• High Hats & Parasols, 9/4/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Changes in schedule
    The Southern Pacific railroad has announced the following schedule changes.  Train to Santa Cruz and San Francisco with a stop at Del Monte, connection to Watsonville, and flag stops north departs at 8 A.M. and 5 P.M.  The southbound to San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles with flag stops between leaves at 10 A.M. No changes to the in-bound schedule at this time.

    Popular woman dies
    Marie Newcome, popular Grovian, succumbed early yesterday morning. Cause of death was a lingering illness thought to be pneumonia. Her children were at her side at the moment of death. The legal firm of Daugherty and Tracey will handle her estate, as was the deceased’s final wish. A viewing is planned for Saturday in the parlor of Paul’s funerral home. A funeral and burial is to follow on Sunday afternoon. Her affairs will be settled in the court of the County of Monterey. Anyone holding obligations on the part of the deceased should notify Daughterty and Tracy, located in the Monterey County bank building before October 25, 1913.

    Bargains in real estate
    We have homes and cottages for exchange or sale on terms. Ten percent down followed by easy monthly payments. Buy your home on the installment plan or invest in rentable cottages. Do it now! No cash? We also have money to loan at 4% with your purchase as collateral. See S. I Fritz at the Wells Fargo office.

    Low round-trip rates
    You can request the May rates and enjoy travel at a greatly reduced price. Yes, round trip! Get a good look at eastern cities! View the countryside! Get off and reboard a later train! Some sleeper cars available. Contact C. R. Eastabrook, Pacific Grove agent, for these special offerings.

    Chautauqua winding down
    The Reverand Doctor L. J. Mumsfield, Stanford, will offer one of the final events of this year’s Chautauque. Mumsfield will speak Saturday at 2 P.M. at St. Mary’s church. He has chosen for his topic “The Obligations of Being Human”. Mumsfield promises to offer clues about how to live well and be happy.
    Got any ideas for next year’s Chautauqua?  Drop them by the Review office addressed to the Chautauqua committee. They promise ideas will be given thorough consideration.

    At the beach
    While behind schedule, work at the bath house and spa is very nearly complete. The Lace House reports a brisk trade in swimming attire, indicating that Grovians are ready to try out the new facilities. Plan a visit to Lovers Point to view the new accomodations.

    Trustees meet
    The board of city trustees met this week. L. H. Hastings complained that the board was “failing to go by the book” in many matters and needed to be more aware of procedures, rules, and regulations. Hasting’s motion failed for lack of a second. Newcom said: “Why should we condem ourselves?” Newcom did promise, however, to be more aware of procedures. The trustees then heard a report on the hoped-for future of the proposed state highway to San Jose and King City.  It was reported that the highway would likely pass through Salinas. Guest Estabrook then interjected that no matter where the road went it was going to reduce business for Southrn Pacific. He lamented declining railroad traffic brouht on by the advent of auto mobiles and trucks. A mechanic representing Pacific Grove garage said that while the railroad might get hurt, other businesses depended on auto mobiles. Mr T. Marshall of Cutting Industries noted that delivery by truck was much more convenient than using horses and a wagon to pick up freight at the depot. He also noted that fuel was cheaper than feed and hay. The meeting let out with most participants supporting a new state road while disagreement on the route was remarkable. Following the route of the Salinas River seemed most favorabe to the majority.

     Nearly lost eye
    C. F. Bayview nearly lost an eye this week. Bayview was walkingtoward Monterey along the railroad track when a train approacked. He tried to step aside, but one of the wheels caught a pebble and sent it speeding into Bayview’s face, Dr. Jameston reported that a fraction of an inch right would have meant the loss of vision in that eye. As it is, Bayview has quite a shinner.

    Side track (tidbits from here and there)

    • The Women’s Relief Corps, Fairfield lodge, invites all ladies to its first and third Friday meeting at Scoble Hall, Pacific Grove. Bring a homemade refreshment. Meetings open at 2 P.M. Posted by Miss Emma Bell, secretary.
    • Gardner’s Stables offers day-long tours of 17-mile drive, lunch included. $1.50. See J. M. Gardner for arrangements.
    • The Monterey County bank is offering 4% on savings accounts. It is the best rate anywhere around! Free pass book. With checking account, free deposit slips and check book.
    • C. J. Moyes is the county’s Music Man.  Sheet music is yours at 5 cents per song.  Of course, we have the latest rags! 221 Forrest avenue.
    • Mrs. T. J. Elistin, now of Rhode Island, is here with children to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Nash. The Nash’s are happy to have the chance to play with their grandchildren.
    • The Pacific Grove is a first-rate business that guarantees your satisfaction for the right price. We work on all makes of auto mobiles. L. H. Peterson, proprietor.

    And the cost is…

    • Shoot your best taw!  Bags of marbles for 13 cents. Mixed colors. A. J. Henleys.
    • Currow & Currow is offering bundled asparagus for 35 cents. Freshest vegetables in town.
    • Dress patterns from A. A Pullman, tailor. 50 cents each. A pair for 95 cents.
    • Subscribe to McCall’s magazine today! $2.50 by the year mailed to your home. See the Review.
    • Hotel Courage in San Francisco. $1.50 European. $2.50 American. Rush street at Stockton.
    • Beautify your home with wallpaper from A. Phillips. 50 cents per roll.

    Authors notes…

    1. A “flagstop” was a smaller statiom where the train would not stop unless someone flagged it down.
    2. Because of fear of TB, most chest ailments were then diagnosed as pneumonia.
    3. Fuel then cost in the vicinity of 12 cents per gallon.

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