• High Hats & Parasols, 10/10/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Main line
    Women meet
    The Women’s Relief Corps met this week for the purpose of installing officers to serve next year. The officers chosen to serve include Mrs. Geo. Clingman, President; Miss Julia Moore, Vice President; Mrs. Anna Cooper, Treasurer, Mrs. Tom Newman, secretary; Mrs. J. J. Glope, Conductor. The new officers begin serving on the first day of next year. The retiring President was presented a lapel pin after the business of the evening was completed. For those who would care to attend a gathering or to join the relief corps, meetings are conducted each Tuesday at Scobey Hall. The purpose of the group is to offer emergency help in times of need.

    Many encounter death
    Many are known to have encountered the black reaper on the roads and walkways of Monterey County, the number hurried along since the coming of the auto mobile. The year 1912 saw 32 people being killed. The most recent death was that of Miss Elisa Brice, whose carriage was struck by a train at a marked crossing. Twenty-five of the accidents, however, were due to auto mobiles. Five of the dead were children run over by passing vehicles, either auto mobiles or horse-drawn. Trolley cars accounted for four dead when people missed their step and slipped under the wheels. Pedestrians are encouraged to watch out and children should play their games in yards, not on the streets.

    Fight for freedom
    It is alleged that the Coastal revolutionists trying to ignite a fury of protest have been sentenced to several years of confinement in the California state hospitals. Chief comrad George Burke is vehemently complaining, saying that the revolutionists have all been railroaded and that there is not a “crazy” person among them. Burke said that his followers have been imprisoned in hospitals without so much as writs of habeas corpus. A protest march is being planned for Market street in San Francisco. Burke said that he expects several hundred protestors to show up. The “revolutionists” goal is to end wealth for the few and obtain equal pay and equal rights for all.

    Cigar stand to close
    Mr. P. F. Steggo has announced his intention to close his Forest avenue cigar stand at the end of next week. All merchandise will be offered at 50% discount until Friday night, next, at which time Steggo will commence transporting remaining goods to his new store on Alvarado in Monterey. Steggo said it seemed that Grovians simply didn’t smoke enough and he hopes to fare better in Monterey. Ladies, remember Christmas is coming up. A handful of cigars might be just the thing for the fellow in your life and your purchase might help Mr. Steggo save a couple of trips.

    Petition prepared
    A petition is being prepared by Miss Pauline Sylvester and Mr. Sam North and is almost ready for Grovian signatures. Next month, the signed petition will be transported to Sacramento and presented to the legislature. The petition promotes construction of a state highway from San Jose to King City or even to San Luis Obispo. Mr. Robert Hill said that the new highway is essential to the area’s growing economy. Be sure to support the new road. Stop by the Review office and put your ink on the document.

    Side track (tidbits from here and there)

    • Light-weight signs of all sizes are available at Wright’s hardware.
    • E. J. Long, who is studying pharmacy, is down from San Francisco for a visit with his wife, Mrs. J. Long.
    • A silver bracelet with jewels lost at or near the Grove Coffee House. Modest reward for return to Rebecca Smith.
    • Ring us up by asking your operator for Main 247. G. Fraley & Co. Dealers in seeds and feeds. We deliver. 2
    • Easy cleaning with a vacuum. Hand pump creates easy suction. Mr. Douglas will demonstrate. Red 347 for appointment.
    • Mr. Frank Smith and Miss Rae Hackman, attending San Jose Teacher’s College, stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Hackman of the Grove this week.

    And the cost is…

    • Eyes tested and spectacles made. $2.50 per eye. E. J. Hardy, optician.
    • Special, wax-paper wrapped bread is great to take on picnics, fishing trips $0.12 a loaf or 12 loaves for $1. Grove bakery.
    • Charles Norton, notary public  $0.50 per witnessing.
    • Dry cleaning. A new process for getting your clothing like new. Trial price of $1.50 for 3-piece suit. Grove laundry.

    Author’s notes…

    1. Commitment to an insane asylum was a popular way of imprisonment, 100 years ago. Santa Cruz Country boasted a large number of these institutions, and enjoyed a sizable income from their operation. Many from Monterey Country, both the guilty and the innocent, were committed in Santa Cruz County.
    2. Headquarters for G Fraley & Co. were in Salinas. Whether Fraley would deliver clear to Pacific Grove was not mentioned.

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