• High Hats & Parasols, 8/15/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Main line Notices
    Committee meets, forms sub-group
    The Feast of Lanterns work committee met to consider what the committee figures to be a gross lack of support on the part of the city fathers. After discussing several complaints, a sub-committee was formed to broach the subject at the coming town council meeting. For instance, the sub-committee is authorized to request the sum of three hundred dollars to be used for publicity. Said one sub-committee member, L.M. Graves: “After all, if no one knows about the feast, who will participate?”

    Soldiers return
    Most of the soldiers who had been away fighting the fire to the east of San Jose have returned home. The troops, who immediately resumed normal duties at the Presidio, were welcomed with great enthusiasm. The young women of the Grove reacted with excitement and immediately set about planning a dance at the Pavilion in honor of the returning warriors. The Presidio crew was instrumental in helping extinguish the savage blaze. We are told that only a few smoldering sites remain. Three farmsteads were destroyed and several more partly so.

    Centralia now open
    The Centralia Hotel is now open for the summer season. In addition to comfortable rooms, meals at the Centralia are surpassed by none. The manager said; “The Centralia dining room prepares home-cooked meals that are simply extraordinary.” The hotel and eatery are located centrally. All are invited.

    Chautauqua program
    Chautauqua has an exciting program set for this weekend. First, Mrs. T. H. Hagerman will lead participants in a community singing.  Then follows a lecture by Captain William L. Day concerning “The Complex Prison Problem.” Dr. James McLaren, Stanford, will also speak on “The Plans of the World.” Remaining seats are very limited. Get your admission now!

    County Supervisors back state highway
    Mr. P. F. Zavala took the train to address the legislature in Sacramento. Zavala plans to speak on behalf of the Monterey county supervisors in favor of a state highway that would link the Peninsula and San Jose to the north and the Peninsula and King City to the south.  Zavala also will say that he can envision the day when the state highway will run the length of the entire state. Zavala says: “The bettering condition of auto mobiles demands improved, more connective, hard roads that will be good for both travel and commerce.”

    An organ recital
    The Salinas native, Miss Fantasia Hagen, is set to deliver an organ recital at the Monterey theater, Friday next. Miss Fantasia, as she likes to be called, has just returned from a very successful performance tour of New Zealand and this will be her first American performance since returning.  Seats are $.25. Plan to attend!

     Side tracks (Tidbits from here and there

    • J. H. Lewis, 412 Willow street, will gather and haul your junk and garbage. Leave word that you need him at the Review office.
    • The Grove Transfer is located at 607 Lighthouse, telephone Red 461. All haulage, including baggage, delivered promptly.
    • The Misses Lauren Beast and Mary Cleveland are planning a party-dance to be held as a reunion of school chums. The event address will be 421 Locust street.
    • Among the newcomers to the Grove are the P. T. Quinn family, formerly of Sacramento. The Quinns have rented the Billing’s home at Eleventh and Pine.
    • Mr. Franklin Hornblower has purchased 14 acres of wild land not far from the Grove. So far, Hornblower as cleared 10 acres. Next spring, he plans to build a home and grow vegetables.
    • New Grove Suit Cleaning Company is here to serve. We do the finest work and our prices are right. 

    And the cost is…

    • Daily tickets to the Salinas rodeo – $.50.
    • Clover Leaf catarrh remedy. Guaranteed effective – $. 70 a bottle.
    • We have everything for women. Middies on sale this week. $1.30. The Lace House. N. B. Burlingame, manager.
    • The Owl Drug Company is offering shares of stock in its growing operation. $75 per share in lots of ten. See E. L. Mueller, president, to invest. All investment proceeds used toward business development.
    • A. A. Phillips  174 Forest avenue, is offering the most beautiful of wallpapers. Starting at $.50 a roll.
    • Renewal of your Review subscription. $2.50 a year for locals, delivered to your home. $3.00 a year, mailed out of town.

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