• High Hats and Parasols 03/20/09

    News-a century ago!
    by Jon Guthrie

    Familial dispute ends in suicide
    It was just a few months ago that Miss Julia Buelina, age 18, married a soldier stationed at the presidio, Major Franz Torrens. During some release time, Major Torrens presented himself for a visit with his new wife at her place of residence on Prescott Street.
    Major Torrens began his conjugal visit with an accusation. The Major had, he claimed, come into possession of several letters written by his wife and addressed to soldiers at the Presidio. These letters allegedly unabashedly solicited trysts with the addressees. The Major demanded an explanation. Mrs. Torrens denied having written such letters, but the Major stated that he could produce the documents as evidence. Mrs. Torrens flew into a rage, cried out that she resented her husband making such charges. Finding that continued tears and histrionics produced no sympathy, Mrs. Torrens stepped to a cupboard, filled a cup with a liquid, and drank the contents … Phenol (carbolic acid). Almost immediately, Mrs. Torrens clasped her midsection, doubled over, and screamed that she had poisoned herself. Whether Mrs. Torrens reaction was for show or out of immediate pain cannot be said.
    Mayor Torrens summoned one of Pacific Grove’s finest physicians, Dr. Richie. But Dr. Richie, after working on the young lady for quite some time, realized there was no hope of saving her life. The eighteen year old passed on a short while later and was transported to Robert’s undertaking parlor.
    A footnote attached to this sad news is appropriate. Mrs. Torrens is the third female sibling to commit suicide. Four years ago in Pacific Grove, an older sister poured kerosene over herself and lighted a match. This sister was cremated alive. A year ago, another sister took her own life in the fashion of Julia, by ingesting a quantity of Phenol.

    Pacific Grove land available
    Coast Counties Real Estate and Investment Company is handling the sale of Pacific Grove lots and other properties. The lot’s pricings begin at $100. Buyers may pay as little as $5 down and $5 each month. An agent can be contacted by calling at 430 Alvarado Street in Monterey. Remember that Pacific Grove is attracting more people each minute, which means less land every day.

    Notice for filing claim
    Mssr. Frank J. Kelly, through the good offices of his attorney T. G. Daniels, does give notice that he is filing claim on Homestead 17,333. This claim is for Section 27, Township 18S, Range 1E. By way of witnessing, Mssr. Kelly relies upon Mssrs. A. Copper and P. Vasquez.

    Struck by electric car
    Mssr. D. S. Whitney, a visitor to Pacific Grove from Gilroy, suffered ill fortune yesterday during which his newly-purchased automobile, traveling on Central Avenue in Pacific Grove, was struck by an electric car.
    Mssr. Whitney was driving toward Monterey when he noticed the electric car’s approach. Part of his vehicle was stuck directly in the path of the electric car. Mssr. Whitney saw that a collision was inevitable, as did the motorman who had no chance to throw on the cars brakes. The electric car struck the front of the auto. Damages included a shattered headlamp, a bent bumper, and a broken axle.
    Mssr. Whitney avowed that he would accept all responsibility for the accident.

    Notice to Miyamoto creditors
    After a brief but severe illness, Mssr. Jisaku Miyamoto has passed through those grand gates and into the life beyond.
    Unfortunately, Miyamoto’s demise was too sudden to present the opportunity of complete preparation, as in the final paying of debts. To settle all such outstanding matters, Mssr. Miyamoto’s unfinished business has been directed into the very capable hands of H. V. Mueller. Those with evidence of Mssr. Miyamoto’s indebtedness are required to call at the law offices of Trent, Hudson, and Martin in the Rowe Building, Monterey.

    Sweet buys can be delivered
    The Bon Bon, a candy and cream parlor located in the Work Building, has decided to expand its business by offering deliveries of all purchases. These high-grade confectioners market bricks and harlequin slices, ready to serve at your special event. Stop by and ask for a sample, to determine quality. You may telephone us for more information. Ask the operator for a connection with Main 77.

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