• High Hats & Parasols, 11/7/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Main line
    Alleged Wheeler burglars nabbed
    On Monday afternoon, last, while Mrs. J. F. Wheeler had traveled by public carriage to New Grove Suit Cleaning Works to reclaim cleaned articles of clothing, her home and the home of Mr. Wheeler, presently in Gilroy, was burglarized. Earlier in the day, a man had stepped up to the door and asked Mrs. Wheeler for a glass of water. He evidently perused the entrance and front room while Mrs. Wheeler stepped to the kitchen, and then faded into the nearby woods. Among the items taken were several pairs of suspenders, one of which was black and emblazoned in red with the initials JFW, a gold pocket watch, a silver lady’s pendant watch, and between $25 and $50.
    About 11 p.m. Saturday, Monterey Constable J. D. Pittman was notified in person by Master C. Gordon Crumb and friend that two men-thought to be the wanted burglars-had been observed drinking beer and playing pool in a Washington street tavern. Crumb had been imbibing only in sarsaparilla, but had accepted a dare to try his hand with a cue. He noticed that one man had proudly pulled out a gold pocket watch, sashayed around with the timepiece, and announced the hour as 11:15 p.m. and stated that no more than 10 minutes would be required to send Crumb sniveling to defeat. The other man pulled off a sweater he had been wearing, revealing black suspenders with the red letters JFW embroidered upon them, Crumb had read in the Pacific Grove Review about such items being stolen.
    Immediately after Crumb succeeded in badly losing the game, he said that he had to excuse himself as he was expected home no later than midnight. Instead of heading for home, however, Crumb headed for the constable’s workplace where Constable Pittman and Patrolman G. H. Snyder were clearing up a backlog of paperwork. The two lawmen and Crumb headed for the tavern with all haste.
    Upon arrival, the lawmen found the two suspects still engaged in drinking and in playing pool. They identified themselves as Robbie Carole and Harry Bates, both of Salinas. The men were told they were under arrest, properly manacled, and transported to jail. The following day, Mrs. Wheeler identified the one man as being the fellow who had asked for the glass of water. Carole and Bates are to remain in jail pending arraignment. Mr. Wheeler is hurrying his business and is expected home from Gilroy by week’s end.
    Neither of the incarcerated men have requested another glass of water. 1

    Miss Irene Gothman marries Lieutenant Frank Bennett
    The ceremony concluded with a short march beneath crossed swords, and it was official. Miss Irene Gothman was now Mrs. Frank Bennett. Her husband is a lieutenant serving TDY 2 as a horse company 3 commander at the Presidio. The lieutenant said that he does not know where he will be stationed next, but that he should be advised as soon as his replacement arrives. The new Mrs. Bennett said that she does not care where they go so long as the couple are together. The affable Mrs. Bennett will be missed around the Grove.

     Railroad bound to come
    That railroad from Fresno to Monterey is bound to come … and at no late date. The rapid growth of Fresno and the development of the surrounding valley make it seem positively guaranteed. Those most interested in the line have determined that it should have a way station at Eltano. 4 That station is to serve as a watering station 5 for trains and a loading dock for the newly planted groves. Eltano should provide incentive for new farmers of every ilk. These crops can be off-loaded onto steamers in Monterey Bay, providing new income. That fact provides impetus for early completion of the breakwater.

    Notice to creditors
    In the Superior Court of Monterey County, in and for Monterey County, in and for the matter of John H. Biaisdell, aka J. H. Biaisdell, now deceased, notice is hereby given to all creditors to provide evidence of all debts that such debts can be rightfully considered and retired, in whole or in part, same to be accomplished within thirty (30) days of publication of this notice.

     Here and there…

    • S. L. Fritz offers the best bargains in real estate.
    • This paper is the authorized representative of Forbes, publishers.
    • Mr. W. A. Tavernetti of Gonzales was in town yesterday on business.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Condon have returned to Los Angeles after visiting Grovian friends.

     And the cost is…

    • You can have your own safe deposit box at the bank of E. Cooke Smith when you open a checking account. Just $2.75 a year.
    • Don’t let Mrs. Wheeler be the only customer at the New Grove Suit Cleaning Works. First time special, man’s or woman’s three-piece suit, $1.15, glass of water free! We are at 301 14th avenue.
    • Curnow & Curnow, Grocers, have received several boxes of Oregon apples. Bright, red, sweet, delicious. 2 for 5¢.
    • You can cure your lung disease with Dr. Wing’s new discovery, Mon sung Lung Tablets. Made and bottled in Texas. Send 75¢ to Mon sung Company Ft. Worth, Texas. Be sure to provide your address.

     Author’s notes…

    1. The stories of the burglaries seemed to bring much gaiety to readers as far away as Sacramento. Notice the “tongue-in-cheek” advertising mentions.
    2. TDY is the abbreviation for temporary duty.
    3. A “horse company” was not cavalry, but comprised a group of draft animals such as those that hauled cannon.
    4. Then composed of a few shanties, Eltano is no longer in existence.
    5. During the era of steam engines, watering stations were of vital significance.

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