• High Hats & Parasols, 11/14/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Main line
    Invest in Owl, grow wealthy
    The Owl Drug company is offering for public subscription 5,000 shares of its most-excellent stock. Buy in as small an amount as a lot of ten shares. The value of this stock is $100 per share. You can visit our headquarters at The Home Office, Owl Drug Company, 457 Old Mission Street, San Francisco. There is so little risk to investing in this stock that it can scarcely be called speculation. E. L. Miller, president. 1

    Dates set
    The dates of July 28th through August 29 have been announced by Salinas as the dates for next year’s rodeo. Competitive sports, rancho attractions, grand balls, lots of bulls and steers, a conglomeration of horses, glorious parades, and gala dancing galore are all included. Special fares available on the California and Nevada and the Southern Pacific Railroads. Plan now to participate in the Big Week! Everyone else will be there so you should come, too!

    McCall joins Review
    McCall Magazine has joined with the Pacific Grove Review to provide you with all the news … weekly! We promise to make you a much more learned person and will include lots of fun and games. You can subscribe to both publications for just $4.50 a year. Stop by the Review office and sign on!

    Postmasters at Santa Cruz
    Third- and forth-class postmasters of California are gathered in Santa Cruz for their annual gathering, a statewide convention. The morning was spent in going over the program. The afternoon involved motor car sightseeing. Tuesday’s sessions begin with reports from the president and secretary of the organization. The most important item of business will be discussions of whether twice-a-day home deliveries shall be continued, or whether home-deliveries should be reduced to one a day. Most seem to feel that once a day is adequate. Amusements are sprinkled at times throughout the event. The convention concludes on Saturday, next.

    Royal arch quits
    The Pajarovian newspaper has passed along word that the Watsonville lodge of the Knights of the Royal Arch surrendered its charter at a meeting held last week, and subsequently ceased to exist. The balance in the treasury, some $50, was donated to Father Flasset’s Home for Boys. The formation of an organization, to be known as the Watsonville Wholesale Liquor Dealers Association, was then discussed. Steps toward formation of this new group are now being taken. Various types of liquor were then sampled by attendees. 2

    Here and there…

    • Bargains in real estate, especially farming land. See S. L. Fritz at the Wells Fargo office in Pacific Grove.
    • A secret society, the I.O.O.F., meets Friday evenings beginning at 7 p.m. at Scobble Hall, Corner of 17th and Lighthouse in the grove. Visitors welcome for all but closet considerations conducted as the closing matters. This notice posted for J. G. Leeks, N.G., by F. S. Rhinestone, Sec. Catered food served. Door prizes awarded. 2
    • Rent up-to-date livery from J. M. Gardener on Fountain Avenue. Carriages our specialty. Rakes just $1 per day
    • This paper is a partner in the American Press Association “news-by-wire” service bringing you all the latest, fastest! 4
    • Wallace I. Newlove, executor of the last will and testament of the late Martha Newlove, requests notice from all who consider themselves creditors or are otherwise involved in the affairs of my diseased wife. Ask for a phone connection with Main 94.
    • Everything for the holidays! See what is on hand at N. B. Burlingame’s the Lace House.
    • Good things to eat at A. S. Henley’s. 566 Lighthouse. Telephone for home delivery. Red 804.

    And the cost is…

    • Kellogg’s “Rattle top” jars of ant paste are guaranteed to make ants disappear. Only 25¢ at all grocers and druggists. It never fails!
    • The domestic, automatic, foot peddle, Star foldup sewing machine is yours on a thirty-days free trial. If you like it, the cost is just $15. Culp Bros.
    • Rent the Civic Hall meeting room. One hour for one buck.
    • The Hotel Argonaut in San Francisco, California’s most popular hotel, offers you a home away from home for just $1.50 per night. Meals served. Clean. Shared indoor toilet. Free busses to and from all steamer docks and trains. Centrally located in the California Pioneer’s Building on Market Street. Edward Rollin, general manager.
    • Clover Leaf Catarrh and Cold Remedy will promptly relieve colds and catarrh. 50¢ at any pharmacy. You may also send purchase price plus 7¢ to Clover Leaf Pharmacy, Cloverdale, California. We’ll immediately return your medicine by mail. Be smart! Keep a supply on hand!

    Author’s notes…
    1. The up and coming Owl Drug Company would fail to survive the Great Depression.
    2. Rumors of malfeasance involving the former Knights of the Arch, and the resurgent Wholesalers Liquor Association are beginning to circulate and will dominate the news for the next few weeks.
    3. “Secret Societies” (Yes, that’s what they were called) were a big deal before radio and television. A listing of their meetings required a full column on one side of the newspaper’s page; far too many to publish all of them here. Most had secret rituals and handshakes to observe. Far fewer, such as the Brotherhood of Elks (nearly called the Buffaloes), still survive.
    4. A variety of wire services were just becoming popular in the early 1900’s. American Press had been founded by W. R. Hearst especially for use by the San Francisco Examiner and paying subscribers.

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