comfort of your home.  Write us today for a beautiful, illustrated catalog.  It is free, and implies no obligation on your part.  Our address is Brown’s Business College, 800 Pine street, St. Louis, Mo. 2
    • Court Pacific Grove, Order of Foresters, meets in Scoble Hall every Thursday evening at 8.  Sojourners are cordially invited to attend.  Posted by J. M. Wright, Sec.
    • Korts & Gerhardt can trade your Pacific Grove property for good country income property.  Send us a description of your place that you are willing to trade.  Room 206 Pantages Bldg, 108 12th Street, Oakland.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • The Los Angeles Tribune can be delivered to your home every morning of the year, including Sundays.  You will find the Tribune to be clean, honest, progressive, and independent.  All the news from all over the world brought to the Tribune by leased wire.  We are thoroughly reliable and deliver dependable market reports.  The price of $5 per year includes postage and delivery.  Pay by the month for 45¢ a month. Make arrangements by contacting the Pacific Grove Review. 3
    • The White Sewing Machine is king!  Our rotary unit makes both lock and chain stitches.  The latest up-to-the-minute steel attachments come with each machine.  All machines are sold on easy payments.  White is the best all-round family sewing machine that can be produced.  The deluxe model is being offered for $13.50 for a short time only.  We have a demonstration model waiting for you to try at Culp Bros on Lighthouse.

    Author’s Notes

    1. People wanting to board a train would so indicate by waving a signal flag, hence the name “flag stop”.
    2. “Business studies” and “Study by mail” courses were in big demand in the early 1900s.  Your author completed a study-by-mail course offering to teach writing skills in 1957.  Kansas State University sponsored the course.
    3. The Review earned a commission by handling such sales.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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