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    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Scarcity of Labor
    Despite the cries being heard around the county of “Hard Times” coupled with the alleged difficulty in landing jobs, ranchers say that their crops are rotting where they are because efforts to secure help have failed.
    Reports say that the crops in Monterey County are unusually large and of good quality. Every effort has been made by the ranch owners to get employees, but with small success. The force of men and women working in the orchards, for instance, is at least 1,000 short.
    Among the largest farm owners who are suffering from the lack of employees are the F. W. Meek estate and the Russes-Kimbell Estate. These firms report being sadly short of workers. The fish canneries of Monterey and Pacific Grove also report being in need of workers.
    Remuneration for all classes of work within the County meet up with national standards of salary1.

    Vote for building City Hall
    Pacific Grove has needed a city hall building for years. It seems scarcely reasonable to think that the Grove can attain the position of a quality city without a city hall. Thus, we beg you to vote “yes” on the City Hall question in the coming election. While the location has not yet been specifically settled, the lots on Forest already owned by the city seem favored2

    Colleges set standards
    Considering that people around the state are expressing dissatisfaction with the results of studies at colleges or universities, the California college and university systems have convened to set the criteria which must be met if a high school student is to be admitted. Among these are:

    • Supplementary recommendations for work taken following graduation from high school are not to be accepted in lieu of high school matriculation exam results
    • The status of every under graduate student is probationary during the first year of residence in an advanced school.
    • Continued study will depend on grades attained during this first year. Those on the failing list will be expelled.
    • The scholarship record of each high school will be taken into consideration alongside the record gained by each applying student.

    Graduates who wish to postpone entrance to a college or university should send their records, along with a specific request for extension, to the Recorder of the Facility being applied to. Extensions of up to one year may then be granted.
    Freehand and geometrical drawing are subject to approval of each college or university before being accepted as admission criteria.
    In California, accredited institutions include 31 private and 147 public schools, making a total of 173. That number amounts to eight more than last year3.

    Notes from around the area…

          • Check-ins at the Pacific Grove Hotel included C. A. York and wife from San Jose; Elias and Helen Geiser from Sacramento; Mrs. G. Halm and two sons from Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. R. Olmstead from Pacific Grove; and John Spencer from Renhol


        • You can negotiate a big bargain in real estate. Two houses, located near the corner of David and Lilly, are presently in the hands of a party who wishes to leave the state within one month. These will become bargains for some individual as the owner is pressed to negotiate. One house contains two rooms and the other house three.
        • E. B. Lewis, at 504 Lighthouse avenue, has obtained a quantity of quality Abalone Shell Jewelry. “This is the best on the market,” promises the shopkeeper. “Stop in and see what we have.”
        • Elderly female wanted to work as housekeeper in widower’s home within which live my three girls: 11, 12, 13. Principal task is the care of the girls and bossing the cook. Wage negotiable. Must have references. Submit applications to Box B6, Pacific Grove Review office.
        • From now on, the office of the Hare-Phillips Optical Company will be open for business every work day. Hare-Phillips is located in the Robson block. General hours are from 9 am until 10 am. Call for appointment at other times.

    The cost of living…

        • Six loaves of fresh-baked bread for 25¢ at the Grove Bakery.
        • Stop by the office of Dr. H. N. Yates, Physician and Surgeon. Hours 10 to 11 and 2 to 5. 50¢ per call. House calls also made. 75¢.
        • Have vacant lots for sale in Santa Clara for $300 each. Will swap one or all for home in Pacific Grove. See the Monterey County Real Estate Exchange in Pacific Grove.
        • Housekeeper to care for widower’s home and two girls, 13 and 15. $5 per week.
        • Gent’s suits cleaned and pressed. 35¢. Steam Vapor Cleaners.

    1 John Steinbeck, who lived for a while on 11th Street in Pacific Grove, would write that employers would advertise for workers at high prices … but when workers showed up, wages would suddenly drop. What were the “national standards”? No minimum wage then existed.
    2 The Forest Avenue site held on to win the day.
    3 One hundred years ago, many blamed the recessions on inadequate education.
    4 Why were the Olmsteads from Pacific Grove staying in a Pacific Grove hotel? It appears that their home was being renovated and expanded.

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