• High Hats & Parasols, 11/27/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Main line Notices
    Moving lecture
    Dr. H. L. Portrand offered a rousing lecture at the Methodist church this past week. His topic was the “Psychology of Otology”. Dr. Portrand is a visiting instructor from Scotland. It was said that the house was filled with those eager to hear his remarks, with one exception. Dr. Portrand continued his tour of California the next day by departing by train for San Luis Obispo without being told that he had inadvertently insulted a woman in the audience (to remain unnamed) when he said that “she was going to leave huge footprints in the sands of time.” 1

    Polo at Del Monte
    Four matches will be played on the Polo field at the Del Monte race track next end of week. Games begin at 2:30, Saturday. The winning two teams will meet for the championship Sunday afternoon. Trains will be coming in from San Francisco and Los Angeles. Electric buses will transport incoming visitors between the depot and the playing field. General admission for all 6 matches, $10. 2

    Grove firemen meet
    The Pacific Grove fire department met last week to discuss several items of importance. Chief W. Grettner was in the chair. Gretter read a general statement advocating several changes, most importantly receiving wages. Grettner then gave details of department plans for the winter.

    Real estate transfer
    The following deed was filed in the office of County Recorder Soto at Salinas on Thursday. Caroline Ocer, after being duly wedded, gave over to Phillip Ocer, lots 16 and 18, Block 13, Cox survey, Pacific Grove. 3

    Belsharrazzer is coming!
    Remember “Belshazzer’s Feast” being presented at the Work Theater for a week beginning Thursday. Honor the holidays by ordering your family’s tickets today.

    Take a tour
    Enjoy a festive tour anytime during the holidays. Yosemite is particularly nice. Beautiful scenery everywhere and abundant water in the falls. Enjoy one complimentary holiday meal aboard the train. Roast turkey, candied sweet potatoes, stuffing, salad, mashed potatoes, gravy. Your choice of pumpkin or pecan pie. Leave when you like and return within 30 days of arrival. All for $23.10. Contact agent E. Shillingsburg, D.F. & P. A.

    Getting up speed
    “Well, George,” said a Grove man to a person in his employ. “I understand that you intend to give your son an education.”
    “That’s my intention, sir” responded George “I know myself what it is like to struggle along without learning and I am determined to see that my son lives his life without the troubles that I have had.”
    “Is your son learning rapidly?”
    “He sure is. Just last week he wrote a complete letter to a cousin who lives twenty miles away. Pretty quick, he is going to write another letter to a cousin who lives 50 miles away.”
    ‘’Why not write her now?”
    “Speed, sir. He can scarcely make 20 miles right now, so I told him not to go for fifty until he gains some strength with a pen.”

    Notes from here and there

    • The Review is proud to note that Boatswain Tom McCauley, son of Mrs. Mary Weaver McCauley of this city, is paying a cordial visit to his friends and relatives in the Grove. Tom became a seaman two years back and has since sailed the world. Tom is accompanied by his seaman buddy, Weymer J. Smith. Both are stationed at the United States Naval Station of Yerba Buena island. Word is that both lads are having a grand time of it here in the Grove.
    • Get your calling cards printed at the Review.
    • Photo work is a specialty at Webbs in San Jose. Your film ought to be developed in the best-equipped laboratory where you will get the best results so insist on Webbs. Always ask for Velox paper, the kind that makes the best pictures and the kind we always use.
    • Master John H. Willey, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Willey, has returned from South America, where the young man is on mission, for a visit of two weeks. Master Wiley plans to return South soon thereafter.
    • Remember that lovers’ purses are always tied with cobwebs.

    And the cost is…

    • Everyone is saying “Stay at the Manx while in San Francisco”. We are the most centrally located hostelry and certainly the most popular. Rooms with private toilets, and the softest beds ever. Eat right here. We offer delicious meals at delightful prices. Trolley tickets on the house. Write for an advance reservation. Prices begin at $1.75 a day, Chester Kelly, manager.
    • LADIES! Enjoy a one-of-a-kind look. Wear a dress that is the only one like it. A. A. Pullman the tailor, promises to throw the pattern away after work is done. $12 with jacket. $10, without.
    • The Pacific Grove hotel is kept open year ‘round, more for the benefit of the Grove than our own. Line breakfasts served for 50¢. Line Lunches for 75¢. J. W. Foster, assistant manager. 4
    • Clover Leaf toilet cream keeps you young and gay. Makes the skin soft and supple. 25¢ a jar at most druggists. Manufactured by Clover Leaf Pharmaceuticals, Cloverdale
    • The Pacific Grove garage does business in a fireproof building which is for the benefit of your car, left overnight. We are the largest and best-equipped garage in Monterey County. We want your business and guarantee your satisfaction. Buicks are a specialty. L. H. Peterson, proprietor.
    • You will find the best service and most delicious cuisine at the Court Hotel in San Francisco. Take any taxi, motor or animal, to the Court and we will pick up your cabbies fee. Economy rooms without private bath, $1.60. Deluxe rooms with private bath, $3. J. W. Flannery, manager.

     Author’s notes…
    1. Social sensibility was a sensitive item in Victorian days.
    2. Several complained about ticket prices. All this writer can say is: “Just wait one hundred years.”
    3. For a newly married female to place all her property in her husband’s name was not uncommon 100 years ago.
    4. A “line’ service was the equivalent of a buffet today.

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