• High Hats and Parasols, November 8th, 2012

    County Supervisors hold special session
    The Monterey County board of supervisors was called into special session yesterday to decide on support for either the San Diego-Panama exposition or the previously approved San Francisco-Panama exposition.  Present were Chairman Casey and Messrs. Abbott, Roberts, Talbot, and Stirling.
    The board was addressed by two agents of the San Diego-Panama exposition.  These gentlemen made an earnest appeal to have the supervisors divide the county’s 1915 exposition funds between San Francisco and San Diego so as to help make an exhibit at San Diego possible.  These men have made arrangements to get the supervisors of Santa Cruz, San Benito, and other counties to meet at Watsonville on the 16th to consider this matter of support in unison.  Monterey county tabled the question after accepting an invitation to participate in the Watsonville confab.
    There being nothing else to discuss, the supervisors spent the remainder of the afternoon auditing county bills and payments.

    Split the school district?
    Some time ago, the Jamesburg school district lapsed because there were not enough children there to warrant the employment of a teacher.  However, things have a way of changing.  Another family has moved into the Jamesburg district.  This is a large family with several children that is supporting the rejuvenation of the school district.
    County Superintendent Hennessey came before the board with a proposition to divide that district and make two districts of it.  He emphasized that there are now too many pupils for just one teacher.  Upon his recommendation, the school board reinstated the Jamestown district as a separate entity.

    Mrs. Carrington’s entertainment at hand
    Mrs. C. L. Carrington plans to give a special entertainment at the Colonial theater on the 11th of his month.  The principal feature Carrington has chosen is a cantata called Ye Little Olde Folkes concert.  There will also be musical numbers performed by the Abt orchestra, an organization which has performed on a number of occasions around Monterey County.  After appearing several times in the Grove, the audiences have never failed to be enthralled by the Abt’s know-how.  The program throughout will be one of much merit, and all lovers of good music should make it a point to be present.  The price of admission is only 25¢ for adults, 15¢ for children.

    Expert on rupture rapture here
    Dr. F. H. Seeley, who once fitted the Tsar of Russia with a truss, will remain in Salinas until November 9th, at which time he will come to Pacific Grove.  Dr. Seeley, a rupture and truss expert who is world renown, is at the Hardin hotel in Salinas and will be at the Pacific Grove hotel in the Grove.  Dr. Seeley says: “The Spermatic Shield Truss, as now used and approved by the United States government, will not only restrain any case of rupture, affording immediate and complete relief, it will close the wound within 10 days after the beginning of treatment.
    This instrument received awards in England and in Spain for producing results without surgery, injections, or prescriptions.  Dr. Seeley also has supporting documents from the United States government available for inspection.
    Dr. Seeley handles all charity cases without charge.  If anyone is interested in what to do about a rupture, he will be glad to show the truss free.  If treatment is accepted, payment is then determined on the basis of income.
    Anyone ruptured should not fail to take advantage of this opportunity.

    Teachers extend thanks
    The teachers and staff are grateful for the help and co-operation thus far manifested by parents and residents living in the Grove.  Our ambition is to make the Pacific Grove grammar school second to none in the entire state, and there is no reason why this cannot be made so.  Pearl Huyck, Principal

    Snippets from around the area…

    • I own 96 acres located in Lake county.  Property includes house, barn, creek, spring water (piped to house), farming implements, horses, cows, etc.  I am interested in swapping for town property.  Post your proposition to Box 84, Pacific Grove.  Make give- or take-boot clear.  Let us negotiate.
    • Hare-Harkins Optical Co. invites Grovians to a free cup of coffee and improved vision.  Stop by 222 Alvarado street, Monterey.  We will test your eyes and make up your new eyewear.  We offer the loveliest of frames.  Men’s monocles available.
    • F. E. Morgan is eager to handle your house painting, papering, and decorating.  Inside finishing is Morgan’s specialty.  Stop by 312 18th street evenings to discuss your job.
    • J. H. Lowe, 412 Willow street, Grove, will haul your trash and garbage.  Leave orders at the Review office or phone Red 235.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • A full facial massage and shampoo can be yours for just 55¢.  Call at 135 Sixteenth street in the Grove for service.  Appointments are available.
    • The best of everything edible is at Spoon & Hicks grocery.  Strawberry preserves are now on special for 35¢ for three, tabletop jars.
    • We have a new shipment of garden hose, just in.  Heavy-duty, wire-lined hose on sale for 7¢ a foot.  Culp Bros. on Lighthouse, Pacific Grove.
    • Purchase bread checks from the Grove Bakery, and save money.  Booklet of 15 checks costs only $1.87.  Exchange each check for a loaf of bread whenever you like.  That cost is less than the cost of 15 loaves, purchased separately.
    • Monterey County Real Estate company has for sale a bay view home.  Located at 159 13th street, the house is large enough to support two or three rental rooms or one house-keeping apartment.  Freshly painted.  Inside water and privy.
    • A. J. Steiner has just received several train-car loads of quality coal out of Utah.  Steiner now has this coal for sale at $11 per sack, delivered.  Remember!  Winter is coming!  Have your operator connect you with Main 314 to order a comfy season.
    • A stock of exceptionally low-priced, high-quality waists have just been received at the Lace House.  Prices start at 87¢. 1

    Author’s Notes

    1. A “waist” is a broad, decorative sash worn in place of a belt.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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