• High Hats & Parasols, 9/26/13

    by Jon Guthrie

    Main line
    Vocational Ed for the Grove
    Something new and unique is being considered for the Grove. It’s called Vocational Education Training. The focus of the school, which would be open to all children of the Peninsula, is not the three “R’s”, but how to function in a skill designed for a lifetime of earning. Many consider this a pressing need here in this area of limited jobs.
    The school would be patterned after that of Columbus, Ohio, which was formed to serve the needs of the industrial mills in and around Columbus. The hours of that school are 8 to 11 and 1 to 3:30. The lengthy noon intermission is to allow students the opportunity to deliver lunches to parents working in the mills, as most of them are, which gives rise to the nickname “dinner toters school” rather than the official Columbus Industrial School. The curriculum also includes woodworking, metalworking and, for the girls, chicken raising, basketry, sewing, and cooking.
    The United States Bureau of Education has approved the school and vouchsafes its ends and accomplishments, with one hesitation. Matriculation rates. The school graduates less than 1% of its entering enrollment. As soon as the kids learn they can earn a few dollars each week, they drop out and hire on at the mills. Some think there is an answer: a legally set, minimum age limit for hiring young people. Such a law, however, would be a hard sell among parents who covet their children’s earnings.
    The school is only part of a carefully-developed system of industrial training that is designed to reach the needs of the entire student population. Should we strive for less here in the west?

    China vs. Japan
    The friction between China and Japan continues. Now, according to Japanese newspapers, more than one hundred Chinese assassins have been dispatched to murder Dr. Sun Yat Ben, Huang Sing, and other revolutionary fugitives hiding in Japan. Provisional President Shuan Kai is the alleged source of the problem. Chinese and Japanese people living in our area are remaining silent about the altercations.

    L.D.E.S. President Avila visits Council
    J. H. Avila of Modesto, Supreme President of the L.D.E.S., visited our town council this week. This was considered an official visit, and the visit proved enjoyable, both for the local leaders and for the distinguished visitor. President Avila addressed the supervisors, telling them of the excellent progress of L.D.E.S. throughout the state in community affairs, and its efforts to assist the families of deceased members. Avila’s remarks were well taken and the occasion was certainly enjoyed by all.

    Crop Moving Coins
    Secretary of Agriculture McAdoo announced a federal appropriation of $50,000,000 to be deposited by the government in national banks of the west and south (including California) to facilitate the marketing and moving of crops. The west is slated to receive $34,700,000. The money is to be split between banks in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. The money is being treated as a loan and is expected to be repaid to the treasury in monthly installments. The cash is to be distributed locally to facilitate the advertising of crops and the movement of crops from one area to another.

    Ship to pass
    The first U. S. ship to pass through the Panama Canal is scheduled to depart in October of this year. United States publicist lieutenant A. W. Wilson wrote: “The oceans will be joined forever that day.” The canal is expected to be ready for the rest of the world within thirty days of the first sailing. The canal’s fortifications will not be installed until after the opening.

    Side track (tidbits from here and there)

    • Miss Alice Neighbors left this week for Berkeley, where she plans to attend college.
    • A testament: “I was attacked by dysentery about July 15, and used this doctor’s medication and other remedies with no relief, only getting worse all the time. I was unable to do an hour’s work and my weight dropped from 145 pounds to 135 pounds. I had suffered for more than a month when I was advised to try Chamberlain’s Chloric, Cholera, and Diarrhea Remedy. I used two bottles of it and it soon enough gave me permanent relief.” Written by B. W. Hill. For sale by all dealers. 3
    • Master J. L. Lawton departed for the Philippines where he will perform as a missionary.
    • The Reverend Mr. G. Marshall spoke to the congregation at St. Mary’s, Sunday past. His topic was “Truth and Lies”.

    And the cost is…

    • Do you have trouble with your feet, like emptying the room of people each time you remove your shoes? Well, fret no longer. Rexall has developed a solution. Rexall Foot Powder. Freshens and refreshes. 35₵ a tin at your local drug store.
    • Fall dresses for women starting at $15. The Lace House. Come in and try one on.
    • Currow & Currow Grocers offers the freshest foods. This week only. Peaches, $1.55 for an entire flat

    Authors notes…

    1. A separate campus for industrial training in Pacific Grove? Vocational classes were incorporated into the standard curriculum, however.
    2. What does L.D.E.S. stand for? No clue was given.
    3. Without a food and drug administration to ride shotgun, unscrupulous marketers could claim whatever best struck their purses.

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