• High Hats & Parasols, 12/5/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Main line
    Holiday excursion
    Now you can enjoy an excursion to New Orleans and return with a complimentary side trip to Chicago. Available until January 2, 1914. How is that for holiday fun? You can also board a steamer in New Orleans for a 15 day cruise to Panama and return. Land trip only $70.10. Add a steamer cruise, merely an additional $71. (Food and fun included aboard both train and steamer). Make your reservation now! T. F. Shillingsberg, passenger agent, San Jose. 1

    Ladies, earn big money!
    The Barclay Custom Corset Company is seeking glib women to sell Barclay corsets within a guaranteed territory. Barclay corsets are manufactured with staves of genuine whale bone and the finest of soft materials. You will receive several booklets of training instructions plus beautiful sales handouts with two-color woodcuts. No investment is required. Pay only for handouts used. First dozen are free. Inquire at the Barclay Custom Corset Company, Newark, N. J. 2

    Band concert
    Next Saturday evening is the final chance for you to hear a concert by the Peninsula Band this winter. Concerts will not resume until next spring. Concerts this season have been vastly attended and the audience has paid close attention to the music so make your plans early. Several Xmas numbers will be included in this coming concert.

    New Northbound
    Southern Pacific has added a new northbound to its daily schedule. Now you can depart the Grove for San Francisco at 4 p. m. with a brief stopover at Del Monte and flag stops along the route.

    Court order
    The California Superior Court in and for the County of Monterey has issued the following order: In the matter of Lucius Taylor, who died without will, and without known family, leaving considerable estate… said estate will be held for thirty days to clear any claims against it, and then turned over to charity, to wit the Salvation Army.

    Wrong distance
    The Pacific Grove Review erred last week in citing the distance between Pacific Grove Beach and Del Monte Beach in a story about a swimming feat. The figure was not correct and the Review has been dutifully brought to task. The actual distance, as measured by the U. S. Geological Survey, is 2 1/2 miles and not 3 miles, which was the “bit exaggerated” report. The Review hopes that its error did not distract from the glory of the swim. 3

    One vessel in port
    The Associated Oil Company’s tug Navigator with her tow, the barge Monterey, were in port at Monterey Bay after the Monterey took on a cargo of petroleum at the Coalinga Wharf. The Navigator plans to depart after the Monterey is off-loaded.

    Obey your husbands!
    I am a judge frequently involved in weddings. As such, I am often asked what is the most important advice to offer new wives. I have a really simple answer.
    “Newlyweds, obey your husbands!” 4

     Here and there…

    • The Pacific Grove Athletic Association meets regularly the second Wednesday of each month. We need your support!
    • Mr. W. A Trevor has checked in from Los Angeles at The Pacific Grove Hotel for a brief business stay in our community.
    • The Women’s Christian Temperance Union meets in the ladies parlor of the Methodist church on the first and third Mondays of each month at 2:30 p.m.
    • Join us for preaching and praise every Thursday afternoon at 3 at the Bethel Mission. This notice posted by Sister Sarah Banks.
    • The teachers from the Pacific Grove high school will hold a meeting on Thursday evening of next week to discuss important changes needed to be made in our school system. The meeting begins at 7:00. Parents are welcome.

    And the cost is…

    • Boys with bicycles wanted for newspaper delivery. You get paid 5¢ per delivery per year and you can compete for prizes.
    • We are offering new prices on Mazda Sunbeam lamps. Perfect for your living room and elsewhere in your home. Now just $1.50 each at Culp Bros on Lighthouse avenue. 5
    • Take the vapor in your own sanitarium treatment room. Supervised by a trained nurse. $1.50 per half day session, vapor provided. 6
    • Read the Los Angeles Tribune daily and on Sunday. Delivered to your home by newsboy on bicycle is $5 for one year. A six-month subscription without Sunday is just 15¢ per month. 7

    Author’s notes…
    1. Excursions were gaining popularity 100 years ago. Most were top drawer, with meals included, and often featured fresh lobster on the half shell. Serving as excursion director aboard train and/or boat was a much sought after position, especially for young women.
    2. Door-to-door sales were just becoming popular with Nabisco, Fuller Brush, and Steller Scissors entering the competition against Barclay Custom Corset. Vacuum cleaners like Rainbow and Electroluxe would soon enter the free-for-all. Unlike Barclay’s crew, however, most door-to-door sales personnel were male.
    3. Yes, but who in the heck made the swim? Was that lack of name another bit of oversight? Do any of my readers know? Research will continue.
    4. The author wonders whether this unnamed judge was actually re-elected.
    5. The Mazda lamp was Tesla’s answer to Edison’s “General Electric” light bulb. Indeed, the “lamp” was more of a bulb than a true “lamp.”
    6. Mentholated steam was the latest medical treatment in 1913 and breathing sessions were quite popular in so-called sanitariums.
    7. Home deliveries were just coming into vogue. Prizes for delivery boys were used to promote dependability.

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