• High Hats and Parasols, November 30th, 2012

    Museum considering credit for lecture courses
    The program for the quarterly meeting of the Pacific Grove Museum Association, held on November 11th at the Women’s Civic Club Hall, was one of extraordinary interest.  Formal business matters were much abridged to give way to a presentation by Dr. Harold Heath of Stanford.  Dr. Heath intends to present a relief map of the sea bottom of Monterey Bay that he has been personally engaged in making for the Department of Marine Natural History of the Museum.
    Prof. Alvin Seale then gave an illustrated talk on some features of life around the Philippine Islands.  Mrs. Seale read letters of correspondence formerly written from Manila to friends in Pacific Grove while she wore various Igorrotte1 costumes of island women and explained the descriptions contained in the narrative.
    As part of the business meeting, the museum group will consider whether to issue certificates of completion to indicate successfully completing the course.  If agreed to, Mrs. Anna G. Eastman, secretary, will be in charge of issuing the certificates.

    Bowen’s regiment coming to Grove
    Next Saturday, Colonel W. H. C. Bowen of the 12th United States Infantry, will encamp with his men over Thursday and Friday at Hilltown enroute to the Presidio of Monterey and Pacific Grove.  The military unit hopes to put down some of the shenanigans being pulled by rowdies around Hilltown.2  It is said that travelers are afraid to pass through Hilltown by night.  The group commenced its march in Watsonville where the troop will return after completing the circle.  Their presence will be a large part of the entertainment of the progressive and lively weekend apple celebration.  While in the Grove, Col. Bowen and some of his gallant officers will deliver talks.  The soldiers will also present displays with their armaments.

    San Diego County may turn Progressive
    Long considered one of the few remaining strongholds of “Standpat Power” and the personal political bailiwick of John D. Spreckels, San Diego County has undergone an adequate revolution revealed since the recent election.  A good, round plurality for Roosevelt and Johnson was received during the voting.  The enthusiasm was so intense as to indicate a landslide.  Mr. C. N. Andrews, who was president of the Woodrow Wilson club before the May primary, attended the meeting and declared his allegiance to the Progressive party and its standard bearers.  Old-time Democrats and Republicans also scored in sufficient numbers to align themselves with the leaders of the new movement.  Interest continues to grow.

    Loads of fun for all
    The Third California Apple Annual will open wide its doors to the people of the state on Friday, next.  On that day (and the two remaining days) unconfined pleasure and edification await all who visit Watsonville.  Lieutenant Governor Wallace will be there and such dignitaries as Mayor Rolph of San Francisco, Mayor Mott of Oakland, and Mayor Monahan of San Jose.  President Moore of the NorCal Exposition and President Collier of the Los Angeles Exhibition will grace the show with their presence.  United States troops and marines from cruisers and submarines laid-to in the harbor will display daily drills.  Four bands will furnish music during the day and music for dancing at night.  Visitors outside the Apple Annual grounds will enjoy horse racing, fast baseball, and other amusements.
    Watsonville invites the state to come within its doors and be entertained.

    East Lynne at the Monterey Theater this weekend
    Much interest is being taken in the production of East Lynne this weekend by the Newman-Foltz Theater company.  East Lynne is without doubt the most popular play that has been produced in the last fifty years.  Other plays spring into favor for a season or two and then pass from public interest and fade from memories.  However, East Lynne seems to be just as popular today as it was with our grandparents when they were children.
    Miss Foltz, who will play the leading role, Lady Isabelle, has gained more game in this part that any other leading woman on the coast.  On two different occasions, she has been selected to play this part and she knows it well.
    Miss McMullin will also be seen in a very fat3 comedic role, one in which she has appeared a number of times with great success.
    Those who are contemplating attending should also be aware that the two stars will be appearing in a number of gorgeous gowns, as modern and enviable as have ever been seen by any locals.

    And your cost is…

    • The Southern Pacific has announced that the railroad is organizing a two-car, round-trip excursion to Watsonville for the Apple Annual, Friday and Saturday, next.  Tickets will be placed on sale at 7 am this Saturday and sold throughout the week.  The cost is $4.40 per passenger, round.  Sack lunches are available for $1.50
    • Chas. T. Norton will notarize your documents.  $1 per notarization.
    • Removable cuffs.  Cleaned, starched, ironed.  Six cuffs for $1.  Grove Laundry company.  Lighthouse at 12th.  Connect to Red 43.

    Snippets from here and there…

    • Get in touch with Mr. F. E. Morgan to have your entire house painted and papered.  Morgan is the best man for the job.  312 18th street, Pacific Grove.
    • Teachers from Grove schools will be standing by in their classrooms Thursday to meet with any parent interested in learning how their children are faring academically.
    • Yes, it is up to you!  Save as little as $1 weekly in the Bank of Pacific Grove.  Insure a bright future for you and your family!

    Author’s Notes

    1. A South Pacific island group.
    2. Hilltown was a sparse and rowdy settlement located on the Salinas River near what is now the Salinas-Monterey highway.
    3. “Fat” did not refer to the girth of the actress, but to the meatiness of the role.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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