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    New use discovered for dredged rock
    The tons and tons of smooth, almost-white rock that have lined the banks of central and northern California streams for years as the result of mining dredges, and that have been considered an obstruction to Agriculture, will no longer be such an impediment.  Within recent years uses have been found for this rock, formerly considered waste material, and it has a new commercial value.  The Southern Pacific Company in its double track work, and in the usual course of rail and siding expansion, is using many tons of this rock.
    For years, it has been piled high along the banks of the rivers and streams.  It was useless for levee work and was pronounced a detriment to the state.  Now the ordinary sized rocks, about the size of a man’s hand, are used for track ballast.  Many tons of these same rock have also been used by the Southern Pacific in preparing the concrete for its new bridges.

    Grammar school report
    Principal Pearl Houck says that it is gratifying to note the increased attendance in our Grammar School. The enrollment for all grades at the close of the first month of school is 376.  This shows an increase of 55 students over last year.  The patrons and friends of the school are earnestly invited to visit the classes and to keep in close touch with what is being done to increase the efficiency of teaching.  The teachers are grateful for the help and co-operation thus far manifested.  The ambition is to make the Pacific Grove Grammar School second to none and there is no reason why it cannot be made so. 1

    Turn out for Apple Show strong
    Many Pagrovians turned out this Saturday morning to go on Southern Pacific to Watsonville for the annual Apple Show.  The train pulled out at 8:30 o’clock, and soon stopped at Monterey to take on a merry crowd of residents from the old capital all bent on having a good time in the apple city.
    The excursionists are expected to reach home this evening between 6 and 7 o’clock.

    Men are as helpless as children
    Here is a common-sense safeguard for women!  Big, strong men are as helpless as an infant when one suddenly becomes ill.  The sturdiest chap in town easily losses his self-control and is utterly self-centered and unable even to regard his condition with the common sense that characterizes his healthy-day actions.
    For example, he comes home tired, eats a hearty dinner, and sits down to read while he smokes away.  Suddenly, he feels a weight in his stomach, perhaps a sharp pain around his heart, and maybe a feeling of suffocation.  Thoughts of “heart attack” run through his mind.  In his agony, he fears the worst.
    However, his problem is acute indigestion brought on by overloading an overworked stomach, and the solution is simple.  A couple of Rexall Dyspepsia tables relieve stomach pains and intestinal gas.
    So, ladies, all you need do is call at your local drug store and buy Rexall Dyspepsia tables to have on hand.  These may be purchased in 25¢, 50¢, and 75¢ sizes.  Remember, you can claim your money back if these pills fail to work.
    In the Grove, Rexall products may be purchased at Long & Gretter drug store. 2

    Snippets from around the area…

    • This week the Flower Mission of the Women’s Temperance Union met at Mrs. Ellen Lovejoy’s home.  Mrs. Lovejoy and her two Loyal Temperance Legionnaires led the rituals and discussions.  The women had prepared a fine program of songs, reading, recitations, and piano solos.  Rev. L. M. Burwell closed the meeting with an excellent talk.
    • Study to be a stenographer, bookkeeper, or salesman and you will enjoy the use of a typewriter, free.  For particulars, write Brown’s Home Study School, Eighth and Pine, St. Louis, Missouri.
    • The Pacific Grove Auto Mobile Garage is located on Grand up a block from Lighthouse avenue.  This is a first class repair shop located in a fireproof building.  We want your business and will strive to please.  L. H. Peterson, Proprietor.2
    • At the commercial and savings bank of Pacific Grove, you can invest $1 a week (or more) in our Savings Department.  Your money will earn interest for you, will be credited on your pass book, and will be compounded every six months.  You can rest assured that your money will be safe and the temptation to spend will be removed.  The time to begin saving is right now.

    And your bill amounts to …

    • Long and Gretter drug store displays a generous presentation of toiletries in the front window.  All soaps are on sale.  Cuticura Shave Cake Soap is featured.  Square cut, medicated.  Makes an excellent lather.  12½¢ a cake.
    • Manager D. W. Damewood invites you to stop in at the Winston for one of our home-cooked meals and some good bakery goods.  All the lunch you can eat, with beverage and dessert, 35¢.
    • Champion Fancy Metallic Postage Stamp Box with a ball snap-catch.  Faux nickel finish.  Available at Culp Bros. on Lighthouse avenue.  45¢ each.
    • Everything in the plumbing line is available from C. P. Plumbing Material Co.  Lowest prices on the coast.  On special: elegant cast-iron bath, porcelain covered.  Holds thirty gallons.  Comes with sink and side stand.  $34.90.  Installation, $4.45 extra.
    • In the mornings, enjoy a bowl of hot Carnation Mush with cream, fruit, toast, and a bottomless cup of coffee.  35¢ at the Coffee Club. 4

    The last laugh
    A Monterean walked into a tavern, hungry for some seafood.  He asked the barman: “Do you serve crabs?”  The barman replied: “Certainly, sir.  We serve anyone.  Sit right down.”

    Author’s Notes

    1. The count by grade was first, 47; second, 72; third, 45; fourth, 51; fifth 52; sixth, 36; seventh, 41; eighth, 32.
    2. An example of an advertisement written as a news item so very popular at the time.
    3. The garage must have been doing something right.  They remain open for business one hundred years later.  Stop by and say hello.
    4. Mush was much like oatmeal.  Rolled oats, sugar, and spices composed the mush.

    References: Pacific Grove Review, Monterey Daily Cypress, Del Monte Weekly, Salinas Index, Monterey County Post, Bullions’ Grammar (1890).

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