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    The News From 100 Years Ago

    PG women salute Bessica Medlar Raiche
    The female population of Pacific Grove celebrated Bessica Medlar Raiche being the first woman to fly solo in an areoplane. Raiche is widely acclaimed as a feminist who drives an auto mobile, wears bloomers, and is both a medical doctor and a dentist as well as being an areoplane operator.
    Bessica, assisted by her husband, Attorney François “Frank” Raiche, built the winged vehicle along the lines of an earlier model constructed by the famed Wright brothers. Bessica had test-flown the craft before, but to go into the record books her official flight—accomplished to certain specifications—had to be witnessed and
    approved by the Aeronautical Society of America1.

    Bank of Pacific Grove Report
    The Bank of Pacific Grove has posted its report on affairs conducted up to the close of business, August 31, 2010.
    As liabilities, the board posted $50,000 in capital, 22,292 in surplus, and $521,984 in deposits. Unpaid dividends amounted to $9,000.
    In the way of resources, the bank posted $257,765. Bonds amounted to $9,475 and bank promises were $22,595. Real estate amounted to $3,345. Cash-on-hand and
    due from other banks amounted to $103,045.
    Residents are advised to look into the Bank of Pacific Grove for all their commercial and savings needs2.

    Storm water sewers require bond issue
    Trustee H. N. Williams is about to introduce a resolution asking his fellow PG trustees to look into a vote to see how PG residents feel about installing storm water drains, which will require a bond issue in the amount of $50,000.
    Also, Williams favors construction of a “city hall” building. A “central” headquarters for the conduct of city business, according to Williams, has been needed for years. Quarrels over where the city hall should be located have delayed resolving the issue. Williams stated that if the Grove is to remain an up-to-date city, it is time the people provide a suitable place for the transaction of city business3.
    Williams also professes that PG needs improved fire-fighting equipment.

    PG school to expand branches
    The Board of Trustees of the Pacific Grove School District is determined that the schools of this city shall be as good as the best, and they have added a number of new
    branches to be taught this year4.
    Among these new branches are ones about commercial expertise, athletics, hammered copper artistry, wood work, and manual dexterity. Drawing is also to be a branch in all the grades.

    Pacific Grove Hotel may be hiring
    Sacramento has been well represented in the Grove during this summer holiday, and a large number of visitors from the capital city have been staying at the elegant
    Pacific Grove Hotel.
    Now, with the summer wrapping up, a large number of them are about to depart. The hotel’s management therefore decided to host a banquet honoring all from Sacramento who have stayed with them, according to Publicity Director Miss Marlene Chipman.
    The feast was set to begin at 7 pm of the Friday just passed. Before dining, everyone enjoyed wine and a number of toasts were extended. Miss Chipman said that
    she had composed a special poem for the hotel guests and her work, which she would read, was printed on souvenir place settings.
    The poem, presented aloud, read:

    “A Pacific Grove hotel man looked upon his poor cash book, and he gave a ghastly groan.
    Said he, ‘I have a hunch that this Sacramento bunch are playing their hand alone.
    They make the rates, they break their dates, and while here they surely do just as they please.’
    I sob and sigh and suppliantly cry, ‘please now go back to the capital
    and here’s one good bet in case you forget: Come again, and
    make our rates next June!”

    Miss Chipman said the summer of hard work had soured her on the demands of Sacramento visitors so she wrote the poem.
    Hotel Manager Foster said that Chipman’s duress would be happily taken care of by relieving the Publicity Director of her duties.

    Notes from around the area…

    • Culp Brothers store has signed on as a representative of the Victor Talking Machine
      Company. All sorts of playing machines, cylinders, and flat disks are now available5
    • The Methodist-Episcopal church is holding a special session this Wednesday. The
      subject of the sermon will be “Keeping Christian Positiveness in the Grove.” All are
      more than welcome!
    • The Charles E. Norton Realty Company has acquired several “rental” units which
      the firm is placing on the market at reduced prices because summer is ending.
      The Hotel Del Mar is providing free bus service to anywhere in Pacific Grove,
      Pebble Beach, Carmel, or Monterey. Pick-ups and drop-offs can be arranged at the
      hotel desk.
    • A Review reader lost her mink collar, made with the head in the back and fastened
      to the tail as if biting it, is seeking return of same. To get reward, leave collar at the
      Review office.

    The cost of living…

    • Very talented lady will sew for you from 8 to 5, with an hour free for lunch. $1.25
      per day.
    • Two chambermaids at Pacific Grove Hotel, 75¢ a shift. Also, person to head
      publicity, salary negotiable. Apply immediately.
    • Room and board available. $25 per month. Delicious food. Apply to Mrs. F. C.
      Young at 134 Grand avenue.
    • For rent! Five-room cottage with gas, electric lights, hot and cold water. $30 per
      month. Rent will be reduced in exchange for light housekeeping help. Inquire at 372
      Laurel (at 10th).

    1. Later, during the month of October, the Aeronautical Society awarded Bessica Raiche a medal inscribed “First Woman Aviator in America” at a formal dinner. The award and a congratulatory speech were presented by Hudson Maxim. During her lifetime, Bessica moved with her husband to Santa Anna, California. She bore a daughter named Catherine. She was a frequent visitor to the Grove.
    2. The Bank of Pacific Grove was soon joined by the Bank of Italy, predecessor of Bank of America, and the Bank of E. Cooke Smith.
    3. “City Hall”, located on Forest Avenue, was soon built. The trustees overspent, however, and did not have the cash left to install clocks in the tower. That task was delayed until 1939, when a Pacific Grove woman grew tired of looking at the holes in the courthouse tower. She donated $10,000 to the clock fund, and clocks were finally
    4. In 1810 educational terms, a “branch” was the word used for a “course”. Reading, writing, arithmetic, and physical education were all branches.
    5. Initiators of the “His Master’s Voice” campaign, which showed a Terrier listening intently at the bell of a talking machine, allegedly named the firm “Victor” because it had

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