• High Hats and Parasols November 20th, 2009

    Pacific Grove Alumni to meet
    Members of the Pacific Grove High School Alumni Association will host a banquet in honor of the incoming members of the Association. The dinner will be served at the Pacific Grove Hotel this Friday evening.
    Three new candidates—graduates of the class of 1908—will be initiated preceding the feast. The new members are all young ladies: Misses Alice Beaverton, Neva Aldridge, and Mabel Tonby. Those in charge of the affair are Miss Marion Moyes, president of the association, and Mrs. Roy Meadows, association secretary.
    Sherman Woolf, who is now a popular Monterey attorney, and was a member of the class of 1904, will preside as toastmaster. Mr. Woolf is witty and versatile and things are bound to go along with a rush under his clever guidance.
    Settings will be laid for thirty-six participants. Compared with former years, this number is small and is accounted for by the fact that many members of the Alumni Association are away from the Grove for vacations.
    Misses Bessie Lewis, Mabel Johnson, and Carol Moore have been busy decorating the small dining room at the hotel for the occasion. The decorations, according to Miss Lewis, consist of red strings of geranium blossoms suspended from the chandeliers and the ceiling. Beautiful bouquets of poppies and carnations grace the tables. Both effects are said to be very pleasing.
    The place cards are hand painted. They are in the shape of the class pin and contain the lettering PGHS. The menu consists of mock turtle soup, shrimp salad, prime rib au jus or roasted chicken, individual veal pies, steamed new potatoes, sautéed vegetables, banana fritters, vanilla pudding, and strawberry ice cream. Officers of the Alumni Association are Marion Moyes (president), Sara
    McGeorge (vice president), Sherman Woolf (business manager), Mrs. R. E. Meadows (treasurer), and Sergeant-at-arms Claude Hayes and Roy Meadows.

    Methodist conference, Chautauqua should stay in the Grove
    Considerable excitement has been created by a few less-than-wide-awake “boomers” by their published proposition to move the California Methodist Annual Conference from Pacific Grove, where it has been held annually for nearly 25 years, to the Belmont Hills, a few miles from San Mateo. Newspapers have also told us that those enterprising but misguided parties propose to move the Pacific Grove Chautauqua Institute to the same sequestered spot.
    As editor of the Pacific Grove Review, let me say for the purpose of allaying any fears that may have been stirred up by such reports, that when the State University of California at Berkeley shall have been removed to Milpitas and Stanford University to Visalia Field consideration will be given to moving the Methodist Conference and Chautauqua. Not one minute before.
    In the meantime, rest assured that these two august events shall remain exactly where they are now, in Pacific Grove.

    New boss at G&E
    The Monterey County Gas and Electric Company has a new district manager. It is Mr. J. E. Richesin who has been in the employ of the company for six years past. Mr. Richesin’s territory includes the Gas and Electric Company’s affairs in the Grove, as well.

    John Drew throws party
    As noted by the Review last week, the famous thespian John Drew is in town participating in the Grand Auto Mobile Fest being hosted by the Del Monte Hotel. Mssr. Drew brought with him his entire touring cast of forty individuals, all of whom were invited to attend the gala party being thrown by Drew at the Pacific Grove Hotel this coming Saturday evening. Since Drew and his entire party are lodged at the Pacific Grove Hotel, attendance will provide no problem at all, never mind that Drew brought with him only two auto mobiles.

    About town…

    • Be sure to stop by the Soda Fountain and ask for a new drink called Iron
      Port. This beverage is carbonated and hence refreshing as well as pleasing. In
      spite of the Port designation, the drink contains no alcohol.
    • Mssr. O. R. Sheppa enjoyed some fine fishing and is now offering a portion
      of his catch for sale. Available are halibut, salmon, mackerel. Sheppa also has a
      few fresh-water trout.
    • Tired of raking up your grass and garden trimmings? Wright’s Hardware
      now has “grass catchers” that will attach behind your lawn mower.
    • Booklets for next season’s Chautauqua Institute are available at the Pacific
      Grove Review office. The booklets are 20¢ each, purchased early.
    • Funeral services for the late Clark Reynolds will take place on Sunday. The
      home of his grandmother, Mrs. H. A. Reynolds, who lives on Fountain avenue,
      will serve as chapel.

    Cost of Living…

    • Now is the time to plant your “Lippla Lawn”. Seed costs but 15¢ per packet.
      Available at 115 Ninth street.
    • J. K. Paul’s Furniture offers a complete line of Axminster and Body Brussel
      throw-rugs to beautify any home. Starting as low as $2.75.
    • The old fellow who plays draughts (checkers) next door to Smith’s Curio
      Shop can repair your watch. Just 15¢ to open it up and have a look.
    • My like-new auto mobile must be sold. Seats driver and five passengers.
      May be seen at Pacific Grove Auto Works on Forest Avenue. $395.

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