• High Hats & Parasols, 11/20/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Main line
    Sanitarium rooms available
    Feeling under the weather? Know someone else who is? The Lewis Sanitarium at 135 16th street may have the perfect answer. Sanitarium rooms can now be rented by the half-day. Enjoy hot soaks, baths, spray, saltglow, vapors … whatever you pick or your doctor prescribes and you’ll feel much better in no time flat. It’s especially nice knowing that a trained nurse is on duty 24 hours each day except Sunday, ready to help if you need it. Doctors can visit at their discretion. Contact W. P. Stewart, proprietor, and make an appointment. Ask the operator to connect you with Main 265 or stop by the clinic for an introductory tour. 1

    Enjoy world news
    Want to appear informed? Impress all those around you by following all the latest news from around the world? The Los Angeles Tribune has leased its very own “wire” news service. Subscribe to the newspaper and you will know tomorrow morning all those things happening today. To get postings and updates from sources without wire service may require days, even weeks. The Sunday edition Tribune includes a useful magazine that features a children’s section. Keep yourself aware of “stock market” changes. Follow your horoscope. Subscribe to the Tribune for $1.50 per week (7 issues per week) or for just 50¢ per week for Sunday only. Subscribe by writing the Tribune in Los Angeles (enclose payment for length of subscription desired) or stop by the Review office to order and make your payment (plus a 10¢ extra fee). The Tribune is the newspaper that is clean, honest, progressive, and independent! The Tribune makes a great read! 2

    Yes, you can vote
    The discussion continues. Almost vehemently at times. The quarrel centers on how to spell the name of one of our principal thoroughfares. Do you prefer the name Lighthouse or Light House? Mail your vote to the mayor. We all want to know just what the spelling will be. And soon! 3

    Have some fun!
    Under the management and organization of Agent C. R. Estabrook, the Southern Pacific is offering quite a bit of winter fun. Up to fifteen days of fun, to be exact. Try an excursion to New Orleans and, after several days of laying over, return by way of Chicago. Add in the three side trips of your choosing and you can see how this adds up to a grand time. For a bit of extra money, very-comfortable, sleeping berths are available. Delicious meals will be prepared aboard the train and will be ready for purchase. Depart anytime between now and the 15th of January (excepting Christmas day and the 1st of January). The entire excursion costs only $70. This notice posted by A. F. Shillingstone, master agent, San Jose. Reserve your space today! 4

    Notice to creditors
    In the Superior court of the State of California to and for the county of Monterey, In the case of Mary Holbrook, deceased, notice is hereby given that title to property on Alvarado street in Monterey, now held in the name of the deceased, is to be transferred to executors W. Mack, attorney, and Silas Holbrook. Transfer shall be made on the last day of this month in the year 1913. Anyone holding objections should notify the court.

    Conference next week
    The annual conference for the California “head” region of the Methodist church will take place in the Grove next week. Bishop John Hughes is to preside. Each day’s work will begin with a devotional, then the congregation will break into 12 groups to pray and engage in preselected considerations. At the conference conclusion, Bishop Hughes is to ordain 15 new pastors. Social activities will be held afternoons and evenings.

    Here and there…

    • Do not believe that “dry cleaning” is really dry. It is done with a new chemistry, but is just as wet as ever. And don’t believe that the Grove Laundry Company does inferior work. We are right there at the top of the quality line and will match any price offer made by another firm. We are located at 12th street and Lighthouse. Give us a telephone call for pickup and delivery anywhere within the Grove.
    • No man can place a limit on your possibilities, but an account at the bank of E. Cook Smith can certainly increase them. Free passbooks.
    • Mr. Businessman! Your ad would look good in this space!
    • Remember that the Pacific Grove Athletic Association meets the second Wednesday of each month at the high school.
    • The American Press Association, to which this newspaper subscribes, maintains major offices in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, and has branches in all the principal cities.

    And the cost is…

    • No matter how tired, soiled and wrinkled your old suit may be, The New Grove Suit Cleaning company can make it smile like new. Take advantage of our special offer. We’ll do up any three piece suit for just $1.50.
    • New prices on Mazda “Sunbeam” lamps. $1.75 each at Culp Bros. 4
    • A. A. Pullman, tailor, is offering a “big discount” sale. Any of “Pullman’s Patterns” can be yours for just $1. That is a steep reduction. Material available at the Lace House.
    • White is the best! The White sewing machine, manufactured by the White Sewing Machine Company of San Francisco, is king! Foot-peddle operation can make either Lock or Chain stitches automatically. Each machine is accompanied by up-to-the-minute attachments and a “how to” booklet. Comes in either “vibrator” or “rotary” styles. This is the best all-around machine that can be produced. Basic model: $15. Pay in 3 equal installments.

    Author’s notes…
    1. Sanitariums and visits to hot springs were deemed a medical necessity and hence were very popular 100 years ago.
    2. The Tribune was loaded at midnight for delivery by mid-day train for distribution by newsboys afoot or riding bicycles.
    3. Lighthouse is the spelling pulling ahead at this time 100 years ago. The Cedar Street Times will advise you of the winner in a future edition.
    4. This “excursion” fare was quite a bargain. A one-way fare to Chicago cost $60, just $10 less than the complete, excursion price.
    5. The Sunbeam was the Thomas Edison’s company “DC” attempt to overtake “AC” offerings.

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