• High Hats and Parasols, September 10th, 2010

    The News From 100 Years Ago

    Grovians, soldiers to fight fires
    Forest fires are sweeping through Southern Oregon and laying waste to large areas of timber land, according to information released by the Forest Bureau today.
    One company of soldiers from the Presidio, to be joined by young men from Monterey and the Grove, are planning to depart tomorrow morning to render fire-fighting services. Transportation is to be provided by the Southern Pacific at reduced rates.
    One conflagration, located near Butte Falls, has spread to raging more than three miles wide and is advancing at a terrific speed. The only hope of extinguishing this
    fire is rain or a dead calm. Four other fires which are considered dangerous are burning within fifty miles of Medford.
    It is generally believed that these fires were set by jobless men who afterward went to work for the Forest Service in putting the fires out1.

    Standardize dried fruits sizes?
    State Horticultural Commissioner F. Jeffrey sent out a recent letter, addressed to dried fruit producers of California, calling attention to word he had received from importers at Amsterdam and Rotterdam. These importers threatened that unless California growers can standardize the sizes of their exportations, they will be refused further business and dried fruit will be purchased from Argentina and Brazil.
    California fruit is preferable, but the shippers do not make any distinction between sizes. Hence the Netherlands importers cannot tell from samples whether the fruits they will get are worth advanced prices2.
    Jeffrey suggested that dried fruit interest hold a state conference at which a plan of standardization can be formulate.

    Woman has narrow escape
    Mrs. Harry Jost had a narrow escape from serious injury at the Grove train depot this morning.
    Jost was visiting in a car where her daughter planned to ride on her way to college. Several friends were also visiting. Their farewells proved so forceful that it was not
    noticed that the train began moving before the visitors departed.
    Immediately, the group bounded for the door and jumped off. Mrs. Jost, however, grabbed at the railing, missed, and fell. Her feet flew across the rail and would have been severed if it had not been for the quick action of her daughter in jumping off the train and pulling mom to safety.
    No harm was suffered beyond a few bruises and one broken rib.

    Princess Bonnie now playing
    Princess Bonnie, the beautiful, free-structured operetta that has pleased so many people in other cities, is to be presented at the Work Theater starting this evening.
    Participants are all well-known society people from the Peninsula. They have been hard at work on the play and have their parts well committed. Those who attend will see acting that is equal to professionals3.

    Boy Scouts visit Salinas
    Pacific Grove and Monterey Boy Scouts left this morning for Salinas. While there, the boys plan to offer exhibitions of their superb training. The boys made the trip in autos furnished through the generosity of H. R. Warner, L. D. Lacey, and C. W. Peterson. Several of the passengers claimed this as their first ride in an auto mobile4

    Unique home started
    Mr. and Mrs. A. Blohm are having the foundation for a handsome home laid at 117 Fountain avenue. The structure will be a very attractive and convenient one, although it will be unlike any other residence in the Grove. It will be two stories in height and will have a large basement. The structure’s first floor is larger than the second floor so that it will appear something like a layered wedding cake from outside.

    Notes from around the area…

    • The Ancient Order of Foresters has changed its meeting to Thursday evenings
      beginning at 8. Sojourning brethren are cordially invited to attend. Scobie Hall.
      J. H. Lown, 412 Willow street, will haul your garbage. Leave orders at Review
      office or phone Main 355.
    • Anyone seen trespassing on the Gomez tract, which is near Pacific Grove, will
      be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Certain parties have been observed
      visiting the place and stealing fruit. Mrs. J. G. Hubbard, Executrix.
    • Miss M. E. Young of New York City checked into the Pacific Grove Hotel today
      for a stay of undetermined duration.

    The cost of living…

    • Five acre tract with small barn and spacious house is for sale. Located just three
      miles from the Pacific Grove hotel, the property can be sold on terms or by
      barter. Owner is asking $1,000. See Grove Real Estate.
    • Ladies straw hats with large brims are now on sale at Roth-Coney Company in
      Pacific Grove. Prices range from 15¢ to 50¢.
    • A quart bottle of white pickling vinegar costs only 15¢ at Oliver Grocery
    • New dress linens are being offered at 35¢ per yard at the Fair.

    1 Several men were later indicted and found guilty on charges of arson.
    2 California shippers were also providing samples of the largest fruits available,
    but shipping the smallest.
    3 Princess Bonnie originated as a magazine game for youngsters allowing them to
    create their own styles. These were puzzles for youth who loved fashion.
    4 The Boy Scouts of America were started in the United States in February,
    1910, hence it was a relatively new organization. Originally operated under
    auspices of the YMCA, its purpose was mental, physical, social, and religious
    development. The term “auto mobile” had not yet condensed into one word.

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