• High Hats and Parasols, November 27th, 2008

    Pacific Grove’s cash box near empty
    There still seems to be much misunderstanding about how much PG cash is available for disbursement. That question can be quickly resolved. At the moment, there is none!
    That’s because claims are already signed which, with current salaries considered, will beggar our treasury. Moreover, so far as forecasts are possible, all of next year’s surplus is already more than prospectively consumed. Here are a few of the extras beyond this year’s expenditures: repairs to Ocean Boulevard, $3,500; installing street lights $2,000; storm sewer for 19th and Caledonia streets, $1,500; build bandstand in park, $600; install sewer outfalls, $1,400; street watering,
    $900; fire mains and hydrants, $1,000; sewer pipes for University addition, $800. Committed expenditures total more than $11,000. That amount is all additional to the usual expenses and will strain our ordinary finances to the utmost. But our town trustees should not be thinking of ways to cut back, but ways to bring in additional revenue.

    Faces off against bull
    A miraculous escape was experienced by Hans Hanceford this past week. Formerly of the Grove, Mr. Hanceford had recently moved to the Salinas Valley where he took up ranching for his livelihood. Riding horseback to check his property, Mr. Hanceford dismounted to see about a section of fencing. Something—most likely a snake—spooked his horse into running off. While walking after the frightened animal, Mr. Hanceford was spotted by a bull that did not seem to take kindly to having its territory invaded. After pawing the earth, the bull prepared to charge. Just then, the horse decided to return. Mr. Hanceford backed off, and then climbed into the saddle and rode away. The bull decided that some peaceful grazing might measure out as the better course of action.

    Forfeits bail of $20
    Many of us have observed Howard “Bad Man” Brown as he made his way about the Grove beautifying lawns and weeding gardens. Brown, recently deciding that he needed some time off, caught the train for a ride to Salinas. In our neighboring city, Brown decided to ply the bars and haunts of Chinatown, which lies beside the railroad tracks. After imbibing considerable alcohol, Brown became belligerent and started a fight. Local officers arrested the handyman and
    charged him with public drunkenness and disturbing the peace. After sleeping it off, Brown was released when he posted bail in the amount of $20. Brown’s trial had been set for November 24th in the court of Judge J. Michael. Brown, however, failed to present himself as required. The judge ordered the bail forfeited, and he issued a bench warrant for Brown’s arrest. At the present, the whereabouts of Howard “Bad Man” Brown are unknown.

    Deer season changed
    Exactly when the next deer season will be has been a terribly confusing question for several months. At last, however, we have our answer. The California State Board of Fish and Game Commissioners admit to having been at a loss, but are adamant that a compromise has been set for the killing of game deer. Previously, some advocated an opening date of July 15. However, another clique, mostly conservationalists, argued for an opening date of August 15. In an effort to attempt to keep everyone happy, the commissioners have set August 1 to serve as the opening date. The closing date of September 15 remains unchanged.

    About town…

    • Don’t be the last man in town to appear in up-to-date clothes. Have your attire made special by the tailor Ed Price. Let me take your measurements today at 136 17th street.
    • The funeral for E. J. Reynolds will take place Sunday afternoon. Services are to be held in the home of the deceased’s grandmother, Mrs. H. A. Reynolds, on Fountain avenue.
    • Playtime buckets and shovels are available for your children from Wright’s Hardware. Christmas is coming. Pay a few pennies down, and we’ll hold your purchase for you.
    • Fruit-in-the-can makes a wonderful addition to holiday meals. Mrs. Albert Cope should know. She is busy making such delicious niceties and plans to have them ready to sell within the next few days.

    Cost of Living…

    • Fresh-caught salmon and halibut bellies being offered by O. R. Sheppa. 18¢ pound.
    • Turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner from the Johnstone Brothers. Killed, plucked, and gutted. 13¢ pound.
    • Still haven’t sold my auto mobile. Must sell by the week’s end for holiday cash. This vehicle seats driver plus five passengers. Elevated rear seat. Automatic starting or by crank. Tires all good. May be seen at Pacific Grove Auto Works on Forest Avenue. $395.
    • All sorts of freshwater fishing tackle available at Wright’s Hardware. Prices begin a 50¢ for a special plug and leader line.
    • Dazzling, hand carved ornaments for the season. Prices begin at 30¢. Jeweled works start at $1.20.

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