• High Hats & Parasols, 10/3/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Main line
    International rodeo in progress
    Los Angeles is serving as host for the international rodeo taking place this week. The famous Rough Riders are on hand for the gaiety and the individual competitions. The Rough Riders, as a group, led the opening parade, provided a preview peek at some trick riding, then split into their separate paths to enter the various events. Included in the competition is bronco riding, bull riding, trick riding, calf roping, and various races. Contestants come from as far away as Argentina. For young women a beauty pageant offers fame and a fortune of $35. The rodeo is being held under the auspices of the Associated Charities, an organization composed of California’s best-known men and women of business and charity. Several businessmen from the Grove are involved. The Los Angeles Stadium will be the scene of numerous contests in which more than 400 men and women are entered. Five hundred head of stock are included. Many of the horses are unbroken, fresh from the wild. Tickets are available for individual events, by the half-day or whole-day, or for as much of the program as the purchaser desires. Silent auctions will take place periodically to raise extra money for designated charities. Refreshments such as bar-b-cue sandwiches, corn dogs, and curly-fries are on sale. Southern Pacific has announced a special “weekender” train that will depart the Grove for Los Angeles Friday evening, stop in Monterey, and return by the reverse route Sunday.

    State church meets here
    The annual meeting of the California Congregational church opens this Sunday afternoon in the Work auditorium. The opening speaker will be the Rev. Mr. A. N. Wesley of Stockton. His topic will be the too-often overlooked importance of such holidays as Christmas and Easter. Wesley says that he plans to disparage the growing commercialism of these “supposedly” religious celebrations. The Rev. Mr. Martin of Salinas, providing services as moderator, will introduce Wesley. The meeting will close Friday next with a hymn-singing and a talk by the Rev. Mr. Duncan, San Francisco, concerning the ways to get to hell. The topics, times, and locations of various interim meetings will be posted.

    Quarterly disbursements
    During the weekly assembly of Pacific Grove supervisors, those in attendance received an accounting of expenditures. Mr. B. A. Hickey, standing in for the city treasurer, reported quarterly pay-outs totaling $398.76, mostly for the purchase of new tools and equipment for working public grounds.

    Children need food, clothing
    Seven, motherless children of Pacific Grove, in the care of an unemployed father, are being forced to do without enough food or adequate clothing, their father reports. The father said he has no funds and today could feed his family only a few spoons of borrowed gruel. None of the girls attends school because of a lack of shoes and untattered clothing. The father says that he has not been successful at seeking a job even though he is willing to do anything within his ability that would not interfere with raising his children, the youngest of which is just under three. For children of the Grove to be so poverty stricken is outlandish. Can you help a little? Bring your donation of girl’s clothing, dry food, or cash to the Review office. We’ll add it to the fund and see that it helps the girls out. Even a few pennies will assist. Everyone deserves succor, especially a family of young girls.

    Free china
    J. K. Paul’s furniture store has announced a fall special. Buy yourself some new furnishings. For each $15 you spend, Paul’s will donate another piece of fine, handmade china, imported from the Orient. In that way, Paul’s declares, you can beautify your table while you beautify the remainder of your home.

    Ladies install officers
    Ladies belonging to the Women’s GAR met today to install new officers. These include: President, Mrs. J. E. Freeman; vice president, Mrs. E. R. Barker; treasurer, Mrs. T. L. Michelia; and guard, Mrs. Agnes Doug. Mrs. Robert Anderson, departing president, was presented with a president’s pin and a bouquet. Mrs. Anderson then gave a very neat, little speech of farewell. Refreshments and socializing closed the meeting.

    Side track (tidbits from here and there)

    • Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Nix opened their home on Pine avenue to a day-long, drop-in, end-of-summer party for children Saturday. Miss Annie Davidson assisted in receiving the tykes. Music and games were enjoyed until a late hour.
    • A plank picnic was enjoyed at Point Lobos Saturday. The event was enjoyed by all as the food was good and the weather was warm and balmy. 3

    And the cost is…

    • The Winston cafeteria offers good meals and an excellent bakery. All-you-can-eat lunch for 75₵, with drink and dessert included. W. Damewood, proprietor.
    • Mr. F. F. Sego’s Forest avenue cigar stand offers fine cigars for as little as 5₵.
    • Long & Gretters floral cream for tanning, sunburn, and dry skin. 35₵ a bottle.

    Authors notes…

    1. The Los Angeles rodeo received a great deal of local press including crowning it with the term “international”, evidently a snub of the disliked (locally) Salinas rodeo.
    2. GAR stood for Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of men (and wives, daughters).who fought for the Union in the Civil War. The group had become a proponent of social causes, such as seeking the vote for black veterans.
    3. A “plank” picnic involved laying down a plank on which all families would place a dish of something to eat.

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