• High Hats & Parasols, 8/8/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Main Line Notices
    Special residents
    The Hotel Pacific Grove believes that all residents of the Grove are very, very special.  The hotel thus offers some very, very special rates for residents and their guests.  Stop in for a full breakfast served with orange juice and coffee. Identify yourself as a Grovian, and pay just .50 each. Lunch and dinner costs .75 each. Luxury rooms combined with meals, just $2.50 per day. Yes, we accept advance reservations. You are cordially invited to inspect our house. You will then recommend us to all your visiting acquaintances. The hotel is kept open rear around. J. W. Foster, general manager.

    Fierce dogs?
    The Grove has a number of dogs running free, as do other communities, but none are quite so fierce as the wild dogs of Algeria. These animals present a real threat to people. When they attack, it is without provocation. They are great, powerful beasts capable of doing terrible damage in short order. “I have to keep an eye out at all times,” writes Gerald Barclay of the Grove. “Once, I was traveling in the desert when I spotted a geriatric gentlemen afoot in the distance.  Then I saw dogs running toward him. The man fell to his knees as a result of the nips and bites to his ankles and lower legs. The dogs then made quick work of him and evidently ate their fill. The dogs did not turn my way, but I grasped my rifle more closely, none the less. Thus far, I am free from harm. TTL. 1

    Make your fortune!
    Let us show you the way to make a bounty of wealth… the easy way. Just buy several hundred acres of farming land from us, and lease it out to be worked. The lease price, of course, will be a little more than your payment amount. Sit back, relax, and wait for land prices to rise.  Then you again use us to sell. Simple, eh? Kuhn Irrigated Land Company.

    Railroad is bound to come
    With the growing demand for raw petroleum, and the need for baled alfalfa for winter feed bolstering the project, the railroad between the Peninsula and Fresno, is sure to become reality soon. The delay has been caused by the argument between those favoring a quicker, mountain route and those folks favoring an easier, but longer route through the desert. Meanwhile, most Peninsula folks care not one whit.  They just want work to get underway.

    Handling real estate
    We have quite a deal for you! Exchange your town property for farm land and buy yourself a new home in the Grove on easy terms. Rent out your farmland at a price high enough to cover your costs, then turn to S. L. Fritz to handle the continuing payments for you. We are the ones you can trust.

    “Feast of Lanterns” dance
    Don’t forget the gala and dance to be held this evening. The festivities will be at the Pavilion to honor the feast of lanterns. .30 for singles, .50 per couple.  Refreshments cost extra.

    Lively times
    There were lively times along the beach and at the bath house when a Review reporter went calling, early this morning. The new plunge offers fun for all and our man watched the antics for quite a long while. Four sizable salmon, caught this morning, were cut up, roasted and served to the crowd.

    Soldiers to the front
    The fire raging in the hills east of San Jose is destroying grazing land and has burned several rural homes to the ground, according to a report from fire fighters. A call went out to the presidio requesting help. Almost to a man, the soldiers volunteered to become fire fighters. Pacific Grove’s Centralia dining room offered to help provide meals. The soldiers departed early this morning. Only a skeleton crew was left to guard the Presidio

    Parade of candles for Chautauqua
    With the Chautauqua well under way, the highlight of this coming weekend is planned as the Saturday evening Parade of Candles along Lighthouse avenue. Every marcher is expected to carry a lighted candle symbolizing a successful Chautauqua. The P. G. high school band will perform at the conclusion of the parade.

    Side tracks (Tidbits from here and there)

    • Wood of all kinds is available from Union Supply company. We now have Douglass and white fir, spruce, sugar pine, oak, and redwood millwork and building material. We will deliver.
    • Currow & Currow, grocers, offers the best foods in town and free toilet deliveries.
    • The Pacific Grove laundry on Lighthouse will clean your clothing the modern way. All our equipment is up to date.
    • Get the Coffee Club habit. Open on Sundays.

    And the cost is…

    • Clover Leaf toilet cream by Clover Leaf pharmacy makes your skin soft and cures chaps.  .25 per bottle at any druggists.
    • The Hotel Manx in San Francisco invites all to make it their temporary headquarters in the queen city. Best location for all your business. Just say: “Meet me at the Manx!” $1.75 by the night.
    • Charles Norton is offering farmland in the Valley. Up to 500 acres at $10. per acre on easy terms.
    • The Pacific Grove garage on Grand will allow you to check your auto mobile’s temperature without getting out of your vehicle. An attractive monomotor installed like a radiator cap for just $2.75.
    • A. A. Pullman, tailor, is offering his beautiful patterns for summer suits for $1.00. Buy two patterns for $1.70.

    Author’s notes…
    1. TTL was the Victorian post script meaning “thank the lord”.

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