• High Hats & Parasols, 8/1/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Make the move to good old U.S.A.
    Mr. H. C. Heckler was in town this week to encourage residents to recruit kin to move from the Norwegian countries to California.  Heckler promises rich land sold for a song and a bounty in domestic animals to each emigrating family.  Heckler foresees war throughout Europe and hard times for the Alpine nations.  Many from the Grove have indicated a desire to help out with recruitment.

    Souvenir given museum
    One of the most notable gifts was presented recently to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. This is worthy of special mention as the gift is a reminder of the great quake of San Francisco in 1906. The gift was presented by Mrs. M. North Witcomb and is now housed at the museum. The exact nature of the gift will be revealed at the next museum board meeting. 2

    Prof. Head renditions
    Prof. W. H. Head presented a rendition of “Esmeralda” for the Chautauqua this past weekend. The story, which Head said was among his favorites, was written by Mrs. Frances Hodgson Higgenbottom to honor the many, long years of Chautauqua.  Head’s rendition set everyone a’wondering and applauding and his presentation could not be criticized. Head included readings from “Pilgrim’s Progress,”.which awed the audience. In short, Head’s rendition could not be improved upon.

    Notice about animals
    Owners of horses, mules, and other animals, and those having charge of same, are hereby notified that they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if any verifiable complaint of cruelty to same is received. Posted by the Monterey county division of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Charles Cushing, secretary.

    Notice to thieves
    Notice is hereby given to the individual(s) who stole the bureau belonging to General E. Hart from his residence at 520 Lobos.  You will save much trouble by returning the purloined property. No questions will be asked.

    Celebration this weekend
    The 1913 celebration of the Pentecostal church’s arrival on the Peninsula takes place this weekend. Auto motives, the new evil, serves as the focus. The homes of all church members are beautifully decorated for the event. Cords of firewood have been collected for distribution to the poor, an activity approved by the church board. Contemplation features the question “What will heaven be like when I get there?”

    Big Week coming
    The Third Annual Salinas Rodeo, scheduled for July 28 through August 1, has earned the support of the California Coastal Conference in selling tickets for a fundraiser. Every category of competition holds the promise of grand prizes. The mayor of Salinas believes the event is here to stay. The people of Pacific Grove are invited to see what the excitement is all about.

    Notice to creditors
    Mr. Glenn Ryan, executor of the estate of Maria Newcom, deceased, announces that within 30 days of this date any claim against the estate should be submitted to him at the Daugherty Building. Also bids on the property housing the Monterey County Bank in Salinas until the last day of the month, next.

    Side tracks (Tidbits from here and there

    • Rev. Lewis Mann left for the east coast to participate in a nationwide, religious conference being hosted by the state of Maryland.  Mann will start home next week.
    • Miss Alice Neighbor has signed up to attend Berkeley.  Alice will leave for school in August.
    • You are encouraged, when in San Francisco, to lodge at the Hotel Courtney. Rates: American plan, $1.50 per night with shared bath. Continental plan with private bath, $3 night. Delicious meals available. J. W. Flannery, manager.
    • Deposit 25 cents in the Bank of the Pacific and leave it for 100 years and you will have $1,001.75.
    • The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History is free and open to the public except Mondays and holidays.

    And the cost is…

    • Eyes checked out and improved with up-to-date spectacles. $2.50 per eye. Silently reliable.
    • The Hotel Argonaut is the place to stay in San Francisco. $2.25 for a deluxe room.
    • Gardner’s Stables will rent you a horse and buggy for a day for less than a half-day tour of the 17 mile drive.
    • S. J. Frutz has bargains in real estate. Quality farmland costs just $10 an acre. Terms available.
    • Got ants? Kellogg’s Ant Killer is guaranteed to get rid of them. Culp Bros has Kellogg’s on special $1 per quart
    • The Civic Club’s house can be rented.  $6 for half day, $9 for full day. Contact Mrs. J Pell, president.
    • Travel by train to New York City, $105.05. Southern Pacific, C.R. Estabrook, agent.

    Author’s notes…

    • The “gift” was the cornerstone salvaged from a burned San Francisco building.
    • The result of the recruiting was Solvang, a quaint community of soft rooflines and jigsaw sidings, not far from Santa Barbara. Got time for a fabulous meal? Try Paula’s Pancakes in Solvang or Pea Soup Andersen’s in nearby Buelton.

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